End Of RV Living: Men’s Shoes A Safety Tool??! What a Joke !

End Of RV Living: Men’s Shoes A Safety Tool??! What a Joke !

Giay Nam Dep hi everybody I hope you had a great holiday weekend have a good video for you today but I got to show you this that’s taking coffee to a whole new level have you ever woke up and wondered what was wrong with you you knew you wanted to be

elsewhere that there was more to life than the life you were living more than the bills you were paying the job’ were keeping look to the horizon to the sunsets your answer is there put your feet on the ground and take a deep breath and step into the

nomadic lifestyle you will not regret it that’s better that other cup I swear I could build up my grandma arms oh my god anyway today I’m gonna destroy two lies the Carolyn’s RV is put out there for women to give them the idea that they might be safe

but before I get into that I want to shout out to Holly thank you sweetheart I appreciate it girl anyhow I want to thank all my subscribers you guys we reached 6,000 whoa oh hi I’m so honored that everybody feels that uh you know they enjoy my videos

enough again I’m humbly honored and I thank you and I thank you guys for all the comments on that mold video uh those of you who are buying those kits please keep all of us up David it updated and I will be using my own kit here in

a video so let’s get into two two of the Mythbusters today it’s coffee there we go okay when I was learning to be a nomad and I was watching all the glam Mads one of the things that Carolyn told all of us females as a way to detour

are just yeah detour perverts and undesirables was to buy pair men’s shoes an extra chair maybe even a man’s codes and put them outside your rig but don’t forget that cup or that can and rotate them make sure you rotate them every day oh what a joke you

guys okay I fell for this I went right to Goodwill bought me a size 12 pair tennis shoes and matching sandals size 12 and a men’s coat and I had an extra chair it didn’t take me but my first time out to realize that I had wasted my

money and I’m really tired of their trolls coming in here saying I got to do this put out a pair of men’s shoes it’s a total lie you guys and I’m gonna tell you why because I’m like Carolyn I was in a spot more than a day or

two now if you’re there a day or two I imagine throwing a pair of men’s shoes at your step might deter somebody but when you’re there and you’re parked by people for 10 14 days they know who comes in and out of that rig I told you guys

I even talked to my imaginary husband inside even told one guy that he was he was handicapped because I had my Walker my own Walker outside but you know what in the nine days he laughed he goes you know tell that imaginary husband of yours I said hi

because the fact is you guys anybody anybody at all that once the watches is gonna realize that you and only you are the only one at that rig every day every day they see you and you only you know what they’ll see those shoes moved and that can

moved and those chairs move but the fact is they only see you out there every day because one of the best things couples do is sit out together in the morning and set out together at night and as humans we’re spectators whether we like to admit it or

not so that’s a boy so if anybody tells you that it simply takes a pair of men’s shoes outside your rig for people to do tour often stalking you hunting you down or whatever it’s a bold-faced lie I’m just saying and with that one being said I mean

you guys I wasted my money don’t waste your money on men’s shoes samples and a coat it’s a joke it’s a joke you know what glam mats don’t stay in a spot Hornaday or two it would work for our glam mat but it’s not gonna work for real

no man I hope that you guys use this knowledge and understand that it’s not a safety measure the next thing who in the world out there and I’m just saying would drink water from a thirty-year-old freshwater tank I don’t care how much plates you put down it and

by the way bleach ruins the seals so be careful using bleach in your water tanks guys need any of them it’ll ruin your rubber seals but with that being said who out there would dare to drink water out of a 30 year old freshwater cake not knowing any

of the owners except for the one you bought it from not this girl who out there would take one of those little beretta I think that’s what they’re called filters that you stick on your house faucet to clean that tank so you could drink it not this girl

and who in the world would believe that that filter that you got on your sink pulling water out of that fresh tank that’s 30 years old and you’re gonna put it in a Beretta picture because it’s double filtered is a joke it’s a joke you guys don’t drink

that water do not drink that water I have been told horror stories about water takes the filters that we use in our house don’t even filter city water read up on it read up on a beretta or a pier or whatever they’re called filter and you would not

drink that water that would explain why her hair is gray these two subjects really great my but when you guys are out boondocking don’t ever ever ever ever drink the water out of your cake one of your cost is gonna be water drinking water cooking water you can’t

even cook with the water out of your tank I wouldn’t chance it just saying I didn’t like showering in it because the fact is we don’t know how those people maintain that fresh water take I mean I had to replace the black water tank on my first rig

because they couldn’t even maintain that and how hard is that you throw some chemicals in it the way you go so god only knows on older rigs I wouldn’t trust of one year old rig have you guys ever seen water sit somewhere it gets slimy oh the side

of it no she hates me seriously that’s gross so anyway I want you guys to know that you will be including water in your budget do not go out and buy men’s shoes if you are a lone female it doesn’t detour anything or anybody unless you’re there for

only a day or two and then I’m not even sure it would be tore anybody because again human nature tells us that if you’re a couple you’re gonna see somebody out there with that other person at some time and after nine 10 12 14 days and they’ve never

seen another person trust me they’re gonna know the truth anyway I hope this video was an eye-opener I’m telling you guys her trolls came in and said it again I was like I’m over it I am over the fake shoe stuff it doesn’t work it’s a joke it’s

a waste of money and you guys buy bottled water don’t drink or cook with the stuff that comes out of your tank I would be leery of a brand new one because of the oils and stuff when you buy a new coffee pot whether you got to do

you’ve got to wash it with soap water because it’s plastic to see hope you guys have a great day go do something good for yourself today and enjoy the day my goodness it’s September already right you know the older you get the faster the time flies have a

great day remember to love yourself I’ll see you next time you

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