Adidas Men’s Crazyflight Volleyball Shoe Review

Adidas Men’s Crazyflight Volleyball Shoe Review

What’s up guys this is coach Donnie would elevate yourself that Borg in this video we’ll be reviewing the adidas men’s crazy flight volleyball shoe if you want to try your own parent of the crazy flight shoe then make sure that you check out my favorite volleyball store

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let’s go check out the crazy flakes you the look feels slightly futuristic with flowing lines a translucent design and angled shapes the material feels like nylon that is very flexible allowing the foot to move freely but the wrinkles do push into your foot occasionally which can be annoying

at certain times my foot felt very secure during stop-and-go movements and never felt like it was going to slide too far laterally or forward past the sole the upper is made of the same thin nylon material so you’re not going to get much cushioning which I personally didn’t

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mind it only took a few days to break in which was great the traction is above average it worked great on clean floors and slightly dusty floors but on gym floors with lots of dust that’s when it started slipping and made it difficult to change direction the shock

absorption is excellent with both landing and hard stop-and-go movements I felt minimal impact on my joints which I was surprised because this is such a thin and light shoe I felt a little slower when transitioning from blocking and then loading to hit during that initial change in direction

I wonder if it has anything to do with the cushioning being too soft or the traction pattern not being ideal for more than 180 degree turns the heel toe transition is okay it starts off great with the heel but then it gets a little stiff in the midsole

which limits the speed of your pen ultimate step I could still jump without thinking much about it but you don’t feel that extra spring or bounce like the Dame six or Kobe sixes the overall jumping experience is pretty neutral so it neither added nor detracted from my jumping

the shoe is very light and incredibly stable I felt very balanced and ready to spring or sprint in any direction on defense which is ironic because I didn’t feel that spring for jumping the shoe allowed me to move exactly when I wanted which gave me a few more

digs than normal each match the ankle area is too loose in my opinion I had to tie the shoe very tight just to make a wrap around my ankle I wish it was a little more snug because the material would bend in funny ways creating gaps between my

ankle and the top of the shoe even so I never felt like my ankle stability was compromised it was more of a comfort thing overall the crazy flight shoe is a pretty decent volleyball shoe with plenty of support for all volleyball movements however I would consider it more

of a defender’s shoe than a hitter’s shoe as I mentioned before there’s not much spring when jumping but I did feel very springy on defense if you want a shoe that has more bounce more cushion in the upper tighter fit and heavier feel then this is not the

shoe for you if you want a shoe that has very good cushioning very responsive for floor movements looser fit and lighter weight then this is a good shoe for you thanks for watching this video don’t forget to watch my other shoe review videos by viewing the playlist below

if you want to see more footage of me playing in the crazy flight volleyball shoes then check out the video links in the description box now I would like to hear your opinion about adidas volleyball shoes in the comment section thanks again for watching and I’ll see you

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