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Shoes are such an important element of any great outfit it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a thousand-dollar suit or a $50 outfit as long as you have on a great pair of shoes that fit with your outfit you’re gonna look amazing but with so many variety out there it can be overwhelming to choose which shoes to buy so here are five shoes that every single guy need in their wardrobe to dress for any occasion number one [...]

6 Sneakers Men Should NEVER Wear! (SNEAKER RULES)

[Giay Nam Dep – Website:] what’s up gentlemen so when it comes to sneakers when you really think about it and boil it down there are only two categories there’s fashion and then there’s function the goal of wearing fashion sneakers is to look cool to express our own individual style anything from Pumas to your white minimal leather sneakers to Yeezys these are fashion sneakers with functional sneakers they serve a purpose like running are working out lifting weights [...]

Louis Vuitton Unboxing Hockenheim Men Shoes

[Giay Nam Dep – Website:] welcome back to my channel this is Christian Christian Cabello channel I was wanting to share an item that I picked up over the weekend I have not unboxed it this is a unboxing I went there this weekend to kind of reserve some items from the champion brothers collection I have the you know the browser wallet the tags few items I have on a reservation and also I have the new iPhone case [...]

Ultimate Shoe Collection for Indian Men | Men’s Essential Shoes | BeerBiceps Fashion

[Giay Nam Dep] we’re human mindless built people are subconsciously wired to notice your Footwear before they notice anything else your Footwear says more about your personality than any other factor in your clothing this is saying that says that you can tell a lot about a man through his shoes shoes help in giving out a fun vibe sometimes a formal serious vibe basically it’s a perfect tone for your entire look and more importantly it completes your look [...]

I needed a miracle… "Man Shoes" Tom Watson 1/2

Moira Tom Watson is my guest he has written a book and here it is called man shoes Giay Nam Dep – Website: the journey to becoming a better man husband and father it seems to me Tom that it’s really remarkable talk about miracles were sitting here talking about your book I mean because you were on your way to becoming a statistic how is it that a child can be in 13 foster homes before he’s five years [...]

3 Types Of Men’s Shoes That Repel Women (Avoid)

yo what’s up guys right beginning off the creative video want answers guys secrets and welcome to another video and this video is titled shoes that repel women and now I specifically have three types and there’s probably more out there I just haven’t figured them out yet but I’m going to share you the three types of shoes that if you are wearing them or even attempt to wear them or even want to buy them it’s like that [...]

3 Types Of Loafers Every Man Should Own (Plus 3 You Shouldn’t)

Hey you I’m celebrity men’s for a stylist Ashley Weston today I’m joined by my fiance and business partner Dorian hello and so some of our favorite shoes out there especially when the months warm up a little bit are definitely loafers so there are a couple Styles out there that I want to recommend to you all I realized that we’ve actually never done a video number just solely on loafers it’s usually like a shoe video that we [...]

7 Shoes A Man Should NEVER Wear | Stop Wearing These!

Giày Nam Đẹp – Website: you see obviously styles or opinion based my whole channel is a lot of it is opinion based my opinion that I think will make you look good and when it comes to shoes there’s a lot of shoes that I believe they’re ugly like your butt let’s see I got triple asses or your Crocs that I don’t think men should wear and I’ve heard arguments that beg to differ to my opinion which actually [...]


[Giày Nam Đẹp – Website:] what’s up everyone welcome back to my channel if you’re new my name is Alex Costa and since summer is here and you guys are always asking about summer clothes I figured I would dedicate a whole video for summer sneakers but not just any summer sneakers we are talking about the most versatile summer sneakers of them all the five best white sneakers you can get this summer before I begin just a reminder [...]

My Shoe Collection – Shoes Men Need In Your 40’s

Giày Nam Đẹp — Website: what’s up guys today’s video is gonna be a little bit different totally unscripted so here’s the deal I was going through my shoes trying to figure out what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to give away I’ve got some gaps in my shoe arsenal and I’ve got some stuff that I need to get rid of let’s chat about shoes for just a few minutes let me show you what I’ve got [...]

La Milano Double Monk Strap Men’s Dress Shoes

hey Jim Grammy you know sometimes we need shoes but but we don’t want to go out and spend close to $200 for a pair of shoes which is normally the about the price line area price point did I look at because I only wear certain brands generally because I’ve learned to like certain brands I’m snobby I guess but occasionally you have these immediate needs and you don’t want to go out and dump $200 on a [...]

