How STYLISH Men Wear Sneakers | Build your own Sneaker Collection in India | BeerBiceps Men’s Style

How STYLISH Men Wear Sneakers | Build your own Sneaker Collection in India | BeerBiceps Men’s Style

[Giay Nam Dep] today’s videos watch sneakers before we get to talking about the tips that every single man should know no two golden rules these are not sneakers these are gym shoes you only wear them in the gym let’s get rid of these the second thing you’ve got to know

the second thing you’ve got to know is that when it comes to American culture sneakers are overhyped overpriced and just too flashy I love sneakers you don’t ever play yourself okay I’ll be back baby that’s only in the USA that’s their definition of sneakers throughout the rest of

the world sneakers are more elegant more stylish more budget-friendly keeping those aspects in mind I’m gonna be giving your sneaker dips hold on keeping those aspects in mind I’m gonna be talking in detail about sneaker shoes sneak or tips my own sneaker collection and even outfit suggestions when

it comes to wearing sneakers in today’s video my top 5 sneaker suggestions for every single man firstly let’s talk about what dog sneakers anyways sneakers in the USA are shoes the double of both as sports shoes or basketball shoes and as everyday street wear shoes they also have

these kind of sneakers called skate shoes and throughout the rest of the world when you’re talking about sneakers people usually think of these skate shoes especially in India you’ve also got to know that currently what’s trending in the world are these athleisure style shoes that trend hasn’t reached

India yet but it will reach India in the next one or two years these shoes are cross between your gym shoes with a really thick sole near the heel and formal colored shoes so the colors will always be Browns pinks whites blacks very formal elegant colors but the

shape of the shoe will be like a gym shoe so if you choose to wear those kind of sneakers for a party or if you’re going clubbing some people might consider you stylish but most people will ask you look for Jim say I are broke so let’s not

talk about trends that come and go instead let’s talk about trends here to stay forever we’re talking about skate shoes which are also referred to as low top sneakers in India what the hell is a low top understand that you need to understand sneaker car to Spoils point

number two we’re talking about cuts of sneakers lot of sneakers like this and just under your ankle high-top sneakers like this and above your ankle these actually mid top shoes so you can still wear them in India but if you’re talking about high-top shoes like they wear in

the US I don’t believe that those can be worn in India they’re too bulky too flashy they draw too much attention to our feet and most of us are under six feet of height if you’re over six feet go for high-top shoes if you feel like you could

pull off height of shoes while still being a shorter rope very high top shoes be my guest but personally keeping style and mind keeping elegance in mind keep it simple keep it low tops these are the shoes I recommend I always dress according to my wardrobe not according

to my sneakers tip number three save money by understanding sneaker culture in USA again and sneaker culture all over the rest of the world in the USA it’s all about Adidas transmits and Air Jordans and Yeezy is very expensive sneakers through the rest of the world no one

really cares about how expensive your Footwear is to be honest its foot way it’s gonna get dirty so instead of buying very expensive shoes that are gonna get spoiled go for cheaper more practical options that is go with your outfit I genuinely believe that your sneakers only complement

the rest of your outfit and that’s why these are my color recommendations two golden rules when you’re buying shoes firstly never spend less than twelve hundred rupees on a shoe and never spend more than three K rupees on a shoe why do I say that because lesser than

1200 rupees you’re gonna get a very bad quality shoe and above 3000 rupees you’re just spending a lot of money so instead shop in that range and also remember your first pair of shoes in any kind of shoe type should be the color black so black is the

color you want to give preference to because it goes with any outfit but the second color you wanna give priority to is the very trendy white again these will go with absolutely any outfit and the charm of white snake is that all the little elements is a plain

white is that some kind of a black trim is there color trim all that will kind of complement your outfit but white sneakers take care of them like they’re your babies once you’ve got your black and white sneakers it’s time to consider navy blue and gray again too

versatile colors and this especially applies the guys who have a lot of blue outfits or a lot of grey outfits in their wardrobe only buy sneakers that will go well with the rest of your clothes and that’s why the fourth layer is a very elegant especially useful that

those guys who like wearing OD colors like greens or Browns brown sneakers will go very well with the rest of your wardrobe also I highly recommend these because again just like a black they’re very versatile so personally I have both blue and brown because I just have a

lot of clothes next step we’re talking about the basics of sneaker care three easy points firstly whenever you’ve come home if you won’t skip shoes or Indian sneakers like this wipe them down a little bit at least the white part of the shoe wipe it down if you

let that dust and dirt remain on the shoe for a while it might get as we call it jammed on the shoe it might become a permanent mark just wipe it down with a slightly wet cloth rule number two if you are gonna wear white shoes or shoes

with white trim like this don’t wear it outside in dusty areas wear boots or chuckles if you’re going to be walking around a lot not sneakers sneakers are meant for more indoor locations or college and if you are gonna wear your sneakers to college don’t get them dirty

third and final point very important never wear your sneakers or no fuss with our loafer socks spoil wish you these are loafer socks find yourself a pair and only wear sneakers with these if you don’t the inside is gonna get soiled as hem fifth and final rule how

do you design your sneaker themed outfits the golden rules first rule never wear eye catching sneakers sneakers are just meant to complement your outspread just like in the case of dirty high-top sneakers second rule if you are wearing sneakers remember that it’s a very casual piece of dressing

so one part of your outfit should be casual so you should only wear sneakers if you’re wearing a t-shirt or a polo or jeans or some kind of shorts because all those are casual elements you can wear sneakers with something like shorts but then you need to pair

the shirt with say a pair of jeans or a pair of shorts which are once again casual element you need that casual presence in your outfit and the third and final rule if you’re wearing black or white sneakers it’ll go with virtually any outfit but if you’re wearing

colored sneakers try matching the sneakers to some part of the outfit the color doesn’t have to match exactly but if you’re wearing say a light blue shirt you can wear dark blue sneakers just remember that either your shorts or your short slash t-shirt slash polos should match with

your sneakers keeping these rules in mind these are my four outfit suggestions first obviously we got the regular t-shirt or polo t-shirt paired with jeans and sneakers perfect for lunch dates perfect for casual occasions where you want to look a little bit cooler than your friends second a

very simple pair of sneakers with your fee shirts for your shorts this is also a perfect occasion to wear colored sneakers and match it to a part of your outfit the third look is my personal favorite it’s the shirts shorts and sneakers look very good for one of

those Sunday brunches or anyplace where you kind of wanna try a slightly formal but with an overall casual tone very elegant if you can pull it off but the fourth and final look takes the cake in my opinion it’s basically a bomba jacket paired up with a plain

t-shirt white black or grey paired with jeans or chinos paired with sneakers pair your sneakers with your jacket or your plain t-shirt or even your pants just match it to some part of your outfit and you look like a complete rockstar either way guys that was the video

for today if you liked the video make sure you give it a thumbs up share it with your friends and as usual subscribe to be your biceps if you want to know more about other kinds of shoes I’d highly recommend you check out our shoes 101 video if

you want more videos on mens style check out the men’s style playlist on beer biceps and until next time guys from run beer and the team we see you late [Music]

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