Louis Vuitton Unboxing Hockenheim Men Shoes

Louis Vuitton Unboxing Hockenheim Men Shoes

[Giay Nam Dep – Website: https://giaynamdep.net] welcome back to my channel this is Christian Christian Cabello channel I was wanting to share an item that I picked up over the weekend I have not unboxed it this is a unboxing I went there this weekend to kind of reserve some items from the champion brothers

collection I have the you know the browser wallet the tags few items I have on a reservation and also I have the new iPhone case for my wife on reservation you have to for that because it’s it’s a limited about limited quantity beam being produced there wanting to

get you to purchase it in advance to kind of guarantee or put you hiring the list and for those of you interested I have the item number and the costs I’m not sure that would feel if you can see it since it’s backwards but the other number is

Mary six four four eight three it’s called I TR dot iPhone 7 plus monogram so the one she chose was the monogram the original monogram with the black leather trimming and with the gold hardware and it retails for twelve fifty so it’s supposed to be released you know

this month I believe for the first week of February so we went ahead and put one on reserve depending on how the front of the case is that’s what’s going to be the actual outcome of we followed through we go through on E on the I’m sorry I

keep getting messages coming through my messenger and then kids see him on top of my phones I’m recording from my phone because I took a late lunch today I’m gonna tell me during my lunch break but anyway that’s gonna determine whether we what my wife’s gonna want it

or not because if it doesn’t not have at least a ram or the lip around the phone that protects a bit Falls from cracking and that’s gonna kind of determine whether she’s a bit on that but we went ahead and reserved it because before when you limit edition

item came out you would contact your essay that you normally buy from they would put your name on the list and that’s how you were able to get the items that you were interested in for now because some of these items are like limited quantity or there’s a

high demand for them you kind of want they’re changing things where they’re actually take you know information your payment upfront to kind of guarantee that slot but who knows I don’t know why they changed things only before they would say it would mean I guarantee but they were

always in love call you and say hey we got that just like for the felici out they told me the same thing same thing that I was my guarantee no it’s gonna get one and I’m hitting to matter of fact one for my wife and a one that

I sold because I’m a personal shopper for my clients so anyway moving on going to show you up I went over the weekend to do that to reserve some items for myself and the phone and then I had to let on solve the issues and I had to

pick them up I didn’t know they were coming out I wear I my preference is the Gucci horse bit drivers because they’re more comfortably however I do own a little more than two pair of Louboutin Hakan him shoes which I like the drivers also their loafers are slip

ons has a black ones black blue khaki so about prepare but the black ones that I own they have a dummy year being imprint on them this you could say it’s like a little most effect infinity imprint those will have another stretch after a while even after years

of have him for about three years and there you know use them all the time but they still haven’t stretched the way I would want them to and I have another brown blue hair there are all leather there like a pebble leather and those stretch and they are

comfortable now as I use them as I use them more they’re more comfortable so I was just there the store reserving that I was going to the men’s shoe sells gonna I ordered some red Rockingham shoes and I ordered the red ones no order another pair of black

and then I wanted some trainers which are like sneakers I really don’t wear it sneakers but I saw some sneakers that I wanted so anyway just stop babbling on go ahead here’s the box new bank and here’s the bag I’m sorry it’s a box on the inside chose

like this with the little new ribbon tied to it just click on these boxes under my favorite car mats okay so it’s one of these are you pull this way they are shoes but I just had to share with you all my favorite colors yellow that’s why I

had to get these I had to had to get them because this is that things a summer spring color and you know it’s funny because I didn’t see anything in the catalog because I tend to go contact matters a show sent me an email of a PDF file

where offered new things come out every season or at least the season and rents and I did not see these anywhere they didn’t even mention about choose other than the ones that are in a spring collection on the runway those kind of spatial shoes so when I saw

these I said I have to get them and with a honking ham and there’s the pebbled leather as you can see there and it’s a yellow color I didn’t see what the receipts as far as better color woman always want to know what the color doesn’t give me

it just gives me the item number which is one Apple to David Lydia Apple the description does it taste just as hot in him and there’s not the original shoe box I wish they would give you the original shoe box plus that they don’t they say made in

Italy and here’s a funny thing and the dominator being print or the infinity print that I have the shoes that I wear I wear size 10 and a half my normal USA shiny features are silver hardware there and it has a stitching going all the way around and

this is what the drivers is I kinda hate that they went to those new banks with the blue I mean I’ll get me wrong they’re really nice clothes my favorite colors yellows misses closer close to yellow but I really like the old about this anyway can you always

get what we want right so again it has a really nice chaps here point across and here’s the silver hardware so just and then we’re gonna take off the ones that I have to be wine I’m gonna see what size these are cuz seen either different so again

these are kind of I think they’re a year old or two of these that season the only thing I don’t like about no these are no bit different is this let me show you this see this from the way this is on your two year old shoe I

don’t wear them often for me to say I wear them everyday I don’t so anyway but again it’s the same material as this and this isn’t a blue color and again with the silver hardware and see these are a size it’s him so I could have stand stead

to wear size 9 and a half but I wasn’t thinking at the time so I just got those pointy had him and I mean I am ordering another group but isn’t that unfortunately not in the this pebble of material so it was that just want to share with

you Dan about the cell phone I have some other things that I won’t live in box that I have at home I could not find it and I hope I find it and I’m just going to go ahead and when I do find it I’ll go ahead and

unbox it and upload the video and thank you for watching my videos go ahead and share them like them comment below if you have any questions or there’s a particular item that you’re looking to look at do a review over and I have quite a bit of items

that I do we have in consignment that I can make shake pull and kind of do a review for them so anyway so just again thank you for watching my channel [Music]

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