BEST SNEAKERS FOR MEN 2019 | Top Men's Sneaker Trends | Alex Costa

BEST SNEAKERS FOR MEN 2019 | Top Men's Sneaker Trends | Alex Costa

what's up everyone my name is Alex Costa and 2019 is here yep that's right we're actually off with amazing start because we're gonna talk about one of my favorite subjects and probably yours too sneakers now for the past few years there's been one specific trend getting bigger and

bigger and that is the sneaker trend I constantly catch myself looking down at what other people are rocking I feel like their shoes or sneakers they tell her story you know what kind of people are they really it sneakers used to be seen more of an athletic item

you know just to workout or train but now they're a fashion accessory instead they're more mainstream now and even high-end brands like Gucci Prada Balenciaga and others they're making more and more sneakers so today we're gonna make sure that you have all the right sneakers for 2019 all

right we're gonna go over a list of the best sneakers that you could possibly have in your closet for the new year and before we begin don't forget to check me out on Instagram I have two crazy trips planned for this month one to Switzerland which very excited

about and one to Thailand I've never been to both of those places to either of them so trust me you're gonna want to see these pictures because I'm gonna put my heart and soul into these my Instagram is that Alex Casas and I'm always reading you guys's comments

your messages so go check it out all right Alex cost first up we have the Nike react element 87 in my opinion hired a contender for sneaker of the year these were actually released over the summer and they came in two different colorways black and smoke gray and

then of course my favorite the sale colorway all right they're actually pretty polarizing I think if you like them you're really gonna like them and if you don't you're gonna think they're trash alright so first thing you probably noticed is the see-through the transparent here upper part of

the sneaker Nike has done this before with other shoes but this one really caught my attention I think it did it they did it in a really good way the only other sneaker that did it really well that I love but I don't have is the converse off-white

those are fire someday I'm gonna have you guys want to give me a quick Christmas gift or something like that I'm here just saying all right back to the 87th there are so many cool little details about this sneaker for example the insoles are actually made out of

cork I mean that's pretty epic the only problem with the Nike react element 87 besides a very long name for me say it on video is that you can't really buy it at retail price right now it sucks there's actually a really good alternative the nike react element

55 really dope very similar to the 87 and you can actually buy them right now for a hundred and thirty dollars next up we're gonna go over the very popular trend of this sock sneakers I know some of you may like them some of you may not but

there's a bunch and we have to figure out which one is for years well I have to go with the ones that I own and that I love and that I probably wear a little bit too much right now the Balenciaga is beat trainers I own the black

and white ones and they are amazing alright they have so many different colorways first of all so there's definitely gonna be something for you but the reason why I picked these is because not only are they functional they're also very fashionable at the same time and I wear

mine to the airport for every single trip now especially when I have a long flight ahead of me just because they're really comfortable they're really easy to put on really easy to take off which makes them perfect for travel and these are very popular right now in the

fashion industry even for women I see a lot of girls rocking these so many high-end brands or designing stock sneakers to drop this year there's a lot to look forward another one worth looking into are the adidas nm DCs ones which I'll also link in the description and

guess what they go for under $100 so it's a lot cheaper than Balenciaga is or any of these other high-end soft sneakers so we know that in 2018 a lot of shoes made a comeback right the classics what's stay for 2019 so many people think that simple and

classic looks will stay for 2019 so for number three we had to go with old school of bands I feel like vans were the most Instagram shoes in 2018 everyone that I know like every one of my friends got a pair of van in 2018 and can you

blame them there like so many styles to pick from you know a bunch of different colorways really cool collabs with supreme fear of God even like Star Wars and honestly part of the reasons why vans are so successful today is because they fit into that vintage in that

retro style that a lot of people are going for right the same way that you don't have to be going to the gym to wear athletic sneakers you most definitely don't have to be a skateboarder to wear sneakers like vans plus if you're a teen it's not easy

to drop a couple hundred dollars on sneakers so the good thing about vans besides them looking cool and being cool they actually cost between like fifty and seventy bucks for most of them which is cheaper than pretty much every other shoe that I've mentioned so far next up

we have the EZ Boost 700 now and I first saw these I wasn't that impressed not gonna lie you know they kind of grew on me especially with the new colorway the chunky dad shoe trend will keep strong for 2019 and there's nothing you can do about alright

if you like the trend this is definitely one of my favorite chunky sneaker if you don't like the trend then you're not gonna like any of these steepness alright put the new colorway coming out is really cool I don't know check it out it's called analog it looks

sick I think they did a really good job with these and from the comments that I saw on blogs and forums and even on Instagram about this specific color weight everyone actually seems to love them so it looks like the hype train for Easy's is back in full

force for the new color is for the 700s anyway also guys I wouldn't feel right if I didn't include white sneakers on the list I feel like you guys already know my love for white sneakers you know I'm gonna give you three options that way you can pick

they're all different so hopefully you like one of these let me know in the comments section which ones you like the best all right first one Alexander McQueen platform sneakers now I really like these I've been wanting to get them for a while I think the design is

flawless it's amazing hats off to them for bringing these to life I see a lot of people wearing them here now but they're also not easy to notice you know if you don't know what they are you know like you don't really care they just look like nice

sneakers that you can pretty much wear with any outfit and I like that they're not in your face as much you know the only problem and the reason why I don't have a pair right now the price sometimes I go and say oh but the regular price it's

five hundred and seventy five dollars so I'm gonna hold off a little bit but maybe soon because I do really love this sneakers that I'm also seeing everywhere now and that I even feel funny mentioning this this brand is the white Villa disrupter twos alright I see guys

wearing them I see girls wearing them they're making a huge comeback and they only cost about $70 so if you're into that look that's actually a really good deal of making a comeback and one of my favorites and then I think the classiest of them all low top

leather common projects I can't really make a list of sneakers without them just because of how versatile they really are and how long they last if you take good care of them now you can rock them with a shirt and jeans you can rock them with this suit

I know you're gonna make a statement but you can do it with shorts at the beach you can also do that they're amazing right and if you don't have the cash for coming project axle ID got throw also makes really good leather sneakers those are the ones that

I have and once those are bad then I'll probably gets a common project it might have lasted for a couple of years now and I love you guys to make things easier I'm gonna actually list all of these sneakers in the description below so you can go check

them out shop the ones you like don't forget to follow me on Instagram I'm making an effort to post editor and better pictures there for you so check them out it's Alex costs like give me a follow closing in on five hundred thousand followers and I really appreciate

your help and of course subscribe to become part of the YouTube family we keep growing every day really happy with how 2018 went and I'm really excited for 2019 so yeah a bunch of trips coming up go Thailand I got Switzerland I've never been to either this place

is so super pumped thank you guys for watching and I'll see you again soon Paige [Music]

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