DSW Store Review (men's shoes)

DSW Store Review (men's shoes)

alright guys so hopefully you guys can see me I think I blend in with the wall right now I don't know but in this video we're gonna do another store review it's I feel like it's been a while since I've done a store you and today's store we

are heading out to is D S & W let's go [Music] what's up guys welcome to today's video my name is Richard from assembled the style now if you're new here you just happen to pass on by welcome in this channel we cover everything from its lifestyle fashion

and just self-improvement overall so if you're interested in that make sure to hit that like hit that subscribe button sub guys you know I like how comment means the world to me that means you're enjoying my stuff so please hit that like button thank you now let's move

on to DSW now what is there to say about the aesthetic now to me d is w it's like it's like a good entry-level store if you're looking to buy you know dress shoes and you know i've gone away like i've purchased so many things at DSW like

got a very like at a steel price in fact one of my very first videos was doing a hundred dollar challenge at DSW and i got like two pairs of shoes i got a pair of Pumas and a pair of leather chelsea boots and an outfit together for

$100 I'm gonna leave that link up above it's a very old early video so excuse like the quality and that thing but yeah overall you could find some very you know respected brands at that store for example cole haan you can find Florsheim johnson and murphy and you

know for me i always stick to you know shopping at the clearance rack and they also have like their in-house store brand like austin gray and then they're like top-tier you know italian brand which is my Canty fearing teeny but keep in mind like these shoes as the

shoes that you're most likely gonna find in these stores they're not like they're not they're not like a good year well shoe or a blade construction you're not gonna find any of that alright so yeah like they have so much variety not just dress but also sneakers as

well like a you know the Dita's Pumas and then they also have like they're fast fashion shoes like Steve Madden and Aldo which I advise which is this completely stay away for those sugar shoes are just terrible quality but here is a shoe that I own this is

from their Austin their in-house brand called Ashton gray I had this shoe for almost like four years and these were like the workhorse these are like the beaters but these held up so well I mean if you know how to take care of your shoes I mean they

will hold up pretty damn well so I'm pretty impressed you know with what I pay for the I think I got these at the discount rack for like 40 bucks and for four years so that's pretty damn good and I've I've actually gotten a lot of compliments on

these on the broguing and all that a cap toe I really dig these I still world from time to time but yeah been a while since I went into a DFW so we're just gonna go straight into it head to DFW see if we could find anything but

yeah let's go right so we made it now before we head in I'm gonna go over a few nose shopping tips you know to get the most bang for your buck while you're shopping at this store now first piece of advice and this goes for every store that

you go to always start at the clearance rack guys you never know what you could find and you know the good thing about this store is you can combine Ocean all right so you could find them what it's saying like all right so yeah what was I think

all right okay yeah the clearance rack the good thing about this place is you can apply any coupon if there's a coupon or a sale going on you can also apply it to stuff on clearance so you're gonna get stuff at a very discounted price so always start

at the clearance rack and you know my next tip is sign up for the email list or if you just happen to be in the store going the website or download the app and see what kind of discounts they have or coupons that they're offering because you could

always combine them with the clearance stuff yeah those are my tips right now let's just head in and see what's up I was about to take my main camera in there but I was like there's no way that's gonna happen they're gonna kick me out yes as always

gotta beat the screen [Music] [Music] [Music] the fov has a lot of variety a lot of you know a lot of different shoes at very different price points for everyone and you know you could always like I said always go to the cleaner track and always check you

know the website for a coupon because you could seriously get a huge discount when you are out shopping on the clearance rack but for me you know I really didn't want to buy any other dress shoes because I think I'm already good in that department for now and

I'm also just looking for something of higher quality these days but I did manage to pick up one simple sneaker and it was these I tried them on in the store now these I never heard of this but I don't know if visit it says there the brand

name is Vince so I don't know if it's Vince Camuto or just Vince but either way I'm really digging these these are just like you know just a standard slip-on shoe but you know on the side they added you know this elastic thing similar to what you would

see on a Chelsea boot and then like the heel tab it's like raised I think it looks pretty cool you know a simple sneakers what for $38 original price was a hundred and twenty six dollars now I would never pay that price so luckily you know I got

him 50% off and then they gave me an extra 20 and then I took a coupon from the and the mobile app and they gave me $10 more ah so it came out to about $38 foot tax now I'll show you how these things look on feet right

now but anyways guys that was just a quick little shopping trick a little shopping review I think in my opinion if you're on a budget or if you're just getting into you know dress shoes and why not check out the SW go to the clearance rack you can

definitely find some stuff there doesn't hurt looking around guys but yeah hopefully this video was helpful and thank you guys for watching once again and let me know in the comments below what other store review you would like to see next and yeah I will see you guys

next video peace [Music]

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