10 Brands of Men’s Dress Shoes to Avoid in 2020

Hey ladies and gents and welcome back we hope you all had an awesome new year and welcome to 2020 so as some of you may or may not know Heath and I are brothers and we’re also shoe cobblers we have worked on thousands of shoes every brand across the spectrum and we are always here to try to educate you all on which brands are the best and so one of the things that we’re going to do [...]

Top 6 Most Versatile Men’s Shoes/Best Shoes That Go With Everything!

  Eastern discussing various minutes lifestyle topics such as style grooming today I invite you to subscribe and tap the notification bell and join us and to my returning friends like Obi Ouma he bear hope I pronounced that correctly Lou now when attempting to build a well-rounded stylish wardrobe one of the challenges we can’t run into is limited resources myself included so what a lot of times I like to give you our shoes clothes and other items [...]

✅ Most Comfortable Men’s Shoes for All Day Comfort 2020 (Buying Guide)

They say that a man’s shoes are a true reflection of his mind this actually makes sense as there’s an inherent bias against men which presents them as being less detail-oriented and that all they care about is a good combo of a shirt trousers and jacket as an image conscious man the easiest way to break away from the stereotype disapprove that you’re a little sophisticated and have an eye for small details investing in a stylish pair of [...]

Shoe Essentials For Men | 9 Shoes Every Guy Needs (My Collection)

Giay Nam Dep what’s up guys it’s koi from gentlemen within and in this video we’re gonna talk about six shoe essentials that every man needs and a few nice to haves shoes are important there I say it the most important item in a man’s wardrobe and so besides nailing to fit I’d say that investing in a few quality pairs of shoes is a good starting point for most men of course it’s up for debate as every style [...]

3 Men’s Boots You Need Right Now | Best Men’s Boots

Hey you I’m celebrity menswear stylist Ashley Weston joined by my husband and partner Dorian hello hello everybody alright so it is boot season finally it’s cold that’s upon us a little rainy foods take a really important place in your wardrobe right now and the right boots can add a really stylish touch to your outfit and take you all the way through to spring so ash should we talk about the three types of boots that these [...]

NIKE FACTORY STORE MOTHERS DAY SALE Men shoes May 2015 Jordan Air Penny One

Giay Nam Dep hey everybody this is Jeff up with my Mother’s Day weekend review video for men’s shoes these are the best Studios I’ve seen at this Nike store since Christmas time look at all the deals there are some great steals and and if you haven’t gotten the mother or wife in your life a present yet make sure to go on Ebates and sign up there you get $10 gift card to Walmart Target that’s where you [...]

10 Best Men’s Dress Shoes Under $200 Fall 2017

what’s up YouTube Jeff your style of G you know today’s video I’m gonna give you my recommendations for the best dress shoes under 200 bucks if you’re new to the channel release a new video every day at 4 p. Giày Nam Đẹp — Website: Eastern discussing various men’s lifestyle topics such as style roomie and dating I invite you to subscribe let’s have the notification bell and join us and to my returning friends like Carlos Greene salute now [...]

End Of RV Living: Men’s Shoes A Safety Tool??! What a Joke !

Giay Nam Dep hi everybody I hope you had a great holiday weekend have a good video for you today but I got to show you this that’s taking coffee to a whole new level have you ever woke up and wondered what was wrong with you you knew you wanted to be elsewhere that there was more to life than the life you were living more than the bills you were paying the job’ were keeping look to the horizon [...]

5 Men’s Shoe Must Haves | Shoes Every Guy Should Own

[Giày Nam Đẹp — Website:] gentlemen time for a little alpha and pop quiz true or false people notice your shoes true true or false by choosing the right shoe you can take an average outfit and elevate it to excellent yep that’s true true or false you can have an amazing outfit on but by choosing the wrong shoes maybe they’re dirty dated whatever you can take a potential style opportunity and turn it into a style liability [...]

Top 7 Fall/Winter Shoes Every Guy Needs To Own

Giay Nam Dep what’s up my dudes it’s your guy Jose oh that was fresh action I like that one you guys like the new intro what’s up my dudes it’s your guy Jose and for today we’re gonna be talking about the top seven stylish men’s shoes that you should be wearing this fall and winter just like your wardrobe your Footwear is gonna change now that it’s colder you wanted to protect you you wanted to keep you warm [...]

