3 Types Of Loafers Every Man Should Own (Plus 3 You Shouldn’t)

3 Types Of Loafers Every Man Should Own (Plus 3 You Shouldn’t)

Hey you I’m celebrity men’s for a stylist Ashley Weston today I’m joined by my fiance and business partner Dorian hello and so some of our favorite shoes out there especially when the months warm up a little bit are definitely loafers so there are a couple Styles out there

that I want to recommend to you all I realized that we’ve actually never done a video number just solely on loafers it’s usually like a shoe video that we included one option and then there’s one option here so I wanted to just do one in-depth video about our

favorite types of loafers yes so let’s get into it so the first type of loafer is a penny loafer so this oh my gosh penny loafers I feel like are one of my favorite if not my favorite loafer out there it’s a classic its timeless it’s so handsome

looking I love it when you wear it well previous to meeting you I they weren’t really on my radar I always thought penny loafers are kind of the horse bit loafers so this is like all the douche bag agents and you guys I used to know where I’m

like I’m not wearing that and then you kept saying you need to get penny loafers I’m like no no I’m good and then I came home with a pair for him and I’m like okay I get it these are pretty awesome I specifically like wearing them during the

warmer parts of the year because they go well with chinos you can technically wear them with shorts as well and jeans they look great with jeans and also with summer weight suits so they kind of float in a lot of different areas and they’re pretty versatile and they

can actually be very comfortable I think a lot of guys see the leather and go I don’t know if it’s not going to be very comfortable for me they’re actually quite comfortable especially after you break them in after a couple wears these are definitely my go-to shoes during

the warmer parts of the year and they’re just classy enough to just elevate any outfit you wear them with as well so they’re just a great one to have no question as far as colors go I recommend going with a brown color and then black and then look

for your secondary or for your third I guess because you’ll want a black and a brown loafer but for your third pair or so forth go with like a cool oxblood burgundy color yeah but Brown you’ll probably wear a lot that’s the one I wear the most yeah

you wear your brown ones a lot more so I’ve listed some of my favorite ones out there as well as budget-friendly options in the description below definitely be sure to check out the links and the next type that we both really love our driving blocks so Dorian actually

he has a pair on right now funny you should mention that I’m wearing one of my I think I have four pairs of these now they’re so freakin comfortable like I got a these are great not all driving mocks are made the same no our favorite ones are

by Todd’s but I’ve listed a couple budget-friendly options below but they’re like Dorian said they’re super comfortable they’re breathable and they work very well in a ton of casual situations I think though the one caveat here is that you want more than nubbed sole as opposed to just

the straight rubber on the bottom I noticed that men when you tell them to wear driver mock and they don’t exactly know what they’re doing come back with something that is sort of a driving Mach loafer but not at all so you have to be careful the design

is really gonna matter in these ash has some great pics below check it out but they can go wrong really quickly with these I’ve noticed the most right so Ashley I pretty much own every color Under the Sun in these and so what should guys start with though

I would definitely start with a brown color I always recommend going with a dark brown then you can go with a tan then Navy and then gray so those are like the color choices if you want like a crazy pop of color you can go with maybe a

red or yellow in some cases depends on your skin color I can’t pull off a yellow red I can kind of do only and choose though that’s it with blue jeans maybe it’s a pretty loud statement a little too loud for me I just say honestly stick with

the colors I just mentioned yeah you will look sharp and always put together and it’ll go with the rest of your wardrobe what about green green green a dark green dark like hunter green you want jewel tone yeah great and the next type of loafer is a boat

shoe so it’s like I would say like the more casual little brother of the driving MOC maybe cousin yeah yeah maybe cousin a little bit cousin it’s comfortable breathable it has the rubber sole on the bottom so in case you are on a boat right it’s in heaven

