10 Shoes Every Guy Needs in High School / College || Men’s Fashion Haul || Gent’s Lounge

10 Shoes Every Guy Needs in High School / College || Men’s Fashion Haul || Gent’s Lounge

Giay Nam Dep– hey guys so today we’re talking about the 10 must-have shoes for back-to-school all right guys Blake is back in the studio we’re going to do some videos together we’re getting back in the fashion game and you know we thought schools right around the corner let’s do a shoe

video for back-to-school so the opposite video is going to come after this but we figured you know the first thing everybody sees is your shoes so your shoe games gotta be on point where you go back we go 100 exactly and you know Blake and I have two

different styles so you know he picked issues I pick my shoes we did 5e some of them overlap them to mix it up but this is pretty much what we thought would be essential if we were going back to either high school or college now so this is

a shrinkage chukka boot this is the shoe that I would wear on the first day of school I think like it’s something that’s classic it’s cool you know you’re going to be dressed up because you have to wear with a denim I mean pretty much a Henley that

what I’m wearing now they pull you’re wearing yeah and I’m actually wearing accessible trained out guys so if you could see how are you Jeff but it’s something that’s a little bit more casual but still dressy I think the first day calls for that yeah you know you

want to make a statement you don’t know whether you want to flex a little bit yeah you don’t want to go to sneakers just yet I mean unless they’re like but you don’t want to go full suit that’s right if your first day at school I think for

high school college pretty much any school chukka boot so for me I guess the first shoe that I would pick is just this like casual classic tennis shoe it’s not quite like a weaker sneaker but you know you can get it in white Blake has one in brown

this is kind of sneaker you can wear every day and still look classy or you know casual because you can wear this with chinos and denim Morgan already sure if you’re a short guy exactly or if you’re a tall guy either way you can wanted to how do

you think that a classic sneaker is like quintessential to a wardrobe for going back to school because let’s be honest I mean most of us if we’re going to high school in college we’re not wearing dress shoes now constantly so that’s what it’s not too many dress shoes

on this list but I think a good nice classic classy sneaker is a good first choice you know what I like that it’s not like all the way white right almost seconds like a what does that yeah it’s like a off-white you can get a little dirtier and

not look dirty which is why I chose that color just because it’s high school in college because you know we’re not always the cleanest people in high school in college definitely not I know unless you’ve got super messed up all right guys so my second pair of shoes

is a dress shoes it’s from GH bath so it’s not very expensive I think it’s like $80 it’s a capital it’s actually not a too dressy of a shoe right like you would have really worse with the suit I’ve actually worn us with my motorcycle because super sturdy

I wear it a lot with denim I think if you’re in college and maybe you’re in your upper division you know of course is maybe you should wear a nice shoe on your first day which is why I chose to like nice shoes the guys if you’re in

high school maybe think of it like a maybe not your first day but you know what could I put denim with a cardigan like maybe like a you know Thanksgivings coming up are you dressing up for Christmas or something like that or like that if there’s a certain

girl that you want to impressing you know like she’s like dressed fly and you know you need to up your game maybe wear these once or twice so just a simple capital G H bass 80 bucks perfect for a high school or college there you go so I

did I did a dress shoe as well and my theory behind this dress shoe is that you can wear it with a suit you can wear it with denim it’s not crazy dressy and not crazy casual it can really go either way but I don’t think you need

like a classy classy oxford or even I think we both picked Brown because yeah it’s a more casual color there’s not many occasions that you’re going to want to wear black dress shoes in high school or college unless you know God forbid a funeral or something comes up

but at school I think Browns the way to go for your first dress shoe honestly I think those laces also are you know it’s not that fun yeah you’re not really really like super dressed up like would do these both these cars I think with denim is it

your said do you know what like a t-shirt yeah simple and you know you can still throw on a blazer a button-down and dress them up if you need to yeah which doesn’t happen that much in high school or college so well now could just throw the game

off my third pair of shoes are these Steve Jobs New Balances accept but I think every every guy every person in high school needs to have a couple sneakers you know I have two sneakers in my game you have three but these are super super white clean easy

in my opinion if you’re going to wear a sneaker a white sneaker to school on your first day the first week of school it has some brand freaking you is it cool if you’re in college these are like you can walk all through campus and you won’t have

to strap about like your feet hurting right especially if you’re a big campus I mean I went to Long Beach State and I think like end to end it’s like a mile and a half yeah I like to go around is like five miles yeah I know but

you see in high school in college we experienced high school and college differently see see my high school had walls and like a roof and hallways and your high school did not know soon because outdoors it was like no one in California has walls for some reason now

like we walk through corridors to get to I mean it’s everything without doors it was like basically one big picnic you didn’t want one big picnic you know just two different strike exactly what we had we had some elements so in Pennsylvania there’s winter in California there’s maybe

