ACE MARKS SHOES REVIEW | Men’s handcrafted Italian leather shoes

ACE MARKS SHOES REVIEW | Men’s handcrafted Italian leather shoes

Giay Nam Dep hey guys a while back I did an unboxing video where I unboxed four pairs of handcrafted shoes from ace marks and I promised you guys that I’d make a honest review about it so it’s time I show you guys what I think about these shoes and these guys

as well let’s get to it now just very quick if it’s your first time here on my channel I’m Daniel and welcome to deal and model or lifestyle subscribe and also clean that notification Val so you won’t miss any of the next videos now I’ve been wearing these

shoes everywhere for the last few weeks and cold weather in hot weather and also even flying with that [Music] now I’m not gonna make the view too long for you guys because I don’t want to waste your time but I’m quickly gonna tell you what I liked and

what I disliked first of all all four pairs fitted me exactly I gave a smirk to the measurements of my feet they crafted them and they fit me 100% perfectly now it did not hurt me at all except for the penny loafers that cause a little bit of

friction between the shoes and the side of my feet now we know that breaking in new shoes can always be a little bit harsh on your feet and causing blisters so I expected it with the new shoes but it did not cause any blisters at all with the

sneakers with the Chelsea boots and with the monk straps so I was really impressed with that now in the unboxing video I spoke a little bit about the quality of the shoe so I’m not gonna talk too much about that here but I’m extremely happy with the quality

of the shoes and because the quality is so good I’m also happy with the price that you pay for it because you really get what you pay for now these shoes are handcrafted in Italy with real 100% leather by fourth-generation Italian artisans so they know what they’re doing

so they offer premium Italian leather luxury shoes around three hundred dollars which will actually cost you around six hundred dollars a lot of places and so they send it to you directly with no retailed markups which is awesome now they only started to create a smart at the

end of 2012 but made such a huge impression everywhere like even places like Forbes The Business Insider and other places and so I gave them the measurements of my feet and within two weeks it arrived in South Africa which is impressive because they handcrafted the shoes they send

it to me within two weeks and everything always takes longer in South Africa since then I’ve been wearing these shoes in all the different kind of situations and they look classy and again I also got a few compliments from other people and the most compliments I got was

for the Chelsea at Boots I mean these guys they are just something else and people have no shoes they can clearly see the quality of shoes and I’ve said it many times but quality is always more important than quantity and these shoes will last me for a long

time I mean I’ve been wearing them everywhere for over a month and they still look brand-new and for comfort I’ll give them a 9 out of 10 because the shoes are really comfortable especially the Chelsea boots if you walk in then they kind of improve the way that

you walk you know more streamline if you know what I mean for some of you that’s on Chelsea boots before you know exactly what I mean now I’ve only tried these four shoes the Chelsea boots the monks traps these black sneakers and the penny loafers but ace marks

also have wing tips capital and whole cuts so are they worth it yes definitely I’ll either link for you in the video description so you can go and check them out and also do your own research if you liked the video give it a thumbs up subscribe and

I’ll see you in the next video Cheers [Music]

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