Men's Fashion Advice Shoes – Men's Dress Shoes

Men's Fashion Advice Shoes – Men's Dress Shoes

hi and welcome to the segment today we're going to be talking about shoes now men shoes exclusively obviously we don't sell women's but we do very well with men's shoes so let's talk about shoes what makes a shoe a great value now there are different constructions let's talk

about a basic shoe like Stacy Adams these typically would be made in somewhere like China and often they will have a synthetic soul leather upper and you know an inferior leather lining inside so these shoes would retail anywhere between 45 and 90 dollars and you know good for

the price but they're not an outstanding shoe what makes them a good shoe is the fact that they look nice they are somewhat comfortable but when you get into the real details of this the shank in you know between the arch and the heel these shoes are okay

they're not the best by any means and then you might take a step up towards something like johnston murphy johnston murphy has a couple of different quality makes it has it made in china made in india and also made in italy now italy obviously has a nicer shoe

generally india shoes are not too bad china not too bad again you know you're looking at about the one twenty-five hundred twenty-five dollars to about 198 very very well made really nice okay everything on there that's a real plus i mean that's a gorgeous shoe it really is

now pay more than that no it's not worth more than our now what makes a shoe more expensive there's maybe three factors one is construction so what does that mean where it's made and how it's made so in this particular case we're going to talk about italian shoes

and spanish shoes those are using very high grade leather uppers and the way they're actually made this particular shoe has a custom-made sole now this company is called toski michael toski he's actually very well-known if you're in their world of basketball because he was actually one of the

founders of the Air Jordan so what does that mean well what he did is he created the Air Jordan that everybody's pretty famous on he helped to design a lot of those shoes the nice thing about this particular shoe now that he doesn't do Nike shoes is that

he created his own shoe line and he went for excellent uppers we've talked about the uppers being beautiful but what he did in the midsole he created a carbon light insole now you would think that would be dreadfully uncomfortable but in reality it has a real nice almost

like a suspension if you will now what makes this very very comfortable is that you're actually walking on the balls of your feet and not your heel so actually as we were designed to walk is how these shoes were made now what is great is that most people

get plantar fasciitis in the heel because the the banging down of the hill with this you're walking on the soles of your feet and so your heel is coming down gently so you're not wearing down pronating or supinating in other words wearing down the edges of the heel

is not going to happen because you're walking here it stops heel problems it creates posture that is so amazing that you don't have bad back issues so you can wear these shoes for an incredibly long time now the value of that obviously is that you're comfortable all day

long so you're standing maybe 12 hours in issues and and you're getting true comfort so for a 300 to $700 shoe you think but when you realize how comfortable they are and how long you've been wearing them and how long you will keep these shoes because they will

last you for years because you're not wearing them down typically on the edges that we talked about so they're fantastically well-made shoe great leather linings just a great great shoe so these are made in Italy by hand by Michael toski and they're well worth reviewing a great shoe

so that his particular brand and what he did differently and then you've got shoes made in Italy you know depending on you know for example like this is a suede this is Lorenzo bumpy now these leathers what they'll do is they'll actually bury the leather for about six

months and so you can see what happens a very malleable sole very comfortable but you still got the hard so hard heel so not as comfortable this may be something like the Michael toski but very elegant and very dressy and then we carry skins which obviously when you're

thinking of a skin it's not always leather this is ostrich peccary is all different ones that you can use there's alligators that you can use so these are beautiful shoes these are handmade in Italy when we also have my hand made in Spain this is particularly as early

this one's made in Italy and then you have other brands that we use from Spain which are fantastic as well now well may choose not as comfortable as something like a Michael toski but what makes them more valuable well they're made in Italy they're made out of the

top skins they do have the arch support the shoe is beautiful I mean it's like when you wear a shoe like that you feel very special there's no doubt so that kind of gives you an overview of shoes I also have another collection which is the biggest seller

in England right now it's called an atomic these shoes are actually made in Brazil by a British company comfort comfort comfort very soft very you know very very comfortable to wear these are I'm telling you if you've never worn a nice shoe these retail between 150 and 170

but they are so comfortable is unbelievable so this is we'd be more in the comfort line and maybe not as dressy but very very elegant nonetheless you know for what they are so we've talked about shoes and how nice they are but one of the things that I

get asked a lot is how to take care of a shoe so one of the things I would recommend these are shoe trees they go inside your shoe and it absorbs all the sweat out of the shoe and stops a shoe from corrupting from within because often issue

we're out on the inside round the outside believe it or not very quickly so these will really help to take all the moisture away so those are good those are called wood law they really do help with the interior of the shoe it'll also keep the shape of

the shoe really nice which is very important and then cleaning well you have to decide if it's a skin you're probably not going to use a polish it probably recommends that you use a cream like a moisture cream and then certain shoes you can definitely polish but when

you're buying the shoe ask those questions you know this is a lovely sure I want to keep it what's your advice I was tell you by shoe trees like this very important and then will help you and tell you which shoe cleaner you might need or polish or

cream all right so with that I'd like to sum up and say this is Kevin Hewitt back three-to-two for McHenry Avenue Rossini's menswear check us out to a nine five two nine six eight six zero thanks for watching the segment you

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