My Shoe Collection for 2016 | Minimalist Men’s Shoe Collection

My Shoe Collection for 2016 | Minimalist Men’s Shoe Collection

what’s up guys my name is Brock you’re watching the modest man and today I’m going to show you my shoe collection alright so I saw Jose over a teaching men’s fashion to a video about his shoe collection and I thought that’s an awesome idea and then somebody asked under one of my videos if I could do a similar video so thought yeah let’s do it so these are the 12 pairs of shoes that I wear on regular basis and this isn’t all the shoes I own I own a few more pairs but I don’t wear as regularly and then of course I have some shoes that are you know athletic shoes hiking shoes and and running shoes and stuff like that and this video will not cover those these are just the casual and dress shoes that I wear on a regular basis and we’re going to go over all twelve pairs so first up we have a staple in any man’s wardrobe the black cap toe Oxford and these particular ones are from a brand called East Marks and they had a very very successful Kickstarter campaign that I support I send email about it a few months ago and I finally just got mine in the mail and I’ve only warm a couple times you know they’re brand new as you can see but these are these are high-quality shoes these are handmade in Italy and they’re created by a team a small team of guys who have been in a shoe making business for a long time and these are very lightweight they’re very comfortable you know I usually wear a size 7 in most brands and these fit really really well so I imagine they’re going to break in beautifully over time now the black oxford is an essential any man’s wardrobe you can wear these with a navy suit black suit charcoal suit and they’re great for formal events like interviews funerals wedding stuff like that so if you don’t have a pair of black Oxford’s I suggest starting there okay next up Allen Edmonds Park Avenues I think these are either in walnut or cognac they’re kind of like a light brown this is one of the first pairs of dress shoes that I bought or actually I didn’t buy these these were a gift from my parents for Christmas and I’ve had these for years now and they’re just holding up so nicely you know there Allen Edmonds so obviously the build quality is top-notch and the great thing is when the sole does eventually run thin I can send it back to Allen Edmonds and get him resold and restored for about hundred dollars so you know what can I say about Allen Edmonds I mean these are just great shoes they’re workhorses the Park Avenue especially is just a classic and it’s comfortable too true to size and because they always keep my Allen Edmonds shoe trees in there to try to extend the life of the issues as long as possible I think that this this color this kind of light brown walnut color is it’s not the most versatile color of dress shoe so I wouldn’t start with these you know I’d probably get your black shoe your dark brown shoe your burgundy and then this is a good addition to your dress shoe collection all right next up we have these dark brown brogues from a company called shoe passion which is a german brand these are great shoes these are you know as you can see they’re pretty broken and I’ve worn these a lot they’re very versatile because they have so much decoration they’re a little more casual than some of my other dress shoes this is actually the first pair of shoes that I got for free to do a review on for the modest man and I remember being so thrilled when I got these and so you’ve you know if you follow the blog you’ve probably seen these show up in a bunch of different outfits because they’re just great shoes and they’re really comfortable so I think after you cover your basics like your black Oxford’s a pair of dark brown or burgundy brogues or wingtips is a really good second pair of dress shoes okay next up we have these Cole Haan loafers these loafers have a special place in my heart because I found them for like $12 at a thrift shop and you know being a shorter guy and wearing smaller shoes I rarely find things that fit well in thrift shops so to find these it was just such a score and they they weren’t even really that warrant and I mean I’ve warned them a lot since I bought them but they’re great shoes and you know : it’s not like the highest quality shoe brand in the world but these ones are really nice I don’t know if they’re older or something I haven’t been able to find these exact shoes online they have a something called the Douglas loafer on Amazon which is similar I haven’t been able to find these exact ones though these are made in Italy and they’ve broken in really nicely which is good because I found that with cole haan they run a little bit small so I wear a 7 in most brands these are 7s but they were just a little bit tight when I first started wearing them so but like my other cole haan shoes they’ve broken in very nicely over time so Cole Haan loafers well okay let’s move on to the sneakers first up we’ve got these gray canvas vans by j.

crew so these are a tiny bit different than regular vans because these are the j.

crew collaboration version there’s got some little details that are different that I think are a little cooler and I’ve actually replaced the laces that came with these with these black leather laces from a pair of old Oxford’s because I tend to wear these with like dark jeans gray shorts you know black accessories like a black leather watch so the black straps just work a little better than the brown straps that it came with these are great sneakers it’s super comfortable perfect for summer perfect for growing sockless or wearing no-show socks I personally think that you know gray is as versatile or even more versatile than white but you could definitely get these in white or navy or whatever color so yeah these are the vans by j.

