NIKE FACTORY STORE MOTHERS DAY SALE Men shoes May 2015 Jordan Air Penny One

NIKE FACTORY STORE MOTHERS DAY SALE Men shoes May 2015 Jordan Air Penny One

Giay Nam Dep hey everybody this is Jeff up with my Mother’s Day weekend review video for men’s shoes these are the best Studios I’ve seen at this Nike store since Christmas time look at all the deals there are some great steals and and if you haven’t gotten the mother or wife in your life a present yet make sure to go on Ebates and sign up there you get $10 gift card to Walmart Target that’s where you make a qualifying purchase and you can get flowers from here you can get gift certificates from here and they’ll give you cash back like on this thing here from you flowers fifteen percent cash back in addition to whatever coupon code and stuff they have even gift certificates I get my Nike gift cards for like 93 dollars for a hundred dollar gift card by using this cash back side so try it out it’s really cool even for your own personal use other ways it’s sort of a combination of the retro Jordans of $59.

99 for each pair this is the second colorway that was available it was about half off retail price one this is the Air Jordan one mid it was going for $74.

99 in the store I actually didn’t have a picture of it the last time so here it is in all white they also had Air Jordan one low 444 97 nice little colorway there a good deal and Sigma Jordans the cp3 7 AE was on sale for $54.

99 and here’s the UM blackened red colorway right there for a nice for the Clippers star jordan Superfly was also reduced even further to $79.

99 that’s Blake Griffin to Jordan flight time 14.

5 9999 in the store and it’s going for less than not $69.

99 on sale jordan flight time 14.

5 the jordan sc3 was on sale for $64.

99 in the store pretty good deals them the Vandal high supreme vintage is a casual shoe we go for $95 and this one’s going for only 37 97 on clearance and nice little blue jean looking type shoe and this shoe was turquoise I’m not sure what the name of it was but it was at 2497 really low price they had some air raids and the black color with the straps for 74 97 on sale they had some flight squad Keywest shoes these retail for 115 they had a good say on this this is an all black shoe or some gray for $54.

99 really gets you and next up is the heirs in flight Kobe this is that rare one for going for 49 97 there was never a release to the public there Pippen is for only 44 97 wow that’s a great deal hyper dunk udon Thirteen’s they had those in 444 97 they also had that in a few different colorways here’s the blue color way as well and that’s gonna lead into more hyper dunks they had the tech piper done 2014’s in several different colorways on sale even further $69.

99 and this is the hyper dunk udon 14 in the white $69.

99 and again another blue kala way this is one’s a little darker $69.

99 literally great LeBron’s LeBron 11 lifestyle shoe of the lion $49.

99 zoom soldier LeBrons 64 97 these two colorways and the max LeBron 11 low that was a new release in the store retails for 170 it’s going currently for one $39.

99 and they also had the regular LeBrons this is it here it’s on sale for $99.

99 of course these retail at $200 originally this one’s a nice one I like $99.

99 for LeBron 11 that flight club 90s jordan on sale $69.

99 and also in the next call away $69.

99 as well so the sales keep going on here’s the lunar hyper quickness in Golden State Warriors colors 54 on 97 really nice shoe here’s the same shoe and a purple it’s a little lower 49 97 dead air max actual Iser for 2497 the fly wire technology that’s a mere force one’s going on – this one was going for 39 97 really great deal and they had some Air Force Ones a seed for 2997 this is one of the colorways this following one that colorway is going for forty nine ninety seven and they had a white colourway all white for Cloney 997 and also they had a big sale on the nike clearance wall 30% here’s one of my or seeps that I got for my pickups one is an Air Max penny one is an air Pippen shoe notice they are pinning I got 450 597 off into 30% off wall and here’s a look at the tag here’s a look at their penny shoe and all red in white really nice looking shoe here’s the back of the air penny shoe here’s the front of the air penny shoe really nice here’s a look at their Pippen that I purchased they also had the Jordan CP 3 7 AE in a difficult way than the one that was shown earlier in this video this one was 25 dollars after 30 percent off wall sale it was really nice like a black in red one early clean shoe here’s a look at the front of the shoe as well with CP logo I also got a few of the era Zoom flight 96 shoes these are unreleased versions with the Kobe colors and a Kobe eight on the back and these one relief because allen iverson filed a lawsuit because Nike stupidly made a shoe with his wife luminous on the thing and they decide not to recently please the kobe ones but they really saw them at the factory store right now so i’ll go into more detail about my personal pick ups and in another video soon but um thanks for watching make sure to shop on ebates.

com using my referral link and get a $10 gift code and lots of cash back savings make sure to LIKE and subscribe and thank you for watching and have a great day you.

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