ONE Item People Judge You On? | Why Men Need BOLD Shoes | Men's Wardrobe Essential

ONE Item People Judge You On? | Why Men Need BOLD Shoes | Men's Wardrobe Essential

So, I do a lot of research trying to figureout exactly how people measure each other up.

I know that this changes over time, so I tryto stay on top of things.

But, one thing that I find that stays thesame is that people measure other people based off of their shoes.

I know it sounds strange, but literally therewas nineteen-year old, she's writing in one of those magazines or maybe she had a blog.

And she's saying, you know I find it reallyweird that I look at a man's shoes when I first meet him and I basically measure himup based off of his shoes, the type of shoe.

This has been going on for hundreds if notthousands of years.

The reason being is that shoes are one ofthe clear indicators of what a person does in life, where they come from, what's theirbackground, and it's one of the first things that we do look at.

So, in today's video, gent's, I want to teachyou how to use bold shoes to really level up your wardrobe.

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We're talking about contrasting leathers, we're talking about bringing in suede, bringing in broguing.

It's a great fit overall.

It's made in Italy.

They buy-back programs, so if you got an oldpair of shoes, it doesn't matter what brand, you can send it to them and get an additional$50 off.

They end up donating the shoe to a charitywhich I think is a pretty good deal.

Guys, Ace Marks is a great company.

Let's get into the content.

Tip number one, add flare to what you alreadywear.

So, what I love about this point, gentlemen, is that you're not having to go out and buy new shoes.

You're simply taking the shoes that you alreadyhave that you already love and you're taking them up a level.

An easy way to do this, change out the laces.

Go with something maybe in blue maybe in redmaybe in orange.

Have fun with it.

Now, that may be too much for some of youguys, but maybe you've got a light-colored pair of really nice dress shoes that you'vehad they're getting a little bit boring.

Well, maybe bring in a darker polished.

All of a sudden, the toe, the back, you polishit up you start to get a little bit of a contrasting look in the leather.

This is something that you've got to be carefulwith, but if you if you play around if you experiment on one part of the shoe, you maybe able to get a beautiful look.

Now, the third thing I'm going to recommendis maybe changing out the sole, but not just going for a regular black.

So, there are colored soles out there, talkwith your cobbler about this.

But, if you're going to be rebuilding theshoe, why not go with a bright blue or a bright red.

Now, it's definitely something that when peoplelook at you they're not going to see it initially, maybe they'll see a little bit of the edgearound the shoe, but whenever you happen to, you know, be walking, people will see thecolor it can all of these things are very small, but ways to work with your existingfootwear.

Tip number two to upgrade your wardrobe withbold shoes is to bring in contrasting leathers.

So, contrasting leathers, understand thatwhen you do this the higher the contrast, the less formal the shoe becomes.

So, this pair of shoes right here, this isan Oxford, this is relatively a dressy pair of shoes.

I could wear this with a suit and I wouldhave to say the lack of, you know, there's just a little bit of contrast.

You can barely see the lighter brown withthe darker brown, it's got the cap-toe shoe, all of this in general.

You know I could wear this may be with a navyblue suit, a light-colored suit, it would still work well.

But, if I went with a derby which, again, is like a blu it's a blucher, basically it's going to have an open lacing system.

But notice how this right here is going todraw a lot more attention to itself, this becomes less formal.

Now, you can still pull it off with the casualsuit, but it also is something that, hey, you may want to go with an odd jacket withpair of, you know, odd trousers or you can wear it with a pair of jeans, a really nicebutton down and, again, all the attention then is going to be on the shoes.

Other thing that you can do is bring in suedewith a smoother top green leather.

So, understand that there's a lot of waysto do this.

If you go with something that's really highcontrast, we're talking like maybe black and white, understand those are going to becomemuch more attention grabbers and the issue there is they become less interchangeable.

Tip number three for upgrading your wardrobewith bold shoes is to bring in the brogue.

So, let me go ahead and pull up a quick infographicright here and I want to show you the difference the four types of brogues that you're goingto commonly see out there.

Now, it starts off with the quarter brogueand this is just basically on the cap-toe.

We got a little bit of broguing here.

Now, the semi-brogue.

We're going to start to see a medallion onthe front, we're going to see a little bit of broguing in and around the lacing system.

The wing tip, very clear very easy to spotbecause of the wing-type of look at the front of the shoe.

Then, the long wing, this is actually relativelyuncommon and it's going to go all the way in and around the back.

Now, to understand broguing and where it fitsin levels of formality, the more broguing the less formal the shoe it becomes.