ACE MARKS SHOES REVIEW | Men’s handcrafted Italian leather shoes

Giay Nam Dep hey guys a while back I did an unboxing video where I unboxed four pairs of handcrafted shoes from ace marks and I promised you guys that I’d make a honest review about it so it’s time I show you guys what I think about these shoes and these guys as well let’s get to it now just very quick if it’s your first time here on my channel I’m Daniel and welcome to deal and model or [...]

9 Best Men’s Shoes for Fall & Winter 2019 | Boots, Sneakers, Slip Ons and More

what’s up guys my name is Brock you’re watching the modest man and today we’re talking about the best shoes for fall and winter you’ve seen the pumpkins out on the porches your dad’s talking about Turkey and you’re brushing up on your politics to get ready to debate your uncle this Thanksgiving also your t-shirts are still sitting in the drawer and you haven’t touched a pair of no-show socks in weeks it’s full and winter is coming [...]

How STYLISH Men Wear Sneakers | Build your own Sneaker Collection in India | BeerBiceps Men’s Style

[Giay Nam Dep] today’s videos watch sneakers before we get to talking about the tips that every single man should know no two golden rules these are not sneakers these are gym shoes you only wear them in the gym let’s get rid of these the second thing you’ve got to know the second thing you’ve got to know is that when it comes to American culture sneakers are overhyped overpriced and just too flashy I love sneakers you don’t [...]

10 Best Men’s Water Shoes 2019

Com such ezvid wiki before you decide ezvid presents the ten best men’s water shoes let’s get started with the list starting of our list at number 10 the Teva omnium closed hope to have all the right features for outdoor pursuits including bungy laces a protective toe and a shock pad heel for cushioning an impact absorption though the leather is designed to handle getting wet they aren’t for extended immersion they come with quick-release buckles on top [...]

My Shoe Collection for 2016 | Minimalist Men’s Shoe Collection

what’s up guys my name is Brock you’re watching the modest man and today I’m going to show you my shoe collection alright so I saw Jose over a teaching men’s fashion to a video about his shoe collection and I thought that’s an awesome idea and then somebody asked under one of my videos if I could do a similar video so thought yeah let’s do it so these are the 12 pairs of shoes that I wear [...]

50% Off on all Branded Shoes – Men and Women

Hey look a deep abiding animal on the bangle let it go bang alone did you put on the manga time will be ruthless our today I’m de aquel mb I did the evening whenever we meet up but okay so how’s the community that one Lawrence will us even without this you’re not offending yo the Siuslaw and it won’t see a car we have insulated food de lama or Grandin and also another one is soooo now and [...]

Complete Ross Haul – Men’s Shoes Only! Lebron XII All Star + Harden!

alright guys Glen with hustler hacks here and now we’re going to go through the men’s shoes all the men’s shoes that I found at Ross this mega-haul let’s break them down and here is the first one Nike SB dunk highs these are the salt stain and I wish you guys could feel this shoe so you can see the ice bottoms right there there you go very nice zooming in you guys can see it and they’re [...]

My Luxury Sneaker Collection | 10 Awesome Shoes for Men!

what’s up guys my name is Joe and today I want to show you my luxury sneakers now I moved to LA in January so what’s what is the date today almost August 7 months ago yeah so seven months ago I came to LA I think with probably 3 or 4 pairs of shoes and now I’ve got somewhere in the 30s so I have seriously gotten into shoes starting a little bit from before I moved to [...]

BEST SHOES FOR GUYS WITH BIG FEET (Size 13-18) – Stylish Men’s Boots + Sneakers

yes finally we have a video for the gentleman with king-sized feet and for those that know this channel know that I’m all about underground Footwear culture so whether we’re talking dress shoes boots sneakers I try to find brands figure out they’re a little bit more under the radar so when you wear them if we’re like yo what are those I’ve never seen those before however when it comes to these under the radar lesser known brands a [...]

Red Wing Boots: Are They Worth It? – Men’s Iconic American Work Boot Review

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette!In today’s video, we’ll be looking at Red Wing boots and whether they are worthyour money or not. Giày Nam Đẹp — Website: Today’s video is another installment of our review series, Is it worth it? where we take a look at iconic products and see whether or notthey are worth your money. To find out more episodes, check out ourplaylist here. Red Wing boots have long been a staple in American work wear. Now, we’re starting to see [...]

