Shoe Essentials For Men | 9 Shoes Every Guy Needs (My Collection)

Shoe Essentials For Men | 9 Shoes Every Guy Needs (My Collection)

Giay Nam Dep what’s up guys it’s koi from gentlemen within and in this video we’re gonna talk about six shoe essentials that every man needs and a few nice to haves shoes are important there I say it the most important item in a man’s wardrobe and so besides nailing to fit

I’d say that investing in a few quality pairs of shoes is a good starting point for most men of course it’s up for debate as every style blogger has a similar list with some variation and as with any list of must-haves it comes down to your age lifestyle

or personal preference so let’s get to it here are the six essential shoes that I feel all men should have and a few extras for good measure alright so first on the list is the brown broke now what the hell are brogues well the term brogue is derived

from bro the Galea cord for shoe rogues are characterized by the decorative punching or perforations along the shoe and did you know that brogues were originally added to shoes so that men in the swamps it would drain the muddy water from the holes in the shoe but yeah

the brown brogue will become a staple in any man’s wardrobe it’s as versatile as it is stylish but I would recommend to start is just a simple semi brogue right there it’s just broguing across the cap toe and then there’s also the quarter brogue which if you’re going

to be a little bit more daring is adding brogues along the side of the shoe as well going up and I would keep it in like a dark brown shade because dark brown is the most versatile color the darker Brown that you have the more versatile it’s gonna

be lighter is a little bit less versatile and a little bit more eye popping and visually interesting if you’re feeling sartorial inclined go for the eye-popping walnuts full brogue get that wingtip up in there wait this is not a wingtip this is a half brogue and so there’s

no wing a full brogue is a wingtip and so this is a half brogue because you can see it’s got quite a lot of broguing and the color is in a walnut shade and so it’s a lighter brown color this color shoe can go really well with like

a navy really great color for that but a pair like this is definitely going to turn heads so keep that in mind if you are out looking for it hair like this so if you’re not all that comfortable yet with all that attention that you can go with

a darker color brown with minimal brogan an option like this will help to ease you into the wonderful world of brogues and give you limitless options to pair with jeans chinos or wool trousers I’m gonna have a low money no problems list and ain’t ballin on a budget

so I’m gonna put some shoes down in the links below so you can check those out all the shoes that I show here today I’m gonna link them and have some extras as well so yeah the bottom line is that the brown brogue is a cornerstone of a

smart casual wardrobe it can dress up a pair of well fitting jeans or it can dress down a well tailored suit and it’ll serve you well from day to night from the office to happy hour alright so number two on the list is the suede chukka and though

it’s not as formal as the brown bro it does land above the sneaker in the formality spectrum and said that the chukka boot is the first dress casual shoe which lends itself to extreme versatility truckers can play just as nicely with a suit as it can more casually

with white tee and jeans chukka boot is distinguished by its open lacing system and it usually has these two eyelets and it’s a ankle boots which typically comes in leather or suede and did you know that a form of chukka popularized as the desert boots has its origins

in the British military because of its comfort ability and durability in harsh desert conditions it became the leisure wear of choice for many military men of course the ubiquitous Clarks desert boot originals is a good starting point but I suggest is to go for a suede pair over

the leather just because I feel like it adds a little bit of richness and texture to the shoe and it gives your look a little bit more of a fine mint and as for the colors you can get them in cream beige white you can get them in

all shades of brown and then you can get them a navy which I feel is a beautiful color for a chukka again down in the description I’m going to link to a bunch of shoes that you guys can check out so the bottom line chuckle boats you know

they straddle the fence between being casual and dressy leaning a bit more on the casual side suits become effortlessly cool with chukkas and your casual options are limitless trace is the brown a loafer and it is super super casual there’s a reason why the loafer is a summer

go-to it’s super easy to wear you just slip them on and then you’re good to go it’s comfortable it keeps you cool stylish and who the heck says you can’t wear them year-round similar to the Brogan chukka the loafer can be worn with dressy outfits can be worn

with casual outfits and it’s this versatility that has the loafers sliding into my top three we don’t recommend to wear loafers with a full-on suit however it is a great option to wear with blazer jeans or chinos you can go with suede or leather here you can go

