How To Combine Men's Socks, Shoes & Pants – Compliments Guaranteed

How To Combine Men's Socks, Shoes & Pants – Compliments Guaranteed

Welcome back to the Gentleman's Gazette! In today's video, we discuss dress socks andhow you combine them with shoes and pants, so you'll look dapper and stand out from thecrowd.

After we filmed our in-depth dress sock guidewhich by the way, you can get to here.

People asked us "Well, how do I combine sockswith black pants and brown shoes?" You know, there are lots of basic rules outthere, and we'll go through them and afterwards we'll show you some advanced ways to pairsocks with shoes and trousers.

Basic sock rule #1: Never wear white tennissocks unless you're at the gym or involved in any other kind of physical activity.

No matter how casual, white socks are onlygood with shorts and never with long pants or slacks.

Basic sock rule #2: get a quality pair ofover the calf socks because they will stay up and not slide down and not expose yourhairy calves.

If you've worn short socks all your life, switching over to over the calf may seem like an alienating or daring task but once you'veworn them and earned your first compliment, trust me! You'll want to wear them all the time.

Basic sock rule #3: Match your socks to thepants you wear, not to the shoes.

Now, while that sounds like a very simplerule, it's easier said than done.

Most men out there either have black, navy, or charcoal socks.

Unfortunately, that shade hardly ever exactlymatches your pants.

For example, look at this brown spectatorshoes with brown socks and brown pants.

Now, if you're close in color to the pantsbut they're just in a different shad, and it looks terrible.

For that reason, solid colored socks actuallypair best with patterned pants such as houndstooth or glen checks or stripes.

If you wear a lot of solid pants, you canstill wear solid socks, just make sure to pick a color that is quite contrasting sooverall, it looks quite appealing.

For example, look at this combination of khakiswith dark green socks and brown shoes, looks great, doesn't it? Now that we got the basics of the shoe, sock, and pant combinations covered, let's talk about advanced ways to come up with differentstyles.

First, let's talk about solid pants.

Most men have them and the best kind of sockto wear with them, in my opinion, is a two-tone sock like this.

The advantage of having two colors is thatit basically creates a third in the middle and that's even more like a gradient, so itworks with all kinds of blue pants, and navy pants, and it will always look good.

My first pair of two-tone socks was one withblue and red.

I was simply stunned by the different combinationsthat were available to me once I wore them.

To show you the power and the versatilityof one single two-tone sock, let's take a closer look at this charcoal and orange onefrom Fort Belvedere.

First of all, I can wear it with brown becausethe third tone between charcoal and orange is a kind of brown.

Here, I'm wearing them with suit slacks inmid-brown with a split toe derby shoe, and I can also have them with spectators.

Looks great, doesn't it? Because the sock is charcoal, it works withall kinds of gray, including charcoal or light gray because again, the gradient of orangemakes it work with all shades.

In this picture, I'm wearing charcoal slackswith black shoes; It's a very business appropriate combination, and you could easily pull itoff at the office.

Alternatively, you can take the same slacksand the socks and pair them with an olive green pair of shoes for a more casual lookin a more relaxed office environment or on a Friday happy hour.

See how the same pair of socks works withkhaki pants or off-white pants and spectators.

It still looks good.

Now, you can also pair them with black pantsor navy pants, and tan shoes just like here.

That sock also works well with olive greensuch as these green corduroys with a sand chukka boot or a brown monk strap.

As you can see, this single pair of socksis so versatile that it can be literally worn with 2/3 or more of your entire wardrobe.

Now, let's look at it the other way around.

Let's assume you have a navy pair of pants, and you want to combine it with different socks to create a different look.

The advantage is that you can have just oneor two quality suits to create different looking outfits.

With socks, they're much less expensive thanan entire suit.

For example, you can combine blue and redsocks or burgundy and red which is a little more subdued with a combination of oxbloodshoes and navy pants.

For a slightly different look, you can donavy and yellow striped socks with black shoes, or olive green ones if you want.

As you know, the mix of yellow and blue cancreate this green and so, you can use an olive green shoe that works just fine even thoughthere's no green in the sock or in the pants.

If you are in a traditional office environmentand you want to be less bold, go with a navy and blue striped, shadow stripe sock becauseit literally works with any kind of blue or navy.

It's different enough to be unique and standout in a very subtle way, but it's perfectly office appropriate even in traditional whitecollar environments.

The blue and navy shadow striped socks fromFort Belvedere work well with navy, brown, and black.

For example, if you want to spice up the lookof your navy pants, you can go with red, or you can have blue and yellow, or maybe gowith light gray and light blue.

For example, with a classic black Oxford, it makes for an unusual business outfit.

On the other hand, you can use the same pairof socks and pants and pair them with a brown pair of double monks for a more contemporarylook.

Or you can pair them with a derby shoe tomake for a very versatile travel outfit.

Of course, you can also use a pair of boldroyal blue socks with a clock pattern to make a bold statement.

Again, if you have enough contrast here, tomake it not boring and not too close.

No matter what pants or shoes you have inyour wardrobe, having a range of different socks helps you to really create a numberof different outfits and it's much less expensive than buying either shoes, suits, or pants.

The opportunity of creating different outfitsjust by changing your socks is endless.

Please head over to our guide where we showyou a lot more combinations.

All the socks you saw here are from Fort Belvedere;I designed them.

On top of working really well with solid pants, those shadow stripe socks also work supremely well with patterned pants.

The only time it doesn't work is when youhave a striped suit that has about the same width as the socks because then it looks confusing.

If you have a fine stripe, a white flannelchalk stripe, a glen check, a houndstooth, tweed, or any other classic pattern, the shadowstripe socks will work.

Ideally, you pick one color that's slightlysimilar and one that's contrasting.

On top of that, you can also decide to matchyour socks to a different accessory such as your pocket square, your boutonniere, or yourtie.

For example, the blue and red socks wouldwork really well with the navy and red knit tie.

Sometimes, people also pair their sock colorto the lining color of their suit which can also look quite stunning.

Another advantage of two-tone socks is thatyou can actually match the color mainly with the shoes rather than the pants.

For example, look at this combination of burgundyderby shoes with a burgundy and stone colored stripe shadow striped socks from Fort Belvederepaired with khakis.

Looks awesome, doesn't it? Of course, the colors are not exactly thesame, but you have that third undertone that ties everything together.

All these socks you saw here are from FortBelvedere, I designed them, I created the color combinations, and you can find themhere.


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