Rubik’s Shoes?! | First Look: PUMA x RUBIK’S RS-X³ Men’s Sneakers

Rubik’s Shoes?! | First Look: PUMA x RUBIK’S RS-X³ Men’s Sneakers

I all it’s time for something that’s not quite a puzzle it is the rubik’s shoes not literally that it’s not actually called that but this indeed is a cross between rubik’s and the puma brand so they did something a little bit different they took their RSX sneakers of

course this time it’s cubed because it’s a Rubik’s brand of course why not why not cube it if you can and they took the inspiration or essence of the rubik’s cube and basically injected it directly into the shoes not literally but let’s see what we’ve got here now

this is okay full disclosure this is a rerun boxing because of course you have to try to choose on first and this is not sponsored and i have nearly no experience with shoes except i use them so i don’t know much about shoes well you’re going to see

when you open the box a lot of rubik’s logos and a lot of Pumas but this is what you’re more interested in this is the shoe what I got was I believe aus-8 size 8 shoe yep UK 7 us 8 focus camera thank you it says Made in

Vietnam these shoes are very nice I’m just going to go around talking about literally everything I can notice on here the first thing that here is there’s some like empty space or white space which is basically gray and black grid pattern but right on top of that you

have layers upon layers of different highlights of colors from each of the major phases of a rubik’s cube so you’ve got white soles on the bottom you’ve got yellow on the sides you’ve got orange that’s been the sewn into the sides and you’ve also got red the interesting

thing is that they all have different textures and different finishes on the end so here you have some felt which appears to have just been glued on but you have a darker blue felt just on top of that with like a single stitch of lines going all the

way through and then just a next to it you have double stitching and over here you’ve got a completely different stitching altogether so this is all a mishmash of different styles you’ve even got mesh yellow on top solid yellow on the bottom for the soles and also felt

yellow in the middle and a touch of green and it just wraps all the way around it’s quite nice at the far back you’ve got the rubix logo and a very nice little glossy black it’s a shame though that the cube design itself the logo the little dots

for the eye it’s missing the lines for the Rubik’s Cube but it’s quite quite oak all right you don’t want too much detail otherwise it becomes easy to destroy the shoelaces themselves they come with three of these beads blue yellow and orange and on the tongue you can

see that you’ve got little place for gripping the shoe as you pull it onto your foot even the soul itself the Rubik’s Cube and the Puma now I’m not sure if that’s solvable we’ll find out now the odd thing about this I mean the good thing about this

is they even had the sole removable it is not glued into shoe so that’s good because I use orthotics I use my own special arch supports so that’s perfect the other odd thing is I have wide feet but these shoes that when they try them out are perfect

for are perfect for those with wide feet they stretch out a little bit and as you can tell our SX stands for a running system not sure what X is for at the bottom you’ve got an equally well thought out the soil that you would never want to

Giày Nam Đẹp — Website:

wear out we’ve got every single color if you got blue tips and other blue sections some white green red orange of course you could see what I have here in yellow and it’s not just a flat either you’ve got different textures on each section well most sections of

colors so they really went all out I think in designing this leaving no well basically nothing restrained no I cannot just show you one shoe because they’re actually a little different so let me show you the right shoe of course they started with the left because I’m left-handed

and probably left footed as well but as you can tell the shoe laces each of them have three of the six colors of a Rubik’s Cube now as you can tell you got cut off there but that’s fine the shoelaces they come with beads as I mentioned but

each of them comes with three different colors of the six from a Rubik’s Cube so of course since you’ve got these guys here you’ve also got the Italian flag colors here so the rest seems to be symmetrical except as my sister athlete pointed out even though you’ve got

a red tongue over there you’ve got the complementary colors on the other side you’ve got green and you’ve got red here so those are different and if you check the inside you’re going to notice that we’ve also got a second pair of shoelaces instead of the black ones

you also got the option of white ones not only that the the egglets that’s right I remember the Phineas and Ferb episode we have different colors we have Reds tips and blue tips on each shoelace I don’t know they are the same color tip for one shoelace or

if they’re shared or if there’s a different color on either end we can easily find out by just checking the shoe itself okay so they’re consistently inconsistent per shoelace let’s confirm that and indeed we are right we can even use one white and one black shoelace and it

would cause even more color insanity but that is fat and as you can tell this shoe is definitely okay quality control thinks it’s fine I think it’s fine anyways this has been an amateur’s look at the Rubik’s cross puma RSX running shoes or sneakers I can definitely sneak

around in these guys well as long as no one know this is the flashy colors anyways thanks for watching

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