Oh who would have thought I know wearing boat shoes on a boat that will not slip yeah I always recommend getting blues or a dark brown or even a lighter brown color tan yeah as well as gray those all look really great but I only recommend wearing these

with super casual clothing you cannot dress up boat shoes just don’t tuxedo version of a boat you come on nope not well the other benefit of boat shoes though is that they’re incredibly affordable even the best boat shoes that actually linked below in the description so they’re just

good to have great casual shoes as well and we go great with shorts as well it’s just fun to have and something a little bit different in your outfit as opposed to just a standard driving lock so ash those are the three you highly recommend but there’s three

other styles that men should consider as well yes they’re more specific yeah yeah but before we get into that oh I think we should let’s give this video a thumbs up right right it’s pretty good so far if you like this video and want to see more subscribe

to the channel and click that Bell icon to be notified every time a new video is uploaded all right so let’s get into the three other styles of loafers that you should probably consider will do it really quickly so first off tasseled loafers I I don’t love them

but I don’t hate them I just feel like the tassels on the front remind me of untucked shoelaces and that’s really annoying and distracting she is a shoelace nuts I believe just like your clothing your shoes should be streamlined and they should look sharp and they shouldn’t be

clunky and yeah that’s why I’m not the biggest fan of tassel loafers a lot of style bloggers out there wear them um kind of a peacock II kind of shoe a little bit it really is so I guess if you want to add a little flair then you

can certainly wear tousled loafers they were run through my dad a little bit now the next style the next style of loafers is a horse bit loafer so Gucci’s iconic loafer is a horse bit loafer it’s where have the little metal decorative piece on the front um I Giay Nam Dep – Website: https://giaynamdep.net

always imagined like Wall Street guys are like older lawyers that look really like are wearing like oversized suits they were the ones that wear horse that lo I think when guys have a little more money than sense or maybe a little bit more less of a handle on

their style they see other guys wearing these in the same areas em I used to see a bunch of douche bag agents wearing these all the time and they kind of ruined it for me a little bit but I think they still look pretty cool I was just

walking around the other day and I heard a guy like clean clean clean like walking like Spurs and I was like what is that and I turned around he was wearing horsebit loafers but they were clearly very cheap because they should not be clinking around like that so

Ashley the couple of her favorites below just be careful when you go with the cheap versions ashley link some good ones but they will make noises and they should not make noise like that absolutely no and then that leads us to the final style which is like a

Venetian loafer or smoking slipper yeah so just think of a loafer stripped all the way down so you just have the foundation the shape of a loafer yeah that’s what a Venetian loafer is um smoking loafer is kind of just like another version of it it’s just generally

velvet yeah um now it’s a little detail I’ll actually style my clients in these types of shoes when we want to add some flair to their black-tie outfit so I always will go with like a velvet or a patent leather Venetian slipper that’ll pair with their tuxedo um

but outside of that I don’t recommend ever wearing them because it just looks very person that looks a little off in photos it looks great I think and it’s kind of like a little edge a little bit of an alternative footwear to wear like you said when your

clients are in tuxedos or like really sharp outfits like you want to mix it up a little bit but in daily life when you see people wearing you’re just kind of like huh yes especially smoking slippers they’re usually velvet they have an embellishment on top that’s what kind

of makes them a smoky they look more at home I think with a silk robe than they do like on the street yeah so okay if you want to go that route make sure you got some women definitely see older men wearing venetian loafers there in leather and

they have like the the sewn edges like around the side it’s like a really cheap cheap shoe that it’s almost like a square-toed shoe equivalent that I see a lot of older men wearing with their suits do not ever ever ever ever wear a Venetian slipper like that

only wear it treat it like a super formal item and pair it with that like minded clothing passionately some more of those below as well so you can take a look but just be really careful with how you wear and pair them because it can go sideways pretty

quick right yep all right so like Dorian already mentioned we’ve listed all of our favorite ones including budget-friendly options in the description below definitely be sure to check those out anyways that’s it it’s fun we never did a loafer video I couldn’t believe it when we were going

through the list like oh yeah we should probably do that right now so here we are hope you guys enjoyed it we’ll see in the next one all right [Music] [Music] you [Music]

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