7 Shoes A Man Should NEVER Wear | Stop Wearing These!

7 Shoes A Man Should NEVER Wear | Stop Wearing These!

Giày Nam Đẹp – Website: https://giaynamdep.net you see obviously styles or opinion based my whole channel is a lot of it is opinion based my opinion that I think will make you look good and when it comes to shoes there’s a lot of shoes that I believe they’re ugly like your butt let’s see I

got triple asses or your Crocs that I don’t think men should wear and I’ve heard arguments that beg to differ to my opinion which actually makes sense like if you’re just lounging at home why can’t you wear a pair of Crocs are super comfortable or if you just

want to add a few inches to your height or because you just love the street wear aesthetic and art ability y’all got your pluses why can’t you wear them to express your personality so checkmate TMF enemies I agree with you there I do believe that there’s some stuff

that men should never wear no matter the reason no matter what occasion and today we’re gonna do just that this is an opinion this is fact today we’re gonna talk about seven shoes that men should never wear no matter what happens number one you can’t argue with me

on this one square-toed shoes I just don’t get it there is ZERO excuse for these monstrosities on your feet I don’t want to see it nor does your girl the only thing that these are good for is just to drag down your style into the depths of hell

because last time I checked the nicest shoes we’re the ones that followed your foots natural silhouette so unless you’re a platypus you shouldn’t be wearing number two you can’t argue with me on this flip-flops there is never let me repeat that there is never a good excuse for

you to be wearing these thongs for your feet going to the beach we’re some nice leather sandals or some slides this dog for your feet just looks cheap and let’s be real they’re hardly the safest shoe talk about getting your toe stuck in an elevator or have you

seen people that wear these these type of sandals their heels usually look dirty from all the grime and dirt that they’re picking up from their foot because it offers zero protection for three the Yeezy boost frozen yellow now let’s be real who rares boost nowadays anyway but just

throw those bright yellow frozen yellows they have no part in a man’s wardrobe and not to mention how the sneaker industry just pumps our designer to designer to design to the point that the ones are you just bought two months ago are now outdated because you gotta have

to new ones that are the same exact model but they come in and like blue tint who has time for that I don’t and I’m sure as hell the environment doesn’t have that time either if you were on Instagram like a few weeks ago you probably noticed a

lot of celebrities participating and cleaning up the ocean because it is predicted that by 2050 the amount of plastic in the ocean is gonna outweigh the amount of fish the sneaker industry produces twenty three billion pairs of these every year and over 700 tons of carbon monoxide asses

the generation that can actually make a change we need to stop with this disposable mentality you need to find sustainable options like these from our sponsor nothing new you see these stylish shoes that look amazing well each shoe has made a hundred percent from post consumer plastic recycled

fishing nets recycled quartz group recycled cotton and even recycled rubber and natural rubber each pair of shoes that you would buy from this brand nothing new removes up to three bottles of plastic from the ocean and then repurposes those to put them on your feet here’s the best

part they’re not even crazy expensive these sneakers from nothing new you can get it for under a hundred bucks they start under a hundred and you’re helping the environment if you’re looking sexy and this company is taking it a step forth once you’re done nothing’s going to waste

you don’t throw away your sneakers instead you can sell it back to them for 20 bucks so once you’ve completely worn out that sneaker it looks like crap it has holes it’s falling apart don’t throw it away they’re gonna send you a shipping label so you can ship

it back to them and they’re gonna pay you 20 bucks and credit for those shoes so you can buy yourself a new pair that’s freaking amazing now nothing new has a really dope collection of sneakers they have low tops and high tops right now and the cool thing

is that both of them come in different colorway so you can choose whatever you like personally these are both for men and women and what I like about this think is that it’s ultra versatile it’s a very sleek classic design that you could wear across the board whether

you’re a street work guy or a menswear guy these sneakers most likely will work with your style if you guys want to check out nothing new they’re just launching right now this amazing initiative and if you want to be part of something bigger of helping the environment we’re

still looking good you guys have to check out nothing new there’s going to be a link down below go ahead check out their website and see all the amazing sneaker that they have all the colorways and pick one up you’re gonna help yourself and you’re gonna help the

environment that’s a win-win you guys wanna check it out the Gucci mules with the fur I don’t see the one time where this could actually be acceptable for any occasion it’s such a flamboyant flex that it’s almost a noxious when you see a guy where he’s like you

know he’s trying too hard it doesn’t even make you look good if you want to go for the mule trend which I my opinions already dad do it at least without the fur the fur just takes it over five sandal shoe hybrids what kind of sick twisted joke

is this orthopedic or not somebody should sue Ecco shoes for even putting this out in the market I don’t care if they’re orthopedic and you need them for comfort these so-called shoes should never be worn by any man falls on to number six a sneaker shoe hybrid these

just like the previous hybrids really just have a special place a special place in hell for how many guises style these shoes have ruined personally I’m just tired of seeing these half-breed shoes I think we can just get rid of them altogether here you wear a sneaker or

a dress you these have these sketches never look good finally number seven the feminine slipper you know which ones I’m talking about the minimally designed unisex slip on canvas I mean there are made for boys and girls but in reality need more stories a girl’s side than the

boys side yeah those they end up making you look like a samurai entraining and they usually end up falling apart after only a month of where they’re also just girly looking overall so I really can’t see one time where a man should actually be wearing these there’s so

many better options out there with the same slip on feature just making look more stylish and that’s it for this week’s video guys I hope you enjoyed it those are 7 shoes no man should wear if you guys like this video and agree don’t forget to drop us

a like down below also don’t forget to check out our sponsor nothing new if you guys want to check out these new sneakers they’re gonna be linked down below as well that’s it for me today see you next time

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