How To Prevent Creases? Dress Shoes For Men | Kirby Allison

How To Prevent Creases? Dress Shoes For Men | Kirby Allison

Hi, I'm Kirby Allison and we love to helpthe well-dressed take care of their wardrobes.

In today's video, I'm gonnashow you what steps and what products to use in order to prevent your dress shoesfrom creasing.

We know that you work hard to keep your shoes looking great andwe're here to help you maintain them and keep them looking as new as possible foras long as possible.

If you have any questions or comments during this videoplease ask them in the comment section below I enjoy getting back to as many ofthose questions as I possibly can.

The only two products that you really needto prevent creasing on your shoes are proper shoe trees and a shoehorn and I'mgoing to discuss in this video why each of these are important.

Here we have apair of our Hanger Project ULTRA shoe trees.

Shoe trees are probably the mostimportant product to have in order to prevent creasing — they maintain the shapeof your shoe after every wear and absorb moisture.

Although it is totallynatural for shoes to develop creasing across the vamp where the shoe flexes, storing your shoes with a proper pair of shoe trees will help minimize thosecreases by stretching the shoe back flat and pulling those creases out of theleather.

So, although you'll still have crease marks they'll be significantlysmaller than if you store your shoes without shoe trees.

Here at the hangerproject we're proud to have the largest and most comprehensive collection ofluxury shoe trees available anywhere on the internet.

Now, starting from our entrymodel cedar shoe tree that retails for about $30 to $35 dollars, allthe way up to some luxury shoe trees that we have made specifically for usout of Northampton which is the center of the English shoe making industry.

Shoe trees help prevent creasing across the vamp but shoe horns help preventcreasing at the heel.

Using a shoehorn is the second most important thing that youcan do to keep your shoes looking great and to prevent unsightly creases.

Here wehave three shoe horns, I have our Mort travel shoe horn that we have made byhand in England from Abbey Horn this is made from a beautiful ox horn and istotally natural, next we have a 7-inch shoe horn that is great if you want a little bit longer of a shoehorn, and lastly wehave our 24-inch a full-length shoe horn that is exceptional for someone thatdoesn't want to have to bend over or sit down to put their shoes on.

Shoe hornsare essential because they prevent damage to the back of your dress shoeswhenever you're putting your shoes on.

This is even more important for peoplewho own bespoke shoes, such as myself, since bespoke shoes fit tight there'sreally no way that you can put on a pair of bespoke shoes without a shoehorn thatdoesn't actually push down the back of the heel.

Now the more times you do that, the more times you put on a shoe without a shoehorn, ultimately you're going tocollapse all the structure in the heel itself and you're gonna see unsightlycreasing begin to develop across the back of the shoe.

For this reason, Ialways recommend keeping shoe horns around you, I have several, I have multiplesin my closet just in case one of my children take one to go play with.

I'vealways got to back ups in my closet, I actually have a two shoe horns that Ikeep in my briefcase and I always have an extra shoehorn in my luggage.

Now, ifyou ever find yourself without a shoehorn there's no excuse not to useone — we have a video exactly on this topic, that is a Shoehorn Hacks: Thingsthat you can use in lieu of a shoehorn.

If you find yourself without one, checkout that video it'll absolutely save you if you ever find yourself without ashoehorn.

With proper shoe trees and shoe hornsit's very easy to minimize or even prevent creasing from forming acrossyour leather dress shoes.

All of these products can be found on HangerProject.


We're proud to have the largest and most comprehensive collection of Saphirshoe polish and other luxury shoe care accessories in the world.

Watch our Howto Use a Shoehorn video to learn how to properly use a shoehorn without creasingyour shoes.

In today's video I'm wearing one of my bespoke Chris Despos suits, this is a navy or blue fresco suit with patch pockets.

I'm wearing a bespokeCharvet shirt of course in my trademark white, along with one of our SovereignGrade Regimental Rep ties.

Of course, like all my suits, these have tab trouserswhich I really enjoy for just the simplicity and the elegance — the trousersare uncuffed.

And I have a pair of our small dotPalatino socks that beautifully match this suit and then today I'm wearing apair of my Saint Crispin's Cap Toe Oxfords, that are dark brown.

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I'm Kirby Allisonand we love to help the well-dressed take care of their wardrobes.

Thanks forjoining us!.

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