10 Brands of Men’s Dress Shoes to Avoid in 2020

10 Brands of Men’s Dress Shoes to Avoid in 2020

Hey ladies and gents and welcome back we hope you all had an awesome new year and welcome to 2020 so as some of you may or may not know Heath and I are brothers and we’re also shoe cobblers we have worked on thousands of shoes every brand across

the spectrum and we are always here to try to educate you all on which brands are the best and so one of the things that we’re going to do today is go through our top 10 brands that you should avoid in 2020 ok folks so these 10 brands

just to start off you know and kind of preface it by saying Heath and I have owned a lot of these brands so we’re not putting down putting down you in any way if you own these brands we’re just saying that we’ve worked on a lot of these

and based upon the quality and the construction and the materials there’s other brands out there that you that we think you know would be better fit for you so again just to get started number 10 Cole Han so Cole Han and I know this one hurts because there

are a lot of guys out there to have Cole Han man it’s probably one of the biggest brands that we see in our shop johannah’s haricot Hans very often but I still got I still have a pair of Cole Hons as well the reason we say Cole Han

is they just for about the past 20 years Cole Han has taken a dip in their quality they used to be american-made then they were they were sold to other brands Nike at one point owned Cole Han and we get a lot of them in here that had Giày Nam Đẹp — Website: https://giaynamdep.net

stood out the little nike air pad inside of it and guys just don’t like to let those shoes go because they’re probably comfortable but guys there’s a lot of brands out there that are much better much better quality the leather quality’s better and Cole Hons are just one

of those shoes when Heath and I start to try to refurbish them and resold them my brain hurts just even thinking about what all’s gonna have to go into that refurbishment it’s just a brand that I think you could find a better brand out there than what you’re

going to find with Cole on so that’s number ten number nine Bostonian Bostonian is a name that’s been around for a long time and most of the ones that we see coming into our shop today uppers are just not the best leather everything seems to be almost seeming

constructed or if it is stitched the the hill blocks are just rest particleboard workings like the insoles are just kind of paper ish it just doesn’t seem like a very quality made shoe so I definitely think that is one that you can get a better deal on number

eight on our list of shoes that you should avoid Aldo oh and a couple of pair of Aldo back in the day too I used to go by that shop and I saw the great looking shoes and I just had to have a pair so yes I’ve owned

Aldo but now I walk by it and all I see is just cheaply made shoes that are trying to keep that in a high fashion edge and really folks I just would not waste my money on Aldo at all there may be a lot of great shoes in

there that look nice i but if you’re wanting to really you know stretch your dollar and make those shoes last trust me I would not even step foot in Aldo just not a shoe that is going to last you for a long time all right the next one

number seven some of you are going to not like this one more time for time back in the day I mean to add probably more flourish on they were made impeccable back in the day there is staple and people still if you get on eBay and you get

you know an old 1950s 60s pair of Florsheim Imperials look at the process they’re probably going to go for if they’re in decent condition so that just goes to show you where for time started to where they are today even some of the four-time Imperials that we have

come in here quality oven I think of exporting has been done with these things and it’s just it’s not what our granddad’s wore on their feet yeah so big disappointment on that one yeah just to follow up real quick again floor shop as a whole I would completely

stay away from just a quick caveat to that if you are gonna stick with floor shines stick with the Imperials they are still good your welted they are still double stacked leather rubber heels and tax and not I just think you could be better served going to the

the older vintage floor shines if you could find some of those out there but again just kind of stick stay away from the new floor shots being put up number six on our list for the top choose you to stay away from in 2020 Steve Madden okay guys

I can’t tell you how many Steve Madden shoes come into our shop a lot of them are still that square-toed shoes the loafer we see it all the time guys I know it looks like a comfortable shoe I know you can find it at Dillard’s and Macy’s and

it’s sitting right there in front of your face and you think it’s a quick easy by but trust me that is a brand you want to stay away from if you’re looking for high quality nice shoes it’s just Steve Madden is not putting out nice shoes they are

cheaply made low quality the heel blocks the soles the uppers everything on those is loan quality just stay away from Steve Mac alright the next one on our list is number five Kenneth Cole Kenneth Cole was one of those names that 90s and the early 2000s it was

just one of those designer names is like a you know Calvin Klein but Kenneth Cole’s shoes very cheaply made by a whole lot of quality in these shoes they are more or less gonna be made for your one time wear so if you if you’re looking at them

just skip over them save your pennies and go you know invest in something a little bit better alright guys number four Calvin Klein we’re gonna have another episode or another video or we talk about designer shoes but we decided to throw Kenneth Cole and Calvin Klein into this

mixture just because those two brands are very prevalent in department stores nowadays and let’s face it most guys out there that’s where you’re buying your shoes you’re still going to the mall you’re buying them in department stores Calvin Klein is the same as Steve Madden the same as