Top 10 Most Stylish Water Proof Shoes/ Stylish Water Proof Men’s Shoes And Boots

what’s up you too Jeff your style oh gee you know today’s video I’ve got my 10 picks for the most stylish waterproof shoes if you’re new to the channel we release a new video every day at 4 p. Giay Nam Dep Eastern discussing various men’s lifestyle topics such as stop grooming and dating I invite you to subscribe and tap the notification bell and join us and to my returning friends like Shane right salute now many times style [...]

Women wouldn’t last a month in men’s shoes

if women were really treated the same as men they’d killed themselves they’d kill themselves they wouldn’t last they wouldn’t last a year there’s just no way the stuff that women complain about the stuff that women get emotional over the stuff that women stress themselves out over and I say stress themselves out I don’t say get stressed out over I say stress themselves out because 90% of women’s stress and emotional turmoil and quote unquote anguish is really [...]

*** Top 10 Outdoor Basketball Shoes for Men *** Shoes Review :: Best Basketball Shoes

hello viewers today we will talk about some best outdoor basketball shoes we tried to highlight all the key features of these shoes if you don’t get any point just comment below let’s jump into the main section number ten Nike LeBron zoom witness designed to provide maximum support in every direction you take designed with a wraparound foam wing to provide heel support and a zoom air unit to cushion every step its top features are full-length rubber outsole [...]

SPLASH Men’s Clothing Low Price, T shirt, Tone jeans, Shirt, Shoes, #pasangaalaparai

Giày Nam Đẹp — Website: hello friends nigra may endure converting a flash yonder in the desolate overcome here is the engagement party now coordinated later Kay Dupree we will communicate it around reserve our will take a detention camp o’clock in the courier a location a killer description La Porta Potty Bunga [Music] no no come here this critical is about the number number the one manufacturing monitor for shirts probably going to need another cameo to complete a [...]

10 Shoes Every Guy Needs in High School / College || Men’s Fashion Haul || Gent’s Lounge

Giay Nam Dep– hey guys so today we’re talking about the 10 must-have shoes for back-to-school all right guys Blake is back in the studio we’re going to do some videos together we’re getting back in the fashion game and you know we thought schools right around the corner let’s do a shoe video for back-to-school so the opposite video is going to come after this but we figured you know the first thing everybody sees is your shoes so [...]

Rubik’s Shoes?! | First Look: PUMA x RUBIK’S RS-X³ Men’s Sneakers

I all it’s time for something that’s not quite a puzzle it is the rubik’s shoes not literally that it’s not actually called that but this indeed is a cross between rubik’s and the puma brand so they did something a little bit different they took their RSX sneakers of course this time it’s cubed because it’s a Rubik’s brand of course why not why not cube it if you can and they took the inspiration or essence of the [...]

Should Men EVER Wear Square Toe Dress Shoes? | Squared Toe Vs Curved Toe Which Side Are YOU On?

Giay Nam Dep – gentlemen there’s a lot of big questions out there such as what is the meaning of life are we alone in the universe is Keanu Reeves a bad actor or an acting genius guys those questions a little bit beyond this video but what we will cover in this video is should a man ever wear square-toed dress shoes now every time I put this image up on social media people go nuts and I get people [...]

10 Best Cycling Shoes For Men 2019

Com such ezvid wiki before you decide ezvid presents the 10 best cycling shoes for men let’s get started with the list starting of our list at number 10 with one very large piece of velcro and another smaller strap just below it the Tri 7 premium nylon triathlon probably won’t create the kind of fit you’d get from a much more expensive pair but they ought to get the job done for the casual rider they weigh a [...]

Italian vs. American vs. English Men’s Dress Shoes & What Distinguishes Them – Gentleman’s Gazette

welcome back to the gentleman’s Gazette in today’s video we discuss what makes Italian shoes different from what say English or American shoes when you educate yourself about shoes you’ll encounter Italian shoes English shoes American shoes Spanish Portuguese Japanese but no one really explains what that means in today’s video I’ll try to go over the different style hallmarks as well as the construction of Italian American English shoes of course those are just guidelines and you can always [...]

Christian Louboutin Real vs. Fake/Replica Guide (Men’s Shoes)

hi welcome back to my channel today I have kind of a different video and I never thought I would actually do one but it just so happens that a replica pair of Christian Louboutin shoes came into my possession or more just so that I felt like that to make a video about it anyway if you’ve seen my video review of the real Christian Louboutin I own then you already know but for those of you who haven’t [...]

