I needed a miracle… "Man Shoes" Tom Watson 1/2

I needed a miracle… "Man Shoes" Tom Watson 1/2

Moira Tom Watson is my guest he has written a book and here it is called man shoes Giay Nam Dep – Website: https://giaynamdep.net the journey to becoming a better man husband and father it seems to me Tom that it’s really remarkable talk about miracles were sitting here talking about your book I mean because you were on your way to becoming a statistic how is it that a child can be in 13 foster homes before he’s five years of age how does that happen well unfortunately you know Jim it happens more often than we think there’s 17, 000 foster kids put into the foster system here in Canada every year so and most of those kids will go through more more foster homes in their foster career than I went through I was very I was actually very fortunate now you weren’t orphaned but you you were the child of absent or even neglectful parents yeah yeah my mother and father really didn’t stop partying and so they would they would just abandon me with my actual my natural aunt for weeks at a time and then come and pick me up and go off in party again and so it was just a very unstable situation that finally I had to be taken out of where I I probably wouldn’t have made it now thirteen foster homes by the time you’re five at what point in that five years did you become aware of the fact that you were being shunted around oh you know I think you get to 34 years of age I got into a very abusive foster home and one that was really tortured me and and so at that point in your life you know that you’re you as a child you you know that you’re not loved you’re not wanted you know when you describe that torture in your book I mean I was horrified at what you went through I mean it’s got to be traumatic you know chasing you around the house hitting you well I don’t wanna get into all the stuff that you endured but I mean it’s just just horrible that’s going to have a lasting impact on a kid yeah you know just the other day I was saying to my wife one of the things that would happen is I was expected at three years of age to actually wash the dishes and if I got water on the counter or on the floor I would I’d get tortured and even to this day just the other you know on the weekend I I said to my wife I have this bad habit if I see any water on the counter I still have to go and wipe it up so it’s lasting stuff that only Jesus can help you through and and I’ve prayed for many years for peace and in those areas no by God’s grace you’re introduced to the Watson family now your family name was not Watson it was plump dumpling right well a remarkable couple tell me about them well it isn’t a remarkable story the Watsons were an elderly couple when they took me in heading into their 60s a retired pastor watch watch that what’s up into the sixties elder the other person anyway carry on he was a retired pastor who retired pastor and and I ended up on their doorstep with a Social Services worker and really was my last opportunity that week with the social worker had been told you have to find this boy at home or he’s going to go into a group home and and the Watsons name popped up on his list and he dropped me off at this house and had a chat with them and for some reason at 60 years of age when their kids were grown and they were heading into the retirement they they decided that the Lord was calling them to take in this five-year-old disturbed little boy and and they did and I lived with him for 13 years in their own in their home and and they really became my mother and father I I to this day think of them as my parents I took their name when I was 22 and never did get adopted my mother my birth mother would never let them adopt me she would always fight them in court over that so I was never adopted but really was treated just like one of their own children for the for the of their lives oh you you were not exactly a model child initially now they showed a lot of patients that wisdom a lot of wisdom a lot of patience and and I needed I needed a miracle and what God gave me was not just one stay-at-home parent but to stay at home parents who had lived a life who had raised their own children who had a lot of knowledge a lot of grace and mr.

Watson had big Irish fingers that could find their way to the back end of my but he always said to me that the fastest way to a disobedient young boys brain is through his butt and I found I found that worked pretty well on several occasions just this was this was different from any physical abuse you with suffered previously he was done in life it was a lie and you would know it as a kid yeah yeah he was done in love and and really never never once did he you know out of anger give me a SWAT he always used to tell me this is gonna hurt me more than it hurts you and I believe it did yeah how was your adjustment once you got into school now you’re part of the Watson family had they had enough influence on you at that point that you’re able to integrate into the school situation or was it tough for a 440 for a while for years yeah i was i was so far behind when i was the only child in spirit river history to fail kindergarten no really like so I’m doing I didn’t know ABCs I didn’t know one two threes I couldn’t sit in a desk I I was I was cutting hair off of the girl in front of me you know I I was fighting every day in the playground several times a day I spent more time in the principal’s office for years than any child they in fact they had a seat in the principal’s office with my name on it it was I was an amazing amazing leadest disturbed child what the things begin to turn around I think I you know I progression began early on but there’s such a long ways to go such a big gap between what’s normal and acceptable and where I was at but grade 5 was my breakout year I had a teacher mrs.

Sidorov who got boys she you know adda ADHD all those acronyms weren’t around at that time but she knew that for sure I was probably a DD ADHD and any other acronym you could give us and and mom and dad wats and worked really well with her and for the first time that year I actually did I caught up in school I’d always done grade 12 grade 2 3 grade 3 4 I was always on a modified program and by the end of grade 5 for the first time I went into grade 6 doing grade 6 work and actually was somewhat normal on the playground and able to associate with others and so that was really my big breakout year I think and what what about you and yourself you you know Tom Watson in his view of himself how did you see yourself in those early days and then was their development there as well in terms of yourself you and your self-concept well I was angry I was just an angry little boy I didn’t know I don’t really know if I understood how angry I was because I’d always been angry I think when you go through what I I went through you learn to rely on yourself and you can only trust yourself and everybody else is the enemy and even the Watsons were the enemy it took me a long time to tell them i love them but what i learned as I went along in school and as the years went by was that I was angry and that there was a lot of hurt and a lot of frustration and a lot of not knowing who I was and where I came from and why didn’t people love me and all of this stuff but mr.

Watson and mrs watson of course we’re strong strong Christians and they spoke into my into my life and they taught me what family ment and they brought mentors in from the community they knew that they weren’t going to be able to be everything to me and they brought really strong mentors coaches and teachers into my lives family family members from other families in the community who they trusted and they built into my life and and also by the way they started to talk to me about the love of Jesus.

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