Kenneth Cole very cheap quality there’s it’s generally not a shoe that when you want to have it refurbished that it’s going to be a shoe that is meant to be refurbished I’m sure we can try ripping you know rip and the shoe apart and really that’s what it

does when we try to take these shoes apart to refurbish them it rips the shoe because they are meant to be refurbished it is like heat said on the last one it’s a one time life shoe and when they are worn out it’s best to just toss them

so again stay away from Calvin Klein you and Duke Calvin Klein other underwear – use the next one number three this one is gonna also hurt a little bit Johnson and Murphy okay all right now we say this a little bit lightly Oh Johnson Murphy because there are

still some Goodyear welted Johnson and Murphy shoes I just know that the last within the last several years kind of the last holdouts on the Johnson – Murphy’s made in America have been exported and they don’t do wreak rafting you know more here in America just yeah we

live here in Nashville and Nashville is the original home of Johnston Murphy jeunesse Co the factory that refurbished all the Johnston Murphy’s that Mae Johnston Murphy’s that made their high-end Johnston Murphy’s it’s right down the street so we’re very familiar with Johnston Murphy and like he’d said and

we get Johnston Murphy’s in here all the time and again for ninety five percent of their shoes I would not longer except for like Keith mentioned they’re higher in good your wealth ones those are the only the the hill blocks that are those are just light or not

good pressed paper so yeah they definitely cut some corners in order to make a few cheaper I think it’s to offer Goodyear well number two on our list Joseph Abboud now I save this one because this shoe is one you do see a lot as Joseph a bank

bobbly Men’s Warehouse I think I saw some the other day at Dillard’s it’s another brand that is very prevalent out there I was actually quite surprised when recently I was doing some research on Joseph Abboud and found out that a lot of his clothing a lot of his

suits are still made here in the United States so kudos to him for that but when it comes to their shoes they are not they fall into the same category as most of the shoes that we have mentioned today and they are not good quality so for you

guys that go into Joseph’s a bank or some of those shoes or some of those stores buy your clothes please do not grab a pair of Joseph Abboud and throw those up to be rung up the cash register go somewhere else and look for your quality shoes and

save your money another thing is if you’re going to a store where you’re gonna be buying a suit you don’t want to say like I’m gonna buy my suit and while I’m here I’ll get my shirt and I’ll get my tie and go ahead and throw in a

pair of shoes yeah so it’s sometimes a one-stop shop is not always really the best thing here all right and the number one is Stacy Adams Stacy Adams I cannot tell you how many Stacy Adams have come in here Hill blah blah is just it’s plastic horror flower

plastic big cracks all the time we’re able to take off a hill block off of most every shoe out there except for Stacy Adams that is how bad their heel on their stapled into like a rubberish stop soul so even while you’re trying to take the hill block

off its stapled that oughta get your big thing it’s stapled onto the shoe so when trying to get it off and it cracks I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cut my finger so just because it breaks and the sharp edges of plastic yeah I’ve nicked my

hand and then by the time you get it off you’ve already like ripped half the salt so the sullivan has to replace so it’s just a normally constructed shoe and i would definitely stay away from Stacy Adams okay guys so that completes our list for the top ten

brands that we would stay away from in 2020 now I know the next question you’re gonna start asking us okay well if you tell us not to buy these what shoes should we buy I’m gonna put some links to other videos that we’ve done in the description below

definitely check those out I will also throw in some other brands that you may want to look at in this upcoming year we plan to do a lot more shoe reviews and I will begin putting out videos on those so stay tuned subscribe to our channel because you’re

definitely going to want to watch those videos but again just for the meantime I’ll throw a lot of brands that we do recommend or that you should look into in the description below again these are our opinions based on our professional experience you can save the hate mail

if you are loved with one of these brands then I’m sorry but once again everybody’s entitled further pain yeah again guys preciate you watchin we wish you the best in 2020 again we hope you subscribe to our Channel and follow along I think it’s going to be an

exciting year leave some comments below let us know your opinions and what you think and until next time have a great day

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