with a penny loafer or tassel loafer even a bit loafer speaking of the bit loafer it is the original gucci horse bit loafer that’s how it got its name but it has Italian origins and it’s distinguished by this metal strap running across the vamp here something like this

will surely add a dash of sophistication to your look trust me and you know that tassel loafers originate from the same design found today in both shoes these shoes they are less formal than lace-ups they come in a myriad of different colors you can get them in black

brown you can get them in olive and you can even get them in bolder colors like red but for maximum versatility I suggest a brown pair you know you can go leather or suede here it’s up to you but yeah loafers are a summertime staple it’s a classic

weekend shoe you can just put it on super comfortable so if you don’t have a pair yet definitely jump on that now before on the list is the casual canvas sneaker and there’s a reason why it’s on the list you know even dapper men like to dress it

down every now and then or a lot of guys would prefer this aesthetic over being dapper and dressy all the time but the casual aesthetic it is more popular than ever and so it’s a great shoe for you know backyard barbecues you can go to the ballgame it’s

just an excellent casual shoe and did you know that the original canvas sneaker was originally produced by kids back in like 1892 I think and it’s been said that the word sneaker was popularized in an advertising campaign where a shoes Rubber Soul was so quiet that you could

literally sneak up on people and they couldn’t even hear you I suggest to go for a neutral pair in like a canvas white beige gray and so those are the most versatile options that you don’t really have to think about what you’re going to wear with them alternatively

to the canvas you can drop in the white leather sneaker this one is a great option you can wear it with a suit you can wear it casually the white trainer is definitely a staple in a man’s wardrobe so the bottom line is that the canvas sneaker is

stylish and versatile it’s a great flip-flop alternative you know don’t be that guy rocking flip-flops in the middle of summer when you’re not around a beach but yeah it’s definitely a summertime to go to when you’re just keeping it super casual are so rounding out the top 5

are the Oxford or the derby Oxford also known as ball morals and the Derby also known as blitz and what differentiates the two essentially in a nutshell is that a Oxford has a closed lacing system and the Derby has an open lacing system I put like a diagram

up so that you guys can see what I’m talking about but yet a black Oxford or Derby as a pair of shoes that all men own I believe even guys who aren’t even in this style in fact I believe many men’s first pair of shoes is a black

Oxford or Derby and I know mine was but it was of the horrific kind the square-toed variety and you know definitely I think I’ve burned that shoe a long long long time ago so yeah I definitely do not suggest a square-toed shoe something more classic you know more

rounded so did you know that Oxford is named after Oxford University in the UK and before this the Oxford had its origins in Scotland and Ireland you definitely want to go for a pair of quality Oxford’s you know it’s going to be a little bit more expensive but

it’s definitely gonna be well worth it it’s gonna last in the end so when you pay a little bit more it’s gonna be a lot higher quality and another thing to keep a lookout is for the make of the shoe and so what I’m talking about is how

is it constructed I’m gonna link to another video which is a review of this shoe actually that I talked about what makes up a quality shoe and so a good pair of high-quality vaulted shoes typically goes for around 360 to like 400 dollars seems a little bit pricey

but it’s definitely worth it in the end but when you invest in a high quality pair of shoes it can last for decades you know you can get the bottom of the sole wreak rafted as for color I would go black or brown here you can’t go wrong

with either Brown being more versatile think about wearing brown for everyday wear and black for more formal occasions like you know weddings funerals and black-tie events and so Brown is more casual the lighter in shade you go the more casual it’s going to be nice cap toe Oxford

or Derby is my recommendation for a first dress shoe the bottom line the Oxford’s and derbies are men’s style essentials and they really are what separates the men from the boys rounding out the top six is the brown leather boot and depending on the look depending on the

style you can add a bit of sartorial sophistication or rebellious ruggedness to your look you got dressed boots you got casual work boots you have chuckles you have Chelsey’s and even cowboy boots do you know that many heritage brand boots like Red Wing and Wolverine have been around