crew canvas sneakers this is my other pair of sneakers the I’m not sure if it’s owned itsuka or Onitsuka but these are the Tigers this particular colorway is I believe called the Mexico 66 and as you can see I’ve worn these shoes a lot especially this past summer they’re really worn down scuffed up stained and honestly that’s how I like my my sneakers to be especially my white sneakers I like them to you know have that lived-in look I don’t like to baby them and try to keep them scuff free and all that you know they’re just sneakers so these are beaters you know I wear these all the time they’re probably going to get a hole in them soon then I’ll have to replace them but they’re not that expensive and the great thing about these Tigers is you can get them on Amazon in pretty much any color and any size that you can imagine so no matter what size foot you have you can find these in your size so if you’re looking for a great casual sneaker that you can beat up Tigers alright next up we have these gray suede chukkas these are the j.

crew McCallister’s and you can see they’re very soft you know they don’t have much structure to them because they’re suede and these are super comfortable they’re unisex sizing so if you have smaller feet you can find these in your size oftentimes on sale and they seem to always be available they don’t sell out so I really like the isn’t you know the great suede is surprisingly versatile I also have a pair of brown ankle boots and I find myself wearing these with jeans you know they’re just a little different like they’re not quite as ubiquitous as a brown leather boot but they’re not too weird you know they still go with pretty much all the jeans that I own so definitely check out the J Crew McAllister’s alright this is my second pair of ankle boots and these are cole haan these are seven and a half size seven and a half and even these were actually a little tight when I first got them but they broke in nicely these might be my most worn pair of boots I mean I’ve worn these shoes so much you can see you know the heel is starting to wear down a little bit but they’ve held up nicely I mean they’re they’re beat up they’ve taken some abuse but I I really like these I think that if I could choose one pair of shoes it’s like the most versatile type of shoe that a man can have I think it’s the brown leather ankle boot you can wear them with jeans she knows even trousers for a more casual look and they’re just super comfy and super versatile so I like this pair from Cole Haan you can find more expensive ones or cheaper ones but I think these offer a lot of bang for your buck all right speaking of versatile boots this is a six-inch work boot by Thursday boot company and these are actually relatively new I’ve only worn them for about a month but the pretty comfy breaking in nicely a lot of times work boots like this take a long time to break in but it’s usually worth the effort and the pain because once they do break in they’re just buttery soft work boots like this are great you know these are perfect for wearing and like the fall with a pair of jeans maybe even rolled up a little bit to show off a little more the boot and yeah I mean you know you can pick whatever brand you like you know Wolverine all din I think Thursday Boot Company offers a lot of value because it’s a lot cheaper than some of those other brands but I think that a kind of address work boot like this is definitely a staple in any man’s closet all right I got one more pair of boots these are my winter boots these are sorrel sorrel I don’t know how to say it I searched pretty extensively for a pair of winter boots I used to live on the East Coast and Washington DC and we had some pretty tough winters there it was very slushy very wet and even just commuting to work was pretty tough you know you definitely run the risk of stepping in a puddle of slush and soaking your entire foot and sock and shoe so I I tried out a bunch of different brands and I found that these particular store ELLs not linked them below were the best for me because they offer protection so they totally keep your foot dry and warm but they’re not quite as chunky as some other winter boots or snow boots that I found so you could actually keep these on all day and you know they don’t feel too heavy and they don’t look out of place if you’re going out to the bar or something like that so they’re pretty much their version of the LL Bean duck boots except for they’re not sold out all the time got two more pairs shoes so these are my Birkenstocks I know people are kind of divided on the Berks some people hate them I love these shoes you know as you can see they’re well worn they really start to mold to your foot after a little while you know some people say you can’t get these wet I’ve soaked these many times I abused these things I have taken them to the beach hiking you know on vacation you know I’ve really just knocked these things around and they’re holding up nicely so they’re high quality you know they’re not cheap but I think they’re worth it because they’re comfortable in they last long time you can find them on Amazon almost any variation bunch of different colors different strap types you can find them with the ankle strap or without I kind of like having the ankle strap because it just feels like it’s on your foot a little more securely but yeah Birkenstocks love them or hate them I love them okay and then from my last pair I saved these for last because I love these shoes these are my very top sires and Navy and I’ve replaced the the laces that came with them were white and after a couple years they just started to fall apart so I replaced them with these brown leather laces and I mean look at these things these things are just beat you know they’re probably ready to be retired but I can’t bring myself to do it I wear these all summer you know I usually go sockless or wear no-show socks and their boat shoes you know so you don’t you don’t have to clean them or worry about them getting wet or dirty or anything like that that’s it’s going to happen you just kind of let them age and after a while these become so comfortable if you’re going to buy a pair of these Sperry top-siders or really any boat shoes I recommend sizing down a little bit because they’re going to stretch out so for example if you normally wear a size 7 maybe get a six and a half and it feels a little tight at first I promise if it’s leather it’s going to stretch out and get super comfortable over time so yeah these are either one of my favorites so that’s my shoe collection I wear all 12 pairs regularly you could probably get away with owning less shoes you know I think the most men could probably get away with having maybe six pairs of shoes but I hope this video helps you build out your shoe collection and I’d love to hear about your favorite pair so leave a comment down below if you have any questions ask away in the comments until next time stay stylish.

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