5 BEST Selling Dress Shoes? | MUST OWN Men's Footwear

5 BEST Selling Dress Shoes MUST OWN Men'sFootwear [0:00:00] The five best selling dress shoes. In today’s video, gents, I’m going tobe talking about the dress shoes which fly off the shelf. [Music]I'm here in New York City at Paul Evans. My friend, Evan owns this shop. I've known him for years. And we were talking about what are the shoesthat are flying off the shelf, what are the shoes he can't keep in stock [...]

DSW Store Review (men's shoes)

alright guys so hopefully you guys can see me I think I blend in with the wall right now I don't know but in this video we're gonna do another store review it's I feel like it's been a while since I've done a store you and today's store we are heading out to is D S & W let's go [Music] what's up guys welcome to today's video my name is Richard from assembled the style now if you're [...]

Minimalist Men's Shoe Collection/The 5 Shoes Every Man Needs

what's up YouTube Jeff your style OG you know today's video we're gonna talk about the shoes you need for a great minimalist shoe collection if you're new to the channel we release a new video every day at 4 p. m. Easter discussing Barry's men's lifestyle topics such as style and dating I invite you to subscribe it's at the notification bail-in join us into my returning friends like Scorpion 87 salute now between me and you this video [...]

ONE Item People Judge You On? | Why Men Need BOLD Shoes | Men's Wardrobe Essential

So, I do a lot of research trying to figureout exactly how people measure each other up. I know that this changes over time, so I tryto stay on top of things. But, one thing that I find that stays thesame is that people measure other people based off of their shoes. I know it sounds strange, but literally therewas nineteen-year old, she's writing in one of those magazines or maybe she had a [...]

Top 5 Men's Shoes For 2018

heyyou i'm suppr d menswear stylist ashley weston today i'm going to show you my top five shoes every man should own in 2018 number five a pair of chelsea boots so i recommend going with black or dark brown and you definitely want to go with leather over suede for your first pair because suede has a tendency to get dirty very easily even if you Scotchgard it so only get those other colors and suede versions after you've [...]

Introducing cheap men's shoes in a discount

pardon her body look what you have it if thou couldst it once eco current is in the give me life inside a completely gone you can't press archaea you can't go to yes obviously became uchi current Clickbank means I like innocently Mira sorry Keeravani pay via Waga [Music] jumping good job chugga-chugga-chugga would you miss about you Oh up you're gonna get a beer did you put so much me Hana Hana job subject or ha teach [...]

Take a Walk Through Dillard's Men's Shoes

– [Man] Go! – Hey everybody, I am at themen's shoe store at Dillard's with Angela, my new friend here. She has had 15 years experiencehere at the shoe store, and she went to get acertification actually, and so she's incredibly knowledgeable about all these shoes here. So we're going to kind oftake a peek at a few of 'em, she's going to tell yousome different features. – Yes. – So maybe we can [...]

5 Men's Shoe Styles Women Love

[Music] hey you I'm celebrity menswear stylist Ashley Weston joined by my partner Dorian you can't hear her voice doesn't carry very much so hopefully that picked up anyways hey guys how are you good to see you so we're talking about shoes today specifically shoes that women love and before we get into that we have a video about guess what who would have thought the shoes women hate below so maybe you should watch that one first we're [...]

How To Prevent Creases? Dress Shoes For Men | Kirby Allison

Hi, I'm Kirby Allison and we love to helpthe well-dressed take care of their wardrobes. In today's video, I'm gonnashow you what steps and what products to use in order to prevent your dress shoesfrom creasing. We know that you work hard to keep your shoes looking great andwe're here to help you maintain them and keep them looking as new as possible foras long as possible. If you have any questions or comments during this videoplease [...]

5 Men's Shoe Styles Women Hate

hey you I'm Ashley Weston celebrity menswear stylist joined by Dorian mrs. partner thank and good sidekick I'm the Robin to your Batman there we go well anyways okay so today's topic um we've talked a lot about how important it is to constantly you know clean out your wardrobe now at your closet get rid of the old or the dingy or the out of style items that might be you know still kind of hanging out in [...]

Business Casual Men's Shoes & How To Wear Them

Welcome back to the Gentleman's Gazette andour series on business casual clothing. Today, we discuss shoes and we go more indepth about different work settings and how you can put your best foot forward so youcould look always stylish. If you have not already done so, please checkout our general dress code guides or five different outfits and what to wear to theoffice here. Business casual today is one of the most widelyspread dress codes yet it's [...]