for hundreds of years as for the style you can opt for a more casual work boot or a more stylish dress boots you know doesn’t really matter go for either one or get both the thing I love about boots is that over time you know it really gets

worn in and so you can add a lot of character to your boots some guys go as far as intentionally just beating up their boots just to give it that distinguishing look as for recommendations you guessed it I recommend a brown pair of work or dress boots they’re

just very versatile and they go with everything from chinos jeans wool trousers corduroy pants it’s just super versatile personally when I’m wearing a more rugged boot like the Wolverine or the Thorogood then I will cuff my pants up just to give it more of a rugged edge the

bottom line brown leather lace ups they’re utilitarian but they are also super stylish it’s perfect for the fall winter season dress them up dress them down you know wear them into the ground clean them and then do it all over again onto the nice-to-haves number seven is the

monk strap and so with the monk strap they come in single straps you can get a double strap or even a triple strap and you know I feel like the more straps you add the more of a statement you’re going to make and technically the monk strap is

a loafer because you’re slipping your shoes on there’s no laces and I feel like shoes like these are a bit polarizing you know you either love them or you hate them guys who are getting in this style tend to like gravitate towards amongst routes because I know when

I started getting a style I was like monk straps those are sick looking shoes I got to get myself a pair so I got myself a couple of them this pair and then I also have a suede pair right here and these are like my beater suede monk

straps that I wear out to like bars at night but yeah these shoes are kind of like a grown man’s velcro sneakers they’re not for everybody but I feel like every stylish man has at least one of these in their wardrobe my recommendation is to wear them with

pants that have zero break this the pants aren’t touching the shoe it’s going to give the shoe and the buckles the spotlight bottom line is that the monk straps are ultra stylish shoe can be worn with a suit or it can be more and more casually with a

blazer and jeans number eight nice to have is the Chelsea boot and I love the Chelsea boot it’s a pretty popular shoe these days its iconic and it’s designed but I feel like the Chelsea boot it’s not for everybody in fact I despise these shoes when I was

getting into style and I was like man I’m probably never gonna wear Chelsea’s but then I started seeing pictures of guys wearing them and it looked really nice in cash outfits like with t-shirt and jeans and you could even wear them with like suits and blazers too although

I wouldn’t recommend wearing a suede pair with a suit or blazers just because it’s a lot more casual is a little bit more rugged but you can get a leather pair that’s a little bit more dressy a little bit more refined so yeah they look good with jeans

chinos wool trousers corduroy and Chelsey’s they come in a variety different colors they come in leather they come in suede the bottom line the simple and clean silhouette of chelsea boots lends itself to being dressed up or being worn more casually so it’s a very versatile shoe and

you’re sure to get the style points when you’re rocking chelsea boots last but certainly not least we’ve got the casual sneaker and so athletic shoes like this are primed to be worn with the athleisure look and shoes like this aren’t just for running or tennis these days you

know a lot of men are wearing them more casually just lounging around whether you’ve got some errands to run or some buddies to me you know the casual sneaker is the most comfortable option that you have you rock them with joggers in a ball cap or you can

wear them with rolled up jeans and a t-shirt so did you know that the sneaker originally called plimsolls date back to as early as the 1700s and during this time there was no difference between the left and the right shoe for recommendations I would go with a pair

in neutral shades so this one we got here is leather and it’s got some Navy some white and the gum sole and this one is just all grayed out with some white pretty much and then there’s that pop of green there yeah the bottom line casual sneakers they

look great they feel great and just keep it looking matte stylish alright that’s it for this video I hope you guys liked it if you did please give it a thumbs up if you are new here please consider subscribing put out new videos like this once a week

you’re not yet in the you notifications squad hit that notification button and hit that Bell so that you get alerts anytime I put out an update but yeah a good outfit and good shoes you know they must go together you can’t have an amazing looking outfit and have

some pretty crummy looking shoes and so I hope that this video highlights some of the options that you have and you know if you disagree with me or you think something that I missed that isn’t a list let me know down in the comments below what are on

your list of men’s shoe essentials but yeah that’s all I got for this video cheers to your style and I will catch you on the next one peace you

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