BEST SHOES FOR GUYS WITH BIG FEET (Size 13-18) – Stylish Men’s Boots + Sneakers

BEST SHOES FOR GUYS WITH BIG FEET (Size 13-18) – Stylish Men’s Boots + Sneakers

yes finally we have a video for the gentleman with king-sized feet and for those that know this channel know that I’m all about underground Footwear culture so whether we’re talking dress shoes boots sneakers I try to find brands figure out they’re a little bit more under the radar

so when you wear them if we’re like yo what are those I’ve never seen those before however when it comes to these under the radar lesser known brands a lot of times they’re so small they don’t really have the budgets yet to really make a wider range of

shoes so it leaves out all the guys that are size 13 14 and up so in this video we’re going over 5 things first all the most commonly known shoe brands that guys with big feet already know about then the most affordable ones I’ve found for a long

and wide feet I got a couple mid-tier ones in there that don’t cost too much but are a little bit more of an investment and then finally investment shoes the ones that are gonna cost you a little bit more but they’ll last you for years and years [Music]

[Applause] now starting with the most common Footwear brands that make shoes for larger fee we’re talking you athletic brands right so your Nikes your adidas even vans converse because athletes tend to be a little bit taller a little bit of wider sometimes depending on the sport so they

have to accommodate for those people from the beginning because they were made for sports so you’re gonna find shoe they’re like 15 up to 16 and a lot of these brands and sometimes even higher obviously when it comes to like your basketball shoes now moving on to the

affordable section believe it or not the best place to find shoes for larger feet wide and long up to size 15 is ASOS yet again and I know I’ll put them on my channel a lot but they really do have the best variety for different body types Heights

feet types right like you have a tall section on there a plus-size section a wider foot section if you wear up to a size 15 you can find some shoes on here for like 30 bucks 40 bucks 50 bucks depending on what your budget is you can find

something for yourself again it’s gonna be a little bit more trendy a little bit more fun it’s not gonna last you like your whole life but that’s not the point when it comes to ASOS next up we have a brand called Marks & Spencer out of London however

they do have a very limited selection and their shoes are a little bit more dressy or like smart casual and they’ll cost you about a hundred and forty bucks if you want something that’s a little bit more quality you’ll find that links down below so you can check

them out now this next online shop and the best on this list in my opinion is Nordstrom not only are you gonna find so much variety on there even more than ASOS but also they go up to a size 18 so if you want to see the widest

variety of shoes for big feed dudes from different price points different brands you’ll find a link down below in the description to Nordstrom now last but not least for the investment Footwear section we have a brand called to boot New York all this shoe started about $300 but

that’s very fair for Italian made Footwear and again these are investment pieces shoes that are gonna last you for years and years especially the boots and the dress shoes even after the sole runs out you get the sole replace and literally have them for a deck or two

until they go out of style or until you just don’t like them anymore and that’s what I’ll call bang for your book so again if you’re at a place in your life where you’re ready to make the investment this is the place you want to go they have

so many different shoes so now that I’m done I’m not gonna ask you to subscribe to this channel you don’t even have to thumbs up this video if you don’t want to however I won’t ask you to leave a comment for the next guy let’s use that comment

section as a resource for dudes looking for larger foot shoes that are gonna be dope anything that I might have missed and before I get out of here I’m going to show you the sneaker of the day which actually is gonna be a giveaway next week in my

pick ups video so these are the Nike react Air Max 270s they have a clear panel here on the side also here in the toe let me show you take my shoe tree out you can see kind of when I put it in there it’s actually a see-through

but see if you can see that on camera pull it back for you so you can check it out put my fingers in there so you can really see what I’m talking about these are really cool you kind of got that mesh there in the middle very lightweight

I worked before a Nike campaign is actually on the Nike website believe it or not so that was cool and if you like these they’ll be linked down below or you can wait till next week and just possibly win them along with other shoes I’m giving away so

that’ll be next week your choice to do what you want and yeah that’s really it so we haven’t substitutes channel yet this is not only the challenge you’re gonna find a whole bunch of inclusive videos on so it’s not gonna only be stuff for guys with larger feet

but I do stuff for bald guys short guys I got the skinny guy videos coming pretty soon the really tall guy videos coming pretty soon I definitely try to focus on dudes that are outside of the perfection bubble that people try to portray online I’m not really that

guy I don’t do that because I’m very average I definitely got a belly I’m not really hitting the gym like that so that sounds good to you hit that sub button I appreciate you thank you so much for your time and I will see you on the next
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