10 Best Men’s Dress Shoes Under $200 Fall 2017

10 Best Men’s Dress Shoes Under $200 Fall 2017

what’s up YouTube Jeff your style of G you know today’s video I’m gonna give you my recommendations for the best dress shoes under 200 bucks if you’re new to the channel release a new video every day at 4 p.

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Eastern discussing various men’s lifestyle topics such as style roomie and dating I invite you to subscribe let’s have the notification bell and join us and to my returning friends like Carlos Greene salute now when it comes to dress shoes it’s usually an area you get what you pay for and most the time I don’t advise you to try pinch pennies and save a buck a good super high quality dress shoe is gonna be north of 200 bucks however in my opinion there is a sweet spot between a 100 150 bucks up to 200 where the quality starts to dramatically improve and you can get a stylish shoe that will last you several good years I kind of look at this as the bridge a price point between those cheap ones under 100 bucks that aren’t worth the time and the ones above 200 250 there ones that it last you a lifetime but we might not be able to afford just yet so in today’s video I have a variety of different types of shoes from dress boots dress shoes loafers chuckers that are under 200 bucks there are good quality very stylish that I think you can grab and will last you several years to come so without further ado let’s get into this list of the best dress shoes under 200 bucks now first pick the date comes from a company you’re gonna hear from several times today Johnson and Murphy and this Conrad double monk strap now if you watch this channel at all you know I love a good double monk strap shoot very stylish very fashion-forward and this mahogany one is beautiful with his burnished leather and is broguing high-quality leather upper and sole and you get it all for just a hundred and fifty nine bucks nice pick today comes from another couple you’re gonna hear from several times Florsheim and his beautiful belfast Chelsea boot now what I love about this Chelsea boot sleek sexy wear with jeans trousers and suits a beautiful shiny black leather with the twin Gor that makes it easy to slip on and off a great value beautiful quality only going to run you 130 bucks now for our next pick we’re swinging back to Johnson and Murphy and give it a one dress shoe every guy has to have a simple black dress shoe with this Bradford cat toe dirty very simple very elegant this is your suit shoot your wedding shoot your job interview do it all shoot high-quality black leather only gonna run you a hundred and thirty bucks now there’s some shoes you have to have like a black dress shoe others you get sent because you wonder like this New Republic Houston Chelsea boot and camo print look at this beautiful unique stylish boot very trendy with the Chelsea style and the camo print but like I always tell you when you go trendy don’t spend a whole lot and this 109 bucks is well worth a small splurge so you say you’re rocking with the Chelsea boot but that camel prints a little too far out there don’t worry this next pic might work for you same company same style boot The New Republic Houston boot but this time in a more subdued Brown same on trend Chelsea boot with the rubber crepe sole but with just this time of beautiful upper a Brown great quality beautiful stylish boot and only gonna run you 99 bucks now I couldn’t give you a complete list of dress shoes without one pair of loafers which we have here with this Dylan penny loafer from Vince Camuto take a look this beauty I think this is a great color with this dark brown corriander leather classic penny loafer Stalin never go out of style and it’s a great deal that you can pick up for a hundred and 20 bucks we’re swinging back the floor shine for our next pick in another classic style of shoe with this core bata chuckle my now here we go a chukka boot very classy very stylish but very sexy can’t go wrong rocking with the suit jeans or trousers and this beautiful high-quality leather brown one from floor shine only gonna run you 120 bucks quite a steal now I wouldn’t feel right give you a list of dress shoes if I Leeds didn’t give you one pair of the most versatile dress you man can have a brown wingtip shoe which we have here with this Johnson and Murphy winter now for me brown wingtip super versatile wear with jeans suits trousers those are just about anything and this high-quality pick Johnson and Murphy are you gonna run you 120 bucks and up now I can’t keep just giving you brown shoes and black shoes we got a slide of these one pair of they’re underrated and underappreciated color burgundy which we have fear with this Kenneth Cole cap so Derby shoe and Bordeaux leather this is a shoe you grab when you want to add a little pop of color and your dress shoes I’m talking burgundy our eyes look and this quality leather one and this Bordeaux from Kenneth Cole great pick for only 150 bucks and last but not least for our final picker dress you under 200 bucks I want to give you something very rugged but still very stylish which we have here with flora Shyam’s Easterbrook cap so dress boot this is one I grabbed when the elements are bad you don’t want to mess up your dress shoes but you still got to be a little dressy and with this great stylish Brogan and catso detailing you do it in a very smooth put together way but in a way that’s not going to break the bank at 125 bucks and up okay so there you have it my recommendation for the best dress shoes under 200 bucks I have some links in the description you want a copper pair too as always I hope you enjoyed the video if so hit that like button it helps the channel to grow and of course tap the notification bell so you don’t miss any of the Beatles a release every day at 4 p.

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