9 Best Men’s Shoes for Fall & Winter 2019 | Boots, Sneakers, Slip Ons and More

9 Best Men’s Shoes for Fall & Winter 2019 | Boots, Sneakers, Slip Ons and More

what’s up guys my name is Brock you’re watching the modest man and today we’re talking about the best shoes for fall and winter you’ve seen the pumpkins out on the porches your dad’s talking about Turkey and you’re brushing up on your politics to get ready to debate your uncle this Thanksgiving also your t-shirts are still sitting in the drawer and you haven’t touched a pair of no-show socks in weeks it’s full and winter is coming and you need to be prepared all right before we get into today’s video quick thank you to today’s sponsor a shop tagger now shop tagger is doing a $500 Black Friday giveaway it’s available to both existing shop tagger users and new users so if you don’t use shop tagger check the link down in the description get the app or the browser extension and then be sure to tag at least two items before November 21st the winner will be selected on November 22nd and notified directly via email so what is a shop tagger it’s like a virtual shopping assistant that helps you save money on anything that you buy online they’re integrated with over 4, 000 stores pretty much any products you need they’ll give you back in stock alerts and notifications of the price drops so you can use the app you can use the browser extension which is what I use you can see here it has amazing reviews it’s very easy to use and best of all it’s completely free so say for example that you’re shopping for a new pair of suede chuckle boots for example the j.

crew at Macalester one of my all-time favorites rather than just buying it maybe you’re not ready or maybe it’s out of stock in a size and color that you want or maybe you’re just waiting for it to go on sale if you have the shop tagger extension you just click the button and you can save it to your shop tagger list so you can tag it you can choose your size color and notification settings so I’m gonna say any price change I want to know about and then save it to my shoes list click Save and just like that it is in my account and now I’ll get an email whenever that product goes on sale or is back in stock so here’s an example I got an email a little while ago when these Banana Republic coretablet pants we’re on for 50% off so then you know if you have a little patience you can buy it a little bit later for a much better price the other cool thing about shop tagger is when you’re actually checking out and buying the product the app will look for any active coupon codes for you so you don’t have to go hunting around those shady coupon sites it will do that for you and so this is literally helping you save time and money so if you are in the market for a new pair of shoes or boots for this to fall or winter I highly recommend using a shop tagger as you shop online it’s just the best way to stay organized and get the best possible prices if you don’t already have shop tagger check the link down in the description and download it today it’s free and like I said if you get in on it now you can be eligible to win that $500 of Black Friday giveaway big thanks again to shops hacker for supporting the channel by sponsoring this video now this part of the year is great for style we get to layer up we have a lot more options for what us guys wear every day whether we’re students are going to work we just have more options and I personally think it’s great but what are the best shoes you know what kind of shoes do you wear with your awesome layered up outfits well that’s what we’re talking about today so we’re gonna talk about what actually makes a good cold-weather shoe and then we’ll look at some specific examples and brands that I recommend so what makes a good fall and winter shoe well with the cooler weather we tend to layer up and wear thicker more durable fabrics so in general our outfits are bulkier and our silhouettes are a little bigger so basically you just want your footwear to follow suit you want it to have the same vibe as the rest of your outfit additionally we tend to wear more interesting fabrics and textures during the cooler months and especially during fall richer colors to kind of follow what’s happening outside with the trees you know I’m talking about deep yellows and oranges and reds and browns and greens and corduroy and wool and really it just looks good when your shoes kind of match this aesthetic of course you can get by with just wearing brown leather boots all fall and winter and that’s totally fine but if you want some more options pay attention because that’s what we’re talking about so the first row I want to talk about is the chukka boot chukka boots are ankle length usually made from a leather or suede and they only have a few pairs of eyelets so it’s a very simple boot a desert boot it’s just a more casual kind of unstructured trunk booth it usually has a suede upper and a crepe sole but under the umbrella of truckies there’s many different kinds from casual to dressy and really anybody can find a pair of truckers that works for their needs I used to have a pair from j.

crew was the j.

