Shoes are such an important element of any great outfit it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a thousand-dollar suit or a $50 outfit as long as you have on a great pair of shoes that fit with your outfit you’re gonna look amazing but with so many variety out there

it can be overwhelming to choose which shoes to buy so here are five shoes that every single guy need in their wardrobe to dress for any occasion number one simple white sneakers every single guy needs a pair of classic simple white sneakers it is the most versatile pair

of shoes you can wear it with khakis with jeans with pants and even a suit you can wear it with almost any single outfit and that’s the best part about simple white sneakers so you’re gonna get any sneaker out of this entire list get the all white sneakers Giay Nam Dep – Website: https://giaynamdep.net

cuz this is the most important pair of shoes number two on this list is vans old school now vans old school is a classic it’s very versatile but it is a casual take on the versatile style often you wear it with jeans and shorts during the summer you

can’t really dress it up but it is the shoes that’s really in style right now and it’s so versatile it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing it fifty years before or 50 years in the future it’s always gonna be in style a sub Rocky’s wearing it Travis Scott swearing

in all these celebrities are making vans cool and for 50 bucks guys you can’t go wrong with vans old-school so make sure you grab a pair by the time summer rolls around you’re gonna look amazing look third shoes that every single guy needs in their wardrobe is a

pair of dress shoes no matter what age you are no matter where you live at you’re gonna need a pair of dress shoes you’re gonna have to go to occasions such as presentations or weddings or funerals there are definitely gonna be occasion that’s gonna pop up that you

need to be wearing dress shoes cuz you’re dressing up whenever you’re dressing up you can never ever wear sneakers make sure you’re always wearing a pair of dress shoes now my personal favorite for dress shoes are loafers but double monks and single monks are definitely good choices moving

on to number 4 on the list and that is a pair of Jim’s knee kurz it’s really important for you to always be taking care of yourself making sure you’re healthy and that means exercising and going to the gym and whenever you go to the gym make sure

you’re always wearing your gym sneakers cuz if you’re wearing your everyday sneakers it’s gonna mess up those shoes very badly when you work out and buy shoes frequently can get very expensive another thing to keep in mind when you’re buying gym sneakers are to make sure that they

are stylish and fashionable because even if you go into the gym that doesn’t give you an excuse to not look good okay make sure you’re getting an ultra boost or maybe some Nike Flyknit because those are really fashionable and even if you’re in the gym they’re still gonna

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make you look good and lastly for number five it’s a pair of fancy sneakers now hold up I get it it can be really expensive to buy a pair of fancy sneakers so if you don’t have to finance for it don’t do anything stupid and go in debt

to buy fancy sneakers but if you do have the money for it do get a pair of nice shoes they’re gonna really elevate your outfit and when you’re dressing in a way to stand out in the room these shoes are really gonna have that effect but make sure

you’re dressing it properly don’t just throw on a bunch of designer clothes because that’s just gonna make you look really tacky make sure your dressing neat and nice from top to bottom and then end it with a pair of fancy shoes and you’re gonna exude a sense of

status it’s just gonna make you stand out from everybody else in the room and that’s it for this video guys I hope you learned something from it those are five shoes that every single guy should have in their wardrobe if you guys liked the video give me a

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