And, you can also mix this with what I talkedabout earlier the contrasting leathers.

Broguing in general is something that givesit a three dimensional definitely a type of texture type of look I think is a great thingto bring into your shoes.

And understand you don�t have to go foranything bold in the color, you can go for a dark pair of brown or a light pair of brownbrogue shoes, keeps the color pretty much the same, but let the broguing actually setit apart from anything in your wardrobe.

Tip number four for upgrading your wardrobewith bold shoes is to look at the material that's used actually in the shoe constructionand go for a variety.

Look at different things that could go intoit.

So, leather is the most common, but there'smany types of leather.

You've got full grain, you've got top grain, you've got suede.

Al this comes from a different cut of theskin, a different layer.

Understand that suede beautiful to look at.

I love texture, draws people to you, you canactually draw attention to the shoe without having to go for a bold color.

But, texture and suede in general isn't goingto be as durable as top grain, but top grain even though you will have a great for durability, will take a longer time to break in.

So, there is benefits there is cons when itcomes to each of them.

I really like a pair of shoes that is goingto bring in a variety, I think that's a great way to instantly draw attention.

There are even leather substitutes.

Yes, if you go out there look for vegan shoes, if you go over to Real Men Real Style we've got even some options there.

But, really when it comes down to it, guys, you want to look at, okay, how did the material used, did it change up the overall look andif you can find something that you really like, go for it.

Tip number five to upgrade your wardrobe withbold shoes is to look at the ornamentation detail of the shoe.

So, ornamentation I mean the extra bits thatare added and that could be metal work that could be leather work.

So, let's look at buckles.

Monk-strap become very popular in the lastfive years.

But, look at tassel loafers, again, it's notreally using a metal here, it's using an extra bit of leather work.

You can look at the bit loafer using a littlebit of of metal right there.

You can also go in and look at a pair of pennyloafers, again, using extra straps of leather to create a bit of depth and additional feel, but still very casual something that you can actually pull off with a casual suit.

And, I think by bringing in these small detailsin, guys, you can really up your shoe game.

Tip number six, play with shoe styles.

So, men we are creatures of habit and we'llfall into, you know, we look at our shoe collection.

I've got five pairs of very similar shoes.

Well, change it up, have some fun.

And, I'm not saying that you got to make abig jump.

So, for a lot of guys maybe going with a laceddress boot is probably going to be maybe too much, too much of a jump.

I think they're great.

I'm going to pull up a beautiful pair righthere which I think if you're wearing jeans on the weekend you're wearing maybe gray flannelseven if you're wearing a pair of, you know, casual slacks, I think that these or chinos, these are going to look great for you.

But, maybe you want something that's goingto help make that transition, then look at a pair of Chelseas.

A pair of Chelseas I think can actually beworn with suits in inclement weather and can help you start to basically branch out thestyles that you're wearing.

And for those of you that are younger, whynot bring in a pair of leather or leather sneakers or bring in something that's littlebit more cutting edge.

I'm going to link you down in the descriptionto a few other YouTube who talk about wearing sneakers.

I think if you're young and if you're experimentingand if you've got the confidence, you can pull off almost any type of shoe with anyoutfit.

Tip number seven, kill it with color.

Now, understand, gentlemen, I left this onetil the end because I think color is the first thing we reach for, but really you could overdoit with color, so be careful, treat it like a spice, treat it like salt.

You don't want to put too much in your food, it's going to overpower.

Just put enough to basically bring out thetaste.

The same thing with your shoes, if you gofor too bold of a color, they may look great once or maybe once a month that you can wearthem, but the thing is they're not interchangeable.

You can't wear this multiple times a week, but if you've got just a discreet small bit of color in it, it's a great way to draw attentionto stand out at the same time put it into your interchangeable wardrobe.

All right, gentlemen.

Now, it's your turn.

I want to hear from you down in the comments.

What did I miss? What would you add? what did you think about some of my choicesand suggestions? Let me know in the comments and go check outAce Marks, guys.

Great company and don't forget about thatprogram.

You send them a pair of shoes, they will giveyou a $50 discount.

I've got a discount code for you down there.

If you don't want to send them shoes, thenuse that.

But these guys are making beautiful Italianshoes that could be selling for $500 to $600 and they're selling them at half of that price.

And what sets them apart from all the othercompanies I've talked about are the bold designs, the use of suede, little things like that, the use of broguing, everything I talked about.

A lot of the pictures, guys, are from thiswebsite, so if you like something, you really well, you definitely want to go check themout, guys.

They're not going have these prices and dealsforever.

So, that's it, guys.

Take care.

I'll see you in the next video.


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