3 Types Of Men’s Shoes That Repel Women (Avoid)

3 Types Of Men’s Shoes That Repel Women (Avoid)

yo what’s up guys right beginning off the creative video want answers guys secrets and welcome to another video and this video is titled shoes that repel women and now I specifically have three types and there’s probably more out there I just haven’t figured them out yet but I’m

going to share you the three types of shoes that if you are wearing them or even attempt to wear them or even want to buy them it’s like that you’re just spraying yourself with that women just want to avoid all right so enough of that because that’s just

bad nobody wants to be avoided by all women especially if you’re single and looking for a girlfriend alright so with that said the number one pair now I don’t actually own any of these shoes for good reason because they repel them and I don’t want that bad dude

you even near me okay so I’m about to put pictures up in this video and they’ll come up on one of these sides so first pair is the New Balance 407 or New Balance for knives now maybe you’ve seen these somewhere because your dad probably owns a pair

your dad’s friends probably own a pair his friends probably own a pair it’s like the midlife crisis I turned 40 and this is the shoe that I wear forever okay don’t be that guy those things literally I’ve seen girls cringe when they see a guy will say under

the age of 30 wearing those shoes and it doesn’t get any better if you’re above the age of 30 over the age of 40 etc etc especially if you’re trying to re-establish yourself after a divorce get back into the dating game whatever either you’re just trying to make

your wife love you again or your wife even be attractive you because that’s what keeps a spark going is attraction okay so New Balance 407 four nines never wear them I don’t care if you’re Steve Jobs you can Steve Jobs and wear these don’t wear them if you’ve

seen the movie Rock Crazy Stupid Love with Ryan Gosling he throws Steve Carell 407 over the mall side railing pretty hilarious scene if you ask me quite transformational for Steve ed in the movie but don’t wear these shoes they will literally make women just want to avoid you

at all cost okay number two crux oh god why do they make these things and why are they so popular why do people wear them why do they put them on their kids why do they just I get it there’s one situation maybe if you’re a nurse that

they’re ok because I guess they’re comfortable being on your feet but even my girlfriend’s a nurse she doesn’t even wear these used to you though but either way if you’re a man and you’re wearing crops you’re just not a man there’s no reason for you I don’t care

who you are it doesn’t take a second to slip on a pair of shoes to go run to the mailbox there’s no reason in the world that you should wear Crocs and if you do they’re rubber burn them okay so that’s number two so I got the New

Balance 407 two four nines crops last but not least this isn’t a specific type of shoe but it’s any type of shoe that you own that is dirty grungy doesn’t look neat doesn’t look clean and just generally looks bad that is a huge turnoff to women they hate

seeing a guy they look down they see shoes they’re not freakin clean they just look like they just walked through a mud puddle put them on and came to the block you’re killing your chances with women you’re killing your attractiveness stop it invest in some nice shoes I

have videos on this channel I have products that can help you do that if you haven’t yet grab your free report twenty outfits that make her come to you that’s a perfect place to start there’s a lot of good shoes in there and if you watch any of

my stuff everything I talk about is very affordable easy for everybody on any type of budget so let’s just recap number one for seven to four nines by New Balance never wear them this is not saying that New Balance makes bad shoes because New Balance has some pretty

sweet running shoes and cool sneaker head type shoes so before sevens for ninth now is even like a 410 when it’s got the same shoe but velcro oh even worse you might see those other tiger home okay number two you any type of crop I don’t care what

it is don’t wear and three any type of dirty grungy looking nasty shoe if you have those throw them away invest in new ones start fresh that’s it for this video hope you guys enjoyed it grab your free report like I said especially if you’re watching this video

that’s it I’m riding a mouth piece. https://giaynamdep.net

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