okay you guys I am in a rough day let's take a stroll through the men inside the boys men here is red case with these are going to be $30 here I have not seen you case with burn in a long time they say very huge in junior high high school right here these are gonna be the Jordans and let's see I don't know the price on that you guys I can't tell you the price oh is that right there I'm fifty dollars I got some Levi's right here these are gonna reach 25 they're gonna have a lot of cleats here though I notice Ross has a lot of cleats $18 we got some Nike ones more Levi's shoes we got Sperry here these are gonna be $32 we have Skechers memory foam let me tell you that price 37 dollars more underarm cleat and these are gonna be $50 another set right here 18 then we have this one right here I don't know a brand RBX and it's gonna be $20 we got some Hilfiger shoes right here 25 25 um let's see what else anything interesting you guys a lot of them are the same here okay they do have them they do have a feeler high-top is it a suede that's what they look like can we check that price on that the UH put the other tag in the middle it is 35 $35 we have some fearless lighters here let's see that price tag no price tag do a lot of Levi's though 20 again the Skechers more Levi's sneakers Under Armour right here like a denim high-top oh no price okay this one is actually going to be $25 alright let's keep a look in here I'm pretty much things they're all gonna be the same yeah I see a lot of repeats and this Ross for guys there's really nothing going on yet they're like go around to other Ross here's more than RBX brand $20 we do have a white Fela look at those and that is gonna make $25 what else we got you know here's some other shoes there's a nice ones Perry and let me bring that price I can't find a price on that I think that one's gone there's another pair nice ones these are none bush none bush you guys and look at the soles on the inside that looks comfortable you got the gel sole comfort gel here and they're gonna be oh man where's the price are like Griff top but for this over here the what I say these are Perry these are gonna be $30 I didn't see a price on that I thought I did more sketchy memory foam let's see Oh $30 okay those ones are gonna be 30 here is a Sperry right here I think we just saw this this is gonna be you know $25 for people who like those we got a lot of Skechers here what is this one down here Oh coach these are guys you know I would wear this you know what I my shoes mainly come from the men's section because I like the thicker soles for me because nothing I do end up buying my shoes a lot from the men's section because I like a thick sole and that's just me this is gonna be $40 they are kind of dirty though already yeah here is a Puma and this is gonna be $45 what else they have here here's some DC Wow haven't seen this brand a long time either my son used to wear a lot of DC shoes when he was younger this is gonna be $28 look at these funky Fela ones right here these are definitely different shoes oh yeah these do like a bowling shoes but you know some people like she's like that so you like what you like great I mean I like weird stuff a lot of red ones here same case with France same RBX brand we got the levite leather 20 what is this one right here is a high-top it is gonna be 41 dollars this is Noir oh not I don't know let me see why not it says why not here I don't know this brand you guys let me check the inside so I think this one is a Jordan if I'm not mistaken so we do have the symbol here and this is going to be 40 $1.

99 so $42 that is a high top here so that's one shoe I found they do have an Adidas okay I finding some more here here is a blue Adidas and this is for guys no price on this one and we have one two more slider one that I know happened to the rest of them Levi's sliders okay here's a feeling – again with the cleats let's see this one a lot of these prices are missing this is gonna be $35 right here alright here's some more shoes I think these are the same we've seen the Hilfiger ones here is some converse looks like for a little kid it's gonna be $28 actually I must work our way more down here we got a lot of Fila here a lot of Under Armour I'm saying a lot of their same repeat that this Ross yeah everything is gonna be a repeat here's adidas tubular red oh I want to Beca sell these and these are $45 45 for the red ones more Under Armour right here $45 40 44 this one Puma is gonna be a dirty look at the texture on that one festive Brent and Cody they're white okay it's getting really crowded in here and the aisles are super tiny anything else let's see okay we got more adidas right here look at that one that price is ripped off but that's what they had that here how are you guys so I'm gonna browse through some of these shirts here in the boys section this is going to be basically this is a size large it's all behind you we got $15 this is gonna be $10 there's people all around tell me if I'm near somebody $7 look at that one well this one has like the skull pattern on it so this one's gonna be 13 you got plenty of those here this one's gonna be seven California Republic dollars ten stuff I won have him echo oh wow that's such a brand $8 per the NASA one and then they have the lrg cycle of life $10 we have another Popeye he is in that tattoos all over him you seven look he's a DJ they're seven bunny listen has sharks all over it young and reckless friend with I don't know how much it is going to be ten dollars without Hurley I think it's quite a bit of everything here it's just very crowded had to just skim through them lrg welcome 10 la familia $8.

00 hello you're skipping homegirl and that's gonna be seven thirteen dollars was there someone behind me guys $10 five paints seven yeah there's crowded that one has little lobsters on it it's gonna be $11 it and look at this one cactus one that's kind of cute well very crowded in here super super crowded this roaster this section right here this one is pink and it says Savage is gonna be $6 again lrg and we're looking at $11 palm trees 13 with this one young and reckless $10 and then more puffs I was seeing a lot of the Popeye here seven dollars seven all right let's just browse browse browse hello 21 I think a lot of these are seeing oh my gosh Beavis and Butthead riding the California Bear and that's funny here is more shirts here these aren't going to be a pattern button-up shirts here like look at this watermelon one and pull that one out and that one it's going to be can you pull the tag on that it is going to be $14 for this pattern and I do have a pineapple one – this one has pineapple sunglasses and watermelon and this is gonna be $13 this is like for vacation like we go on a vacation or something look at this one has triangles on it yeah all these are gonna be printed button-up shirts here look there's even one with flamingos it's really hot in this store am i dying look at this one little tiki hut or something how much is that can we see the price on that one no let's not pick my dollars where's the Ross tag Oh $13 so 13 let's see here's another print this is like hotdogs on it a hotdog palm tree this is $13 so on this side we have con air beard have mustache trimmer and these are gonna be $8 here they do have the wall home products right here I have seen this in another store this is $10 so you know for you need that we have the combo cut right here $16 this is by Conair a clipper kit it's gonna be 20 20 dollars for that cheap row $20 yeah stay smooth rechargeable shaver that's gonna be ten actually and they do have the wall here it is $28 right you guys so here's a sock section let's say they have Lucky Brand socks they're gonna be six dollars I see some Calvin Klein here and these are gonna be ten dollars they've got a little bit of everything here at Ross oh my gosh this door is like super hot look at this one this is right here look at that having to get a beer nachos and like a drumstick that's funny Lucky Brand New York Lucky Brand again $6 this one is Hey Arnold socks uh-huh $2.

99 that's definitely different we got Captain America what is this one over here oh look who's that Dexter odd socks right here Dexter laboratory this is gonna be $5 here but look they even have Steven universe here keep it pulled that down Steven Steven universe crew socks a dollar 99 let's