Complete Ross Haul – Men’s Shoes Only! Lebron XII All Star + Harden!

Complete Ross Haul – Men’s Shoes Only! Lebron XII All Star + Harden!

alright guys Glen with hustler hacks here and now we’re going to go through the men’s shoes all the men’s shoes that I found at Ross this mega-haul let’s break them down and here is the first one Nike SB dunk highs these are the salt stain and I wish you guys could feel this shoe so you can see the ice bottoms right there there you go very nice zooming in you guys can see it and they’re released in 2014 I think there were 105 dollars show you guys on the detail the shoe and I picked these up for $49.

99 their size 11 and a half and looking how much they go for it looks like the low end about 90 bucks and the high end about 110 so pretty solid pickup right off the bat this is what you came to see LeBron twelve all-stars yes I got these at Ross you guys saw the in-store footage $59.

99 you can see it right there they came up for last year’s all-star game so looking at the low end what would these sell for any guesses the low end 150 bucks brand-new and the high end we’re looking at a hundred and seventy-five bucks never worn never used pretty awesome next nike high perch ace net collectors society now when these came out their 110 bucks they’re also the shoes at James Harden used to wear the colorway the net collector Society in case you didn’t know supposed to be um supposing for Final Four actually you know when um the teams they cut down the net so net collectors societies where they got that name you can see the NCS right there with the Nike swoosh and this is a pretty cool just all over colorway there we go and 49 and 99 at Ross is 12 and a size 8 and a half so you can see those they’re now the low-end we’re looking at 70 bucks to sell online the high-end around $100 so let’s see what we can get for each of these I really wish they had my size cuz I would have just kept these they’re pretty sweet LeBron 11 South Beach oh how far we’ve fallen LeBron 11 South Beach $59.

99 these were 200 bucks when they came out and I really like the colorway hints my channel color um you can see everything’s just brand new never worn it never used and I think these went down to I think like in stores like 90 bucks 110 bucks they did go down a lot at stores because honestly Nike just mass-produces LeBrons every single color way possible and that’s why they’re kind of losing value because there’s just so many of them um so looking on reselling these what would you guys say the low-end 90 bucks and the high-end talk about 110 so not too bad to actually sell them the LeBron Elevens are actually kind of tight to if you ever worn LeBron Elevens they are really tight so you got to get a little bit bigger shoe size when you get something like these but definitely a cool pickup nike hyper tres breast cancer awareness now these $42.

99 at Ross they are size 12 and you can see the bottoms bottoms are pretty cool colorway um all around and the low end I could probably southern for around 70 bucks to high-end pas 85 bucks the best thing to do probably wait until next October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month but you know we’ll see I really like these shoes too same thing James Harden signature shoe when he was at Nike different colorways we saw the net collector Society now the breast cancer awareness it’s almost like Nike saying like oh you know what James Harden so do you want to go to adidas we’re gonna throw all your Nikes down to Ross and what do you know Nike Zoom run the one James Harden and uh these are 110 when they came out I believe they’re kinda like an all-star colorway even though I know he didn’t wear these for the all-star game but um check out the inside which one’s a better one to look at I’m gonna show you guys three the hardened way you can see the beard right there um so these came out November 2014 and reselling them the low-end about 90 bucks not too bad and not too shabby and the high-end 129 bucks for these let’s see what I could get for them and this is the same thing really if I found like a lot of these in my size they’re just definitely keeps because they’re just so cheap see right there the J and H in the back pretty cool colorway Houston Rockets talked about random shoes the Nike Air Max 90 sneaker boots uh for winter you can see right there pretty cool looking $59.

99 for these and the price on them is pretty steady about 110 bucks online for these I don’t have the box or anything like that but they are pretty sweet and don’t really see the sneaker boot that often in these so it’s kind of cool to see definitely like the back consumer there and these are size what size are these these are size 9 we’re not done yet and this is what I really wanted to show you guys train like a Buckeye Ohio State nike diamond Quest zoom hyper cross so you can say that again 50 bucks for these $49.

99 at Ross check out the bottoms pretty sweet now this is why we go to Ross this is why we play this game low-end Paul they sell these for 150 bucks high-end $200 now I’m not mistaken they only made certain colleges and teams for these check out the inside sincere here only different colleges and teams that they had Florida State Oregon Alabama and then of course Ohio State so you don’t just go to any store just pick these up um really really weird that Ross would have these but sweet sweet shoe I think these are I think this takes the whole lot I think this one the LeBron all-stars of course but I really really like the shoe and last but not least let’s just throw these in there a Jeremy Scott mad ball or mad logo I should say Frankenstein these are insane only 20 to 99 how dare they oh these are pretty sweet I’m not gonna lie when I wear them no but they are pretty sweet they came out in 2014 the low end around 85 bucks for these but I’ve seen some sell as high as like 120 bucks definitely not something you see every day here we go Jeremy Scott mad logo still got the tags everything’s good to go and just all the detail on these and even the shoelaces just check out all the details on this shoe it is pretty pretty awesome so that is my complete Ross mega haul you guys saw all the shoes that I picked up for grade school and for men’s hope you guys liked the hall ask me any questions you want Hustler hacks one at gmail.

com you can also subscribe me here on youtube you can follow me on instagram every single day I am posting different things that I find so definitely follow me on Instagram my name is Glen with hustler hacks go out and get it.

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