How to look after fine men's shoes

How to look after fine men's shoes

my name's Simon Crompton founder of permanent style in this video series we're looking how to maintain and look after your clothes today we'll be discussing shoe care and general maintenance at British shoemaker Edward green so there are many advantages to investing in a really high-end great men's leather

shoe there's the fact that the quality of the upper and the soul and the insole in fact will mean that the shoe adapts to your foot over time becomes more comfortable there's the fact that you can polish it really well and get a really high shine and in

fact that polish will become more personal to you depending on the methods you use the polishes you use etc and of course there's the fact that you can repair it and we saw it over time which means it lasts a lot longer but having this kind of high-end

shoe does require a little bit of care and attention with it to get the most out of that shoe so today we're going to run through some of this the basics of shoe care and shoe maintenance so you know how to get the most out of them firstly

this may sound like a simple point but don't wear one pair of shoes every day we lose a lot of water through our feet and leather loses a lot of its integrity when it's wet wearing shoes that haven't fully dried out will increase the speed that lining and

insoles wear down for instance so rotate your shoes wearing them every other day at most you'll make a big difference to how long they last secondly use shoe trees shoe trees have wooden forms that go into your shoes offering the shape of the last as she was made

on putting them in at the end of the day helps the shoe dry out and helps the upper the top of the shoe retain its shape one of the ways leather shoes often fail in the long term is if the upper becomes wrinkled dries out and cracks using

shoe trees and applying shoe cream regularly will prevent this however shoe tree used to most their work and the day or two after they've been worn so if you can't afford one if every pair of shoes you own don't worry you can just put them in the ones

you've most recently worn thirdly brush your shoes this is part of a general routine that is often worth doing at the end of the day once you've removed your shoes and put in their trees brushing down leather shoes remove scuffs and dirt that means they don't need to

be polishes often to get the same high polish use a dark brush for dark shoes and a light brush for light ones this is to avoid dark polish getting onto a light shoe brush lightly but fast judge the speed and the pressure by whether the scuff marks come

off on suede shoes brushing is almost as effective as polishing on leather brushing the NAP the hair light texture in different directions will get rid of scuffs and bring back the lustre of the suede cleaning the welt using a small welt brush also removes any gunk or dirt

around the edge of the shoe and applying wax there helps make them all waterproof fourthly how do you store your shoes direct sunlight can change the color of leather sometimes this can be a nice look a vintage like fading that you sometimes see on shoes in old shop

windows but most the time you want to keep them out of the Sun you also want to avoid dust and this can dry out the leather so store them on a shelf in a wardrobe or in a box in a box you have a piece of cloth between

the shoes to stop them rubbing together and taking the polish off lastly send your shoes for resoling don't wait until there's an actual hole in the sole going through to the leather below instead when you see cracks or the middle of a sole feels much softer than the

rest take the shoes to the shop you bought them from or a good cobbler to repair them also watch out for the rubber heel or toe wearing down so far that they begin to erode the layer of leather above them for more practical information and reviews of artisans

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