[Giày Nam Đẹp – Website:] what’s up everyone welcome back to my channel if you’re new my name is Alex Costa and since summer is here and you guys are always asking about summer clothes I figured I would dedicate a whole video for summer sneakers but not just any summer sneakers we are

talking about the most versatile summer sneakers of them all the five best white sneakers you can get this summer before I begin just a reminder that I’m running a giveaway for a bunch of hair products including a product that I’ve been developing for a long time now so

you’ll get a sample of my own hair product to enter the giveaway all you have to do is click the link in the description right below the video and sign up to my free newsletter that’s it alright let’s start with the number one sneaker on today’s list we

are talking about the adidas Stan Smith’s these are classics they’ve been around for ages and because of that you can be sure that they’re not going anywhere which is always a plus because you don’t want to spend all that money on sneakers now because it’s trendy and then

who knows about next year right it might be gone there might be junk or they might not be cool anymore so you want to get the most bang for your buck I have the prime minute version of the Stan Smith’s which I really love and I wear all

the time they’re extremely comfortable light and breathable because of the knit material so if your summers get really warm then I’d recommend these but if you’re more into leather then go for the OG is because these are classics you’re gonna be able to wear these every summer for

the rest of your life if you take care of that by the way I’m gonna list all of these sneakers in the description right below the video so if you like any of them you can just go click the link and you get them for yourself next up

I picked a high-top for you guys who are into that style and you just can’t find a better high-top than the converse Chuck Taylors I mean you can literally wear these anywhere in this summer I got these in the springtime because I knew that not only was I

gonna rock them in the springtime but I was gonna rock these all summer long I’m actually packing for a trip that I’m going through tonight in New York and guess what these are coming with me I do have the comme des Garcons collab as well but it’s not

a crisp white so it gives off a very different vibe you guys are interested in something like that and if you think it’s more of your vibe and your style then definitely go for it I really love them as well and we’ll list them in the description and

just like the adidas Stan Smith the chucks are classics you can wear them this year and the next year and the after that if you take care of them which brings me to another point do you guys want to see a video on cleaning and maintaining white sneakers

because I know it can get kind of hard but I mean when they are white and crisp like this just looks so it looks brand-new so much better so yeah let me know if you guys wanna see a video on this I would definitely make it if everyone

is interested number three on today’s list is in my opinion the most versatile white sneaker you can get on the market right now it is the Achilles from common projects these sneakers will literally look good with any outfit you can dress them up or down wear them to

the beach with some shorts on or to a party with jeans on their high-end sneakers extremely versatile and top-notch when it comes to quality and build and that’s what you pay for because they’re pretty expensive they cost you about 400 bucks and because of that of course I’m

gonna give you guys two other options that are just as nice go toe to toe with these sneakers no pun intended and cost you half the price first of all at the time of this video there’s a sale on this reporter for the court version and it’s 30%

off so in my opinion these are just as nice and actually they’re even cleaner than the achelous second and the option that I went with these here from axel are they got told they are just as clean and the quality is top-notch but the price is very different

costing you about 200 bucks honestly you can pick any of these and you’re gonna look amazing they’re all high-quality so if you want to spend 200 bucks instead of 400 by all means go for it next up we’re gonna go with the low top canvas sneaker and I

really like the Jack Pursell converse low top because it is the classic low top canvas sneaker it pretty much set the trend for every other low top sneaker out there and the only costs are about 65 bucks when I was a kid it was a sneaker that I’ve

always wanted you know I would see them in movies I lived in Brazil at the time and I would see them in American movies and I was like those are awesome I definitely want those when I grow up but at the end of the day it’s a low

top canvas sneaker and if you don’t want to spend 65 bucks you definitely don’t have to because there are other options out there all right if you go to H&M for example you can find them for like 25 bucks I don’t have the white one but I do

have the blue one and those are pretty good I mean they’re 25 bucks sneakers you get what you pay for so you can buy two of those you know it’s less less than half the price of the Congress but at the same time I will tell you right

now that the quality of the build is very different and you will definitely notice so if you can’t afford the 65 bucks I get it but if you can I would definitely say spend it like with a little extra money and go for the high quality converse next

up on today’s list I had a really hard time picking the sneaker number five but just because I like these two I’m gonna tell you which one I picked but I’m also gonna tell which one I was thinking about picking and you can decide alright so I picked

the old-school white vans vans are so dope I have them in black and I wear them all the time and they just go with so many different outfits plus they only cost 60 bucks right which makes them really accessible to everyone and the other sneaker that I had

in mind is another classic so it was really hard for me to pick between one of these two I picked the old school vans but maybe you like the Nike Air Force Ones and they might not be my style today but I’ll tell you I used to have

four or five of them in high school in all different color ways and it was all that I wore so even though it’s very different than the other speakers on today’s list I wanted to give you guys that option as well because I know that style you know

not everyone has the same taste in things so now you have six options instead of five I gave you guys a bonus one guys if you want daily fashion inspiration maybe you have a party coming up or back to school or an event that you need to get

dressed up for and you’re not sure of what to wear check out my Instagram at a luxe cost because I’m giving you guys daily inspiration not only on fashion but also hair style grooming travel in anything men’s lifestyle related and if you want to enter the giveaway sign

up to my free newsletter it’s gonna be listed in the description below you get free content and you went to the giveaway it’s a win-win so hopefully you guys really enjoy it thank you guys so much for watching subscribe

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