rain once in a while and so which is why I went with this kind of more rugged rugged blue that still casual has like an athletic soul about Tim Berlin you know has a little bro being so it’s a little dressy but still you know casual enough to

wear jeans you can still wear with chinos or a tie if you needed to physically don’t but I mean they’re super light they have this little zipper on the side too actually I’m in love with this because I have really thick ankles so like I get to unlace

them and not have to pull out the top – yeah yeah you know right right because I mean if you guys know George if you’ve seen them with the shoehorn god this guy works his foot into the shoes but that’s like perfect for you but yeah so I

mean and I’m alive I’m going to say this real quick I brought a few extra boots so you don’t have to go with you know that type there’s also you know a good old Wolverine boot with denim depending on your personal style right where you’re at I don’t

even know if I’m in frame with this but you know these are all good I know Blake brought you know these guys also a good boot you know there’s options we’re not saying that the ends are the exact shoes you need these are just the types of shoes

we think you should think about having in your wardrobe that’s right which brings me to my fourth pair of shoes are these Chelsea boots so obviously I’m from LA it doesn’t rain quite often I brought two suede shoes two suede boots you know if you’re in the East

Coast maybe George’s picks are a lot better because these bad boys will get tore up in the rain okay but these are really cool I think you’re a state issue this is something where you know I can in high school I like to dress up maybe like on

a Friday like super dressed up or what I thought was Jesse you know right so these calluses are going to be perfect I think guys like them Grover love them as well I mean they go with everything black brown whatever you say I mean whatever you want to

rock them with they’re going to rock I mean right this is this the kind of shoes you can wear you know more than once a week to I think because you know it goes with denim it goes with basically all these shoes to be dressed up or dress

down except for the two of the sneakers in the in the mixed but that’s kind of the go let’s have a versatile shoe wardrobe hey guys if you want to check out these boots specifically they’re by two of our really good friends moti and Marcel so level link

to them down below they’re also fellow bloggers of ours and they just put out this pretty dope shoe line so they got some pretty pretty cool stuff can check out welcome welcome to it down below and so I’m gonna go with my next shoe which was going to

be a gym shoe so you know whatever shoes you wear to the gym you got to take that to high school with you got to take that to college with you you got gym class you should be working out in college you shouldn’t be just playing video games

pizza which some of us did I’m not going to name names but people really quick these are okay in high school you need a gym shoe that not just a gym shoe you needa like show like show up right you know these are like for you these are

not just a gym shoe dude you’re gonna like kick ass with you at that point now these are these are great I mean I’m a huge fan of adidas and ultra boost obviously so that’s why I went with these and these are my current gym shoes right now

so don’t yeah I’m not good yeah badass I use like basic you tide well you know I I have these the Nike freeze Under Armour’s as well and then yeah my fancy what I mean okay my last shoe just like a really cool sneaker like a statement shoe

sneaker so you know if you wear slim clothes you probably want to slim slim our sneaker if you wear bulking you chunky your clothes you want a bigger thicker sneaker so yeah hence why Air Force Ones were popular for the longest time when baggy jeans were and said

dude I reductive all I skated because they work I’ve never had a pair Air Force Ones honestly really you an SP guy oh I had all the Nike ESPYs I did some Jordan dunk please Tom yeah dunks okay dumps are dope yeah I had some Blazers you know

with the strap without straps no strap okay okay it was strapless all right so my fifth and final pair is also sneaker it doesn’t really look like a sneaker to this leather but guys these are like super comfy it’s something again as you can tell my my style

is a little bit more clean-cut sophisticated so I guess I would wear these on the regular these are like my again denim if you’re into here in college people take you across campus again no pain nice sleek those are actually the most comfortable shoes afforded warm very very

comfortable I mean I mean traveling all over I see a lot of businessmen actually wearing these but in black yeah I’m like Holly where I am because it’s so freakin comfy that you can you can walk so I guess any sneaker would do but in my opinion a

nice leather whether it’s white black or brown perking that pretty much wraps up the ten shoes we think you should take to high school or college with you now like we said you don’t have to buy every single one of these types of shoes these are just kind

of like the ideas that we think if we were going back to high school in college this is what would be in our lineup if we could only pick five okay which you would you work first so first day of school I’d probably do these with some slim

dark denim and then either like a polo or short-sleeve button-down and then you know a little bit more accessory game going to like a watch or bracelet or you know some rings yeah maybe a hat depending on my hair day but you know you’re going the first day

of school you got to get a fresh yes oh dude we were thinking the same thing if you just first see a school guys fresh haircut yeah I mean there’s nothing to do with shoes but totally air cut yeah so that pretty much wraps up the video thanks

for watching guys remember we are trying to make it to 75k by the end of summer which is September 21st so hit that subscribe button share this video tell your frickin friends to watch our videos and thanks for watching guys we really appreciate it alright guys it’s that

time of the year again you know we’re all going back to school maybe something you never left school if you were in summer social factors good [Music]

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