The Best Shoe Brands in 2019 (part 1)

[Music] gentlemen hello and welcome in this new episode of Satyam talk I know that this episode will be very interesting for many of you because we received a lot of questions and commands and demands on what kind of shoes can i buy with my budgets which brands I have to buy so today we're going to review together 16 Browns of shoes ranking from 180 dollars to $600 so that I can give you an overview of [...]

✅ TOP 5: Best Running Shoes For Men 2019

Whether you're an average guy just startingyour running journey to shed a few pounds, or you're deep in the running game trainingfor your next marathon, the importance of finding a good pair of running shoes remainsthe same. Every runner is different, and there are anumber of factors to consider before making your final decision. Before we get started with our video detailingthe best running shoes for men on the market, we have included links in [...]

The 5 BEST White Sneakers For Men

[Music] as you know I love shoes and I got tons of them it's probably one of the things I'm mostly obsessed about when it comes to men's style but if you ever go into my closet or I ever get around doing that shoe collection video I would say about man 40% of my closet is white sneakers I absolutely love them they're ultra versatile they go with everything and it doesn't take much effort to use them and [...]

Men's Fashion Advice Shoes – Men's Dress Shoes

hi and welcome to the segment today we're going to be talking about shoes now men shoes exclusively obviously we don't sell women's but we do very well with men's shoes so let's talk about shoes what makes a shoe a great value now there are different constructions let's talk about a basic shoe like Stacy Adams these typically would be made in somewhere like China and often they will have a synthetic soul leather upper and you know an [...]

10 Best Men's Boat Shoes For Summer 2017

what's up YouTube Jeffie style og and in today's video I'm gonna give you my picks for the 10 best boat shoes if you're new to the channel we release a new video every day at 4 p. m. each day discussing men's lifestyle topics such as style roomie and David I invite you to subscribe and hit that notification bell and join us and to my returning friends like handicap visions salute now we all know the BOSU is [...]

How To Combine Men's Socks, Shoes & Pants – Compliments Guaranteed

Welcome back to the Gentleman's Gazette! In today's video, we discuss dress socks andhow you combine them with shoes and pants, so you'll look dapper and stand out from thecrowd. After we filmed our in-depth dress sock guidewhich by the way, you can get to here. People asked us "Well, how do I combine sockswith black pants and brown shoes?" You know, there are lots of basic rules outthere, and we'll go through [...]

Xero Shoes Prio Review (Men's Walking/Hiking Shoe)

hey what's up this is david benjamin and today I'm reviewing the Xero shoes prio the Xero shoes prio and the prio is from zero zeros x ER o 0 shoes and the prio is their walking shoe so as you can see I'm wearing them here this is their blue color they come in European sizes so you have to look at the size chart on their site before you order which I'll link that up below so you [...]

BEST SNEAKERS FOR MEN 2019 | Top Men's Sneaker Trends | Alex Costa

what's up everyone my name is Alex Costa and 2019 is here yep that's right we're actually off with amazing start because we're gonna talk about one of my favorite subjects and probably yours too sneakers now for the past few years there's been one specific trend getting bigger and bigger and that is the sneaker trend I constantly catch myself looking down at what other people are rocking I feel like their shoes or sneakers they tell her story [...]


okay you guys I am in a rough day let's take a stroll through the men inside the boys men here is red case with these are going to be $30 here I have not seen you case with burn in a long time they say very huge in junior high high school right here these are gonna be the Jordans and let's see I don't know the price on that you guys I can't tell you the price [...]

How to look after fine men's shoes

my name's Simon Crompton founder of permanent style in this video series we're looking how to maintain and look after your clothes today we'll be discussing shoe care and general maintenance at British shoemaker Edward green so there are many advantages to investing in a really high-end great men's leather shoe there's the fact that the quality of the upper and the soul and the insole in fact will mean that the shoe adapts to your foot over time becomes [...]

Adidas Men’s Crazyflight Volleyball Shoe Review

What’s up guys this is coach Donnie would elevate yourself that Borg in this video we’ll be reviewing the adidas men’s crazy flight volleyball shoe if you want to try your own parent of the crazy flight shoe then make sure that you check out my favorite volleyball store all volleyball use my discount code below to get five percent off your entire purchase which includes other volleyball shoes volleyballs apparel bags and much more also all classic elevate apparel [...]