crew at Macalester it was a desert boots it was a very casual chukka and unstructured suede upper I had it in gray and it was one of my favorite all-time at pairs of shoes and I’m going to it down below if it’s still in stock a great all-around chukka that’s kind of not too dressy but not too casual is the Scout from Thursday boot company and it’s also available in a wide variety of colors and leather or suede including a weather safe suede which is a huge plus of course you can’t go wrong with the Clarks desert boot it’s classic and for the money you really can’t do much better it’s gonna serve you well for a long time next up we have the work boot now there are really two touch of work boots there’s the ones that you actually do work in like if you have a construction job and then there’s the ones that you wear to work if you make videos about fashion and we’re gonna talk about those so like I said when you start to layer up with vests and sweaters and quarter zips and jackets your top half gets pretty bulky and it makes sense to make sure that your bottom half and your footwear follows suit a pair of brown leather work boots and I used work boots lately you know it’s really like a dress work boot or a fashionable work boot but because of its work boot construction that can still take a beating and really a you know a pair of boots like this can serve you well for many many years especially if it’s Goodyear welted and can be resold there are so many good brands for work boots you know Thursday boots Wolverine Red Wing tons of options out there I picked up this year this pair from Grant a stone it’s the diesel from Grant Stone and I’m really really liking it so far very little break-in period pretty comfy out of the box and once I put some more miles on it I’ll give you a full review and guys if you want links to different picks you know value picks and storage picks and budget picks check out the article version of this it’s got a lot more info and links in there I’ll link to that down below in the description next up we have the moccasin and I know you might be thinking aren’t moccasins kind of a summer shoe well the thing is there are tons of different types of moccasins and the blue char mock and the camp mock are perfect for fall and winter so this here is one of my favorites it’s the LL Bean signature blue trim mock so it’s kind of their higher-end version and it’s really durable really really comfortable and it’s great for fall it’s kind of like a boat shoe for the rest of the year so you can definitely wear this without socks in the springtime if you wanted to but you can also wear it with thick wool socks in the fall and winter and it’ll keep you warm you can get it wet you know it’s very durable and it’s a very rugged kind of preppy but timeless aesthetic you can also go with like Minnetonka or gh Bass I mean there’s a lot of different brands that make really good mocks at all different price points and I’ll link some of my favorite picks down below in the description I also really like the camp mock aesthetic which is basically just like a blue trim mock but with a higher ankle so it’s more of like an ankle boot and it’s also a great ruler it just kind of depends on how high you want your shoe to wear ok next up we have the minimal sneaker now if you’ve been following for any amount of time you probably know that I’m kind of obsessed with the white leather minimal sneaker and I will wear those all year round but it’s kind of cool in fall in winter to have something in a darker color way you know I really like this one it’s like this from a sparks and it’s like this rich Brown upper and these kind of golden laces which you know you could replace those of any color and then this gum sole and I think the brown and gum sole looks so cool together and it’s so perfect for fall looks great with like Navy chinos or dark wash jeans or ha-lo chinos just a very versatile color and a great seasonal alternative to the ubiquitous white leather sneaker I definitely recommend a Sparx out also recommend Koyo probably my number one pick for leather sneakers and of course if you’re a baller you can go with the common projects Achilles they have a bunch of different colorways mostly solid colors and obviously that’s a great choice too and Sigma with sneakers next up we have the retro trainer so you know this is kind of an alternative to the middle minimal sneaker this is more of a bulky silhouette so it’s great for those fall and winter how it’s it’s just got more going on you know it’s not a minimal sneaker now this is the great pronto I don’t think they make this anymore but there are a lot of options and you don’t have to spend a ton of mo’ne you can go with something from New Balance for example and you can find pretty much any colorway any color combination that you want you know whatever kind of fits the rest of your wardrobe if you’re on a more of a budget you can also go with like the owner took a tiger there Mexico 66 is like their classic red white and blue but they have a bunch of different colors you can go to something from Tretorn or like I said New Balance you know definitely shop around but I think the kind of chunkier retro training shoe is a really cool complement to the minimalist maker that you see everywhere next up definitely one of