6 Sneakers Men Should NEVER Wear! (SNEAKER RULES)

6 Sneakers Men Should NEVER Wear! (SNEAKER RULES)

[Giay Nam Dep – Website: https://giaynamdep.net] what’s up gentlemen so when it comes to sneakers when you really think about it and boil it down there are only two categories there’s fashion and then there’s function the goal of wearing fashion sneakers is to look cool to express our own individual style anything from Pumas

to your white minimal leather sneakers to Yeezys these are fashion sneakers with functional sneakers they serve a purpose like running are working out lifting weights skateboarder unfortunately I see a lot of guys making some super common sneaker mistakes and so today I’d like to go over six nukes

that you should never wear the first sneaker that you should never buy is what I call fence sneakers these are fence sneakers sneakers that I was on the fence about by him because I wasn’t sure a hundred percent if I loved them I thought I’d wear them they

look good on other people but then when I got them I never wore if I’m being honest these are also fence sneakers right look at the bottoms how many times do you think I’ve actually worn them on paper I loved them I got him I’m like yeah they’re

cool and then I never wore him because they were not what I’m used to you know you and you also knew your style now I’m all about like step outside of the comfort zone get outside of that box and and try new things but you really have to

be honest alright sneakers are expensive and if you are buying sneakers that you’re not sure if you’re actually gonna wear don’t buy the second sneaker you should never buy our overhyped or trendy sneaks gotta stop wasting money on super overpriced and overhyped brands how do I know because

I’ve done I wasted six hundred dollars on a pair of Gucci sneakers because they were Gucci I got caught up in it and I’m the first one to tell you like don’t buy the hype right well the truth is it’s hard right because we we get emotional buying

and shopping is an emotional thing but if you can resist the urge to buy an item just because the hype is there you’re gonna save a lot of money the other problem with buying like hyped items or things that are really trendy and popular now is that they’re

not gonna be popular in like six months styles change incredibly fast here’s a great example which sneaker do you think is a better buy when it comes to savvy sneaker shopping it’s all about versatility you want to make sure that the sneakers you’re buying can be worn with

different outfits different situations and last for years there’s thinker you should never wear any sneakers that don’t match your outfit style here’s an example right I’m wearing this right joggers I’m wearing a t-shirt and I’m wearing these and gray sneakers right now does it match yes those are

coordinate yes but are they appropriate for this outfit the answer is no the speakers have more of like a retro vibe instead you want to rock something like these vests ease right they’re clean they’re sporty and they’re gonna work a lot better with this outfit check it out

right better the shoes match the outfit you could also rock a slip on sneaker which are incredibly popular right now a little bit cleaner no laces I absolutely love these new laceless like slip-on sneakers all right they are amazing because you don’t have a bunch of lace is

to get all wack and crazy they’re crazy comfortable and they look great with a lot of things right joggers they look great with shorts you can also rock these with like jeans if you have not checked out Bessie or heard of them you have got to hit that

link down below because not only are these shoes super crazy comfortable and stylish they’re also waterproof Bessie’s are the first knit shoe that are 100% waterproof you can wear these bad boys in the mud in the rain in the snow and your feet will stay dry when I

say they’re waterproof I mean they are waterproof check it out it’s just beads off right ridiculous your sneakers do not do that but vests ease they do messy solve a problem which is actually the fourth sneaker you should never wear any sneaker out in the rain the mud

the snow up until Bessie you can’t wear sneakers out in the rain the mud for a hike to the river and the reason is because they get wet and your feet get soaking the material that they use at best is like super like cutting edge it’s like dual

climate what that means is that in the summer it actually lets heat and sweat escape but in the wintertime it’s going to keep your feet dry and warm the other thing that you’re gonna love about Bessie is how light they are they literally are a hundred and 75

grams which is the weight of a cell phone and the herringbone tread pattern means that you’re not gonna be like slipping all over the place if it’s raining or if you’re hiking Bessie has changed the game instead of rocking these when you want to walk around and keep

your feet dry you can now look stylish and sexy rocking a pair of besties guys hit that link down below and go check out Betsey Betsey footwear calm / alpha and if you go through our special link which I’ll link to down below guys you’re gonna get $25

off your order of bessie’s v sneaker you should never wear our dirty white sneakers gentlemen there is nothing that kills your super sexy style like when you’re rocking a pair of white sneakers that are dirty this includes the upper this also includes the rubber in my opinion every

guy should have a pair of white minimal leather sneakers in their wardrobe the reason is because they’re kind of like your dressy sneaker you can wear it with khakis you can also wear with chinos you can wear it with shorts but you could also wear it with jeans

as long as those white sneaks are white if you are not responsible with White’s old sneakers you can always look for a dumb sole alright this is a great way to not have to worry about the white getting dingy and dirty which brings us to the sixth and

final sneaker you should never wear which are sneakers with bad laces now what I mean by bad laces there are a few aspects of the shoelace that gets worn out my opinion it is critical that you replace your shoelaces after about six months of wear and the reason

is because they’re gonna get dirty they’re gonna get frayed they’re gonna get discolored and once the shoelaces starts to break down guys the sneaker is going to look old and the quickest and easiest ways to increase the lifespan of a sneaker is to replace the laces every six

months synthetic laces do a better job of holding up but it’s the cotton laces that typically are gonna look rough pretty fast as dudes we love sneakers right unfortunately sneakers are one of the bigger offenders in terms of style mistakes you got to make sure you identify whichever

sneaker you’re wearing is it fashion is it function is the outfit that you’re wearing does it match the level of dress enos or casualness of the sneaker you’re choosing one of the things that I love so much about sneakers is that there’s such a crazy variety of different

styles it allows us as individuals to choose sneakers that work with our personal taste and preference but you got to know is it fashion is it function and then the outfit that you’re wearing doesn’t work together if it does go with it if it doesn’t get rid of


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