My Shoe Collection – Shoes Men Need In Your 40’s

My Shoe Collection – Shoes Men Need In Your 40’s

Giày Nam Đẹp — Website: what’s up guys today’s video is gonna be a little bit different totally unscripted so here’s the deal I was going through my shoes trying to figure out what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to give away I’ve got some gaps in my shoe arsenal and I’ve

got some stuff that I need to get rid of let’s chat about shoes for just a few minutes let me show you what I’ve got let me talk about what I don’t have and maybe let’s kind of cover some ground with some of the basic fundamental shoes that

every guy needs in their 40s so you ready hold on tight what’s up fellas it’s great to see you and as always I’m glad that you’re here so listen let’s take this bike category and break this down a little bit I’m gonna show you what I’ve got in

boots sneakers and dress shoes and you’re gonna see that I’ve got some gaps and I’ve got some redundancy here as well so let’s talk boots first let’s go over what I’ve got here so first of all I’ve got these which I love these are a Wolverine thousand-mile boots

I love these these are kind of your leather jacket dark denim sort of that bad-boy boot they’ve got a little bit of a heel on them nice classy sole nothing fancy down there but the more you wear these the better they get I think I’ve had these for

about six years love these things next up I’ve got these chukka boots from cole haan a nice classic sole a little bit of a heel to them this sort of dark chocolate brown super comfortable really versatile jeans chinos mix it up you can wear these things with just

about anything next I’ve got these chukka boots in this kind of sand color a little bit of a heel to it it’s got this gums so I think it’s a gum sole correct me if I’m wrong down in the comments I’m not quite sure what this is these

are gosh Oh Kenneth Cole I bought these on a whim I forgot where I was but I bought these on a whim I don’t wear them a ton but when I do wear them I try to go with either like a light or dark denim or any type

of chinos work really great with these next up and so this is where I start to run into a little bit of redundancy so I these chukka boots as well in a similar dark brown as to cole haan these are a lot lower end these are from Aldo

they look great they’ve got a little bit of a heel they’ve got a waffle sole on them they’re comfortable but it just when I go and pick this type of boot I always grab the cole haan I really never wear this next up are some casual brown boots

love these in the winter and fall absolutely love these I’ve had these four again five or six years these are from Aldo I think there were a hundred bucks or something like that $120 may be no real heel to him a waffle sole that’s almost wore out I

wear these a ton fantastic with jeans phenomenal another boot from Aldo are these I don’t wear these as much as two other brown ones I just showed you I do like the detail though on these I do like the heel they’ve got the same waffle sole really good-looking

boot they’ve got some distressing on the toe I just don’t wear these as much but I do wear them they tend to go a little bit better for me anyway with dark denim okay let’s move in to sneakers let me get the athletic sneakers out of the way

first I’ve had these Merrill’s these are like if I’m gonna go like on a hike or something these are what I go for I’ve had these for a long time so I don’t know if these are even still a thing anymore don’t give me too much grief without

that but I like them they’re super lightweight they’ve got a good tread on the bottom of them yeah I’m gonna wear these if I go hiking next up are my Nike what are these running shoes pick these up at Nordstrom Rack super super lightweight very flexible really nice

really comfortable running walking biking I’m wearing these ok let’s go into a little bit of a dressy sneaker if you can call it that more of an upscale fashion sneaker if you will these are the grand Pro from Cole Haan you guys have seen me talk about these

in other videos you’ve seen me wear these and photos on Instagram I love these things they’re very lightweight they’re very comfortable this blue color is super super versatile I wear these things all the time I these highly next up are these brown and white shoes from echo I

like these a lot I like them more when I first got them than I do today I just find I don’t reach for these as much as I used to when I first got them maybe because it’s summer time now and I’m wearing shorts a lot it’s so

stinkin hot outside that I’m maybe I just find that these aren’t as versatile you would think that they would be being this brown color but I’m finding that I’m wearing either white or the blue cole Haans more than these okay so what you guys are about to see

is a white sneaker problem I didn’t realize the depth of the problem that I have with white sneakers until I put them all out on the table together anyway guys let’s try to get through it first up The Grapes brand I did a blog post about these I’ll

try to link to that somewhere in this video up above somewhere love these shoes Italian leather inside fully lined leather inside gorgeous gorgeous shoe kind of a higher-end shoe not as expensive as for example like a common project but in the same playing field I think these were

about 225 something in that ballpark next up guys you saw these these are familiar if you watched my white sneaker video these are a shoe I picked up at DSW on a whim I think there are 60 bucks I actually wear these more than I thought super comfortable

if I’m just gonna run around town real quick I will throw these on the next shoe is a really recent purchase I got these from Aldo I was surprised at how much I’m wearing these they’ve got some Brown detail on them they’ve got a brown heel back here

really sleek styling and like that I like this profile very comfortable I wear these a ton next up are my Lacoste I love these actually before I say I love these shoes I love these shoes and I hate these shoes I want to like these more than I