the best options for fall and winter we have at the Chelsea boot when it comes to cooler weather and the cold weather seasons Chelsea boots are right up there with hot chocolate and pumpkin pie they look fantastic dressed up or down this is probably my favorite Chelsea boot it’s the Duke from Thursday Boot Company definitely a casual Chelsea boot so you know it doesn’t have that really dressy sleek silhouette but since my style is more casual and smart casual this fits into my wardrobe really nicely it is good here well it’s got weather safe suede so I’ve worn these and rain and slush and they’re fine and if you’re looking for a more casual Chelsea boot I think this is a great option this honey suede color I found has been really versatile looks good with any shade of denim you know olive chinos Navy chinos definitely you can wear with black jeans so surprisingly a versatile color but just like with choco buds Chelsea boots come in a wide spectrum of formality so if you want something dressier that you can wear to a business casual office or even with suits you know look for something with a more sleek kind of refined longer silhouette and probably something in leather speaking of business casual another great choice and for fall is the suede of blue church so this way it blew true or Derby is a great everyday shoe especially for office wear it’s more casual alternative to the oxford and if you get it in suede especially in like an earth tone like a brown or tan it’s gonna look really good during fall in winter a great budget pick would be the Eastland 1955 edition fair filled Eastland has been around for a long time they make a great shoe for the price you know it’s nothing fancy but if you’re on a budget great choice and then if you want to spend a little more money the grant stone long wing also looks really nice I’m just got a little more broguing and detailing but definitely appropriate for business casual if you do want to wear a boot to work go with a dress boot you know something a little more formal than the work boot or the casual Chelsea that we looked at earlier that gets M&N makes a great a dress boot especially for the price but the classic example of a really nice dress boot is the Allen Edmonds Dalton wingtip and this is something that you could you could wear to work with a business casual or even with kind of like a more casual suit and it’s basically just a dress shoe with a higher ankle so you know if you your pants are over the top no one’s even gonna know you’re wearing a boot so dress boots are basically just like dress shoes just for fall and winter and last but certainly not least we have the loafer now loafers are way more versatile than most people give them credit for you know a lot of people wear their loafers during spring and summer maybe even like without socks with no-show socks but then they leave them in the closet collecting dust as the weather starts to cool down I’m not saying you want to be caught in a snowstorm wearing these bad boys but you can definitely wear them during the fall and winter with thick wool socks and it’s a really comfy really elegant look and the cool thing is if you have your pants hemmed too like a no break or slight break look because of the low-cut nature of these shoes you’ll show off your sock a little bit so it is important to wear the right socks you know like the right colors that kind of match your pants and the rest of your outfit now quick pro tip when in doubt if your socks are just one shade darker than your pants in the same color it’s the same color family one shade darker they’re gonna look good so no matter what yes you can wear complementary colors or patterns or funky socks or whatever but if you’re wearing medium blue trousers dress pants and you wear dark blue socks with brown loafers that’s gonna look good every time I pick for loafers my number one pick would be Jay Butler this company specializes in loafers so it’s like all they do and they do a really good job for the price this is their classic penny loafer but they also make a bit loafer and they even make it in this olive suede with gold details and then a burgundy and it’s just such a nice color for fall especially for the kind of guy that likes to go to holiday parties wherever you get your loafers don’t leave them in the closet during fall and winter you know bust them out wear some thick wool socks maybe even somehow pack of socks and just see how you feel trust me on this one so some of these shoes are gonna work better in certain conditions you know if it’s really rainy and slushy obviously you’re gonna want a pair of proper waterproof boots you know if you live somewhere that gets a true winter you’re gonna want a pair of winter boots but most of the shoes that we’ve talked about today are perfect for the fall and the winter aesthetic and if you’re trying to kind of round out your collection a little bit with some more seasonally appropriate Footwear I definitely recommend checking the links down in the description if you have any questions for me about anything we’ve discussed or anything at all leave them down below in the comment section thank you as always for watching and until next time stay stylish Giày Nam Đẹp — Website: https://giaynamdep.net

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