Christian Louboutin Real vs. Fake/Replica Guide (Men’s Shoes)

Christian Louboutin Real vs. Fake/Replica Guide (Men’s Shoes)

hi welcome back to my channel today I have kind of a different video and I never thought I would actually do one but it just so happens that a replica pair of Christian Louboutin shoes came into my possession or more just so that I felt like that to

make a video about it anyway if you’ve seen my video review of the real Christian Louboutin I own then you already know but for those of you who haven’t seen it or who haven’t seen my Instagram pictures then let you kind of judge for yourself I think it’s

going to become very evident so the first thing you’ll notice is that dust bags are different one is red with black lettering and the other one is white with red lettering and I’ll show some more details close-up a little later there are two different pairs of shoes so

it’s not exactly a fair match but there’s still some easy indicators that you’ll notice I think first just have to talk about the bottom the sole I mean that’s really what makes a Christian Louboutin Christian Louboutin and that’s a signature so if I turn these over so you

can already see obviously I’ve worn one of them but you can see at the place where it hasn’t been worn how shiny it is versus the one that has not been worn it’s very matte and if you look a little closer at the stamping you’ll see that this

one looks pretty clear whereas this one it’s kind of hard to see you can it’s very faint compared to this one again it’s extremely shiny as you can see and also you notice on the heel there’s five nails there’s none on the right pair there’s also a slight

kind of curved edge which you can really see from the glossiness you see this kind of edge that’s not really exist in here it’s kind of just a flat shape so that’s that’s the first thing the second is where the heel attaches to the base you can kind

of tell here what’s happening is it looks like some glue is seeping out and when you look at this pair there’s definitely no glue seeping out of these but actually nothing I look at it looks like there’s some glossiness in here let’s look at the other pair kind

of same thing it looks like there’s a little bit in there and just look at this here as well you can see this one also has quite a bit and you can hear it it’s kind of flaky so it turns out both of these have glue seeping out

of it and I just kind of actually noticed the heel is flat this the shape is flat whereas on this one you see how it’s curved there’s a curve to it so that’s kind of it for the exterior again because these are two different styles I can’t really

compare let’s say the tassels that these are patent leather whereas this one is just regular leather so that’s kind of hard to compare so the next thing I want to look at is the insole the position of the stamping is a little different they’re a little further apart

in the left shoe versus the right one and you’ll notice pretty quickly there’s kind of a pattern on this leather in the footbed there’s it’s perforated it has a jagged edge and there’s kind of a red lining to it comparing it to this one it’s pretty much just

flat there’s no red lining there’s no those teeth and perforations aren’t here and then if you look even closer at the actual stamping you’ll see the Christian is not super super crisp comparing it to this one you’ll see that the Christian is extremely crisp and well-defined and also

the stamping is the foil is much more smoother the leather of course is very smooth again comparing it to this this one on the right side the leather almost looks kind of like cardboard and you can kind of see the gold foiling is a little bit more rough

on this one then on the left here in terms of the word Paris on the bottom looks like the R on the right is closer to the eye than the one on this on the left side so I pretty much just said which ones real and which ones

fake and I mean I’m sure you probably could have guessing it from the first few seconds so obviously or not obviously it depends but this pair on the right is the fake or the replica well this pair on the left is a real one and I know for

sure P as I purchased it from the shop in Paris I did a little research and it seems like the red bags with the black lettering comes with the shoes that have leather soles like this and the back the white bags of red lettering come with sneakers I’m

not a hundred percent sure but that’s kind of what I’ve been seeing and just looking at the print so this is the red one again it’s very clear and well defined compared to the white one it’s actually pretty well is pretty well defined too but if you see

some of the close-up details you can see the the red kind of bleeding because this fabric is much more like felt whereas this one feels more like the actual cloth it’s much a tighter weave again just to recap you want to look at the the sole is number

one look at the shape of the heel make sure there’s no obviously glue sticking out there should be nails on the bottom of the heel and it should be very glossy the stamp should be very noticeable and then on the sole it should be a smooth leather it

should have that teeth cut out and the perforation as well as a red lining so that’s it if you have any other questions comment below if you like this video please give it a thumbs up and if you like more reviews or maybe more of these kind of

comparison be a good thing to subscribe so I know that you’re interested and I will continue to turn these out thank you again for watching and have a great day. Giay Nam Dep

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