do the problem is that there’s like this seam on the inside back here and my heel rubs on it and it actually breaks the skin which sucks because these are super super classic with no-show socks and shorts a phenomenal summertime shoe I’ve even gone so far as to

put that those little moleskin strips back here it still doesn’t work I don’t know what to do next up are these converse jock Purcell I need to wash these these are all canvas again I think you guys saw these in my other video I did with white sneakers

go check that out like these shoes super versatile again a nice summertime classic kick around beach shoe next up are these really low end kids that I got super flexible super comfortable I like the gum sole nice touch canvas I can throw these in the washer and the

dryer bleach them out a little bit when they get dirty I do have a hard time keeping the toe area clean though even with bleach and regular washing ok now we’re getting into the dress shoes and I have a lot of brown and this is where I have

a big gap in my shoe arsenal I don’t own any black dress shoes the last pair that I had I ruined so those are long gone I need to get some black shoes tell me what I need to get leave me a comment down below and recommend something

for me listen so let me start with these not a real dress shoe but these are blue suede double monks these are from Nordstrom it’s their house brand called calibrate I’ve had these for a couple of years I don’t wear these all the time but I do get

some good wear out of them it’s kind of a statement shoe so if you’re kind of feeling that that’s when I’ll pull these out okay next is another kind of a statement shoe it’s a little bold it’s a cool color not real expensive I kind of bought these

on a whim because I like the design I was drawn to it single monk with broguing with the wingtip it’s kind of it’s it’s definitely a statement shoe you’ve got to be wearing the right outfit to pull these off but everything else kind of has to be subdued

but if you’re feeling like you want to make a statement with your shoes definitely try to pick something like this up nice design comfortable and these are from karu Chi I’m not sure who that is but not a bad-looking shoe next up these are my workers shoes I

wear these things all the freaking time dark brown double monk strap norstrom brand calibrate Rubber Soul extreme extremely comfortable I can be in these all day long and not have a problem they don’t hurt my feet at all norstrom you hit it out of the park with this

thing next up I’ve got the Magnani hand-painted double monks with the leather sole really popular really versatile shoe I see these things everywhere I think almost every guy most every guy though has these if you don’t like and if you don’t have a pair of double monks this

is a great one to get started with these go great with jeans you can dress these up you can dress these down they are comfortable they’re not super cheap they’re around the three 350 dollar ballpark but really good quality fantastic shoe next up I have another one from

magnani these are the single monk these though have the rubber sole and not the leather sole they are comfortable however the toe box is a little more narrow than the double monk magno knees that I have so if I wear these for a long period of time they

do tend to get a little bit uncomfortable maybe if my speech swell up a little bit the toe my toes get a little crowded here but really nice looking shoe lots of compliments on this one distressing at the toe not bad next we have the Old Faithful Allen

Edmonds strand in brown cap toe medallion brogue leather sole some of the most comfortable dress shoes you could ever own cork bed sole made in the USA you can resole these when the soles wear out like these are my go-to if I’m just they’re not like a dressy

dress shoe but they’re kind of somewhere in between so like if I’m gonna wear jeans somewhere and I want to elevate that look like a jeans dress shirt sport coat these all day long man all day long if you don’t have a pair of Allen Edmonds in your

arsenal I highly recommend you invest in a pair I’ve had these for four or five years I do take care of them but they still look phenomenal I try to keep some polish on them I try to I do use shoe trees and pretty much everything that I

own guys they’re not the cheapest shoe on the market but I think they’re around the 350 to 400 dollar ballpark guys if you can swing it I highly recommend investing in some Allen Edmonds next up are my more luxurious shoes the next three pair are from Paul Evans

these are my blue penny loafers maybe you’ve seen these in the video that I did featuring Paul Evans and designed in New York made in Naples Italy Italian leather inside and out they sell direct to the consumer so you save money these are like $800 pair of shoes

you can get for like 350 400 bucks really comfortable guys check out Paul Evans these are another pair of Paul Evans use chocolate brown Oxford’s nice cap toe design here fantastic shoe super elegant really comfortable and these are some Paul Evans shoes they just bought recently I haven’t

even worn these outside yet look at the sole on these things holy smokes these are brand-new these are hole cut but it’s one solid piece of leather all the way around guys this is absolutely phenomenal very classy very very elegant I need to find an excuse to wear

these but it’s been so stinking hot that I don’t wear suits right now Wow yeah phenomenal I gotta wear these guys so again I need your help with the black dress shoes tell me some brands leave me some comments and let me know who I need to look

at as far as black dress shoes go if I haven’t said it already please subscribe if you like this kind of casual men’s lifestyle men’s style content for me hit that subscribe button hit the thumb up button because it all really helps this channel grow guys let me

know what you think of the overall shoe collection and we’ll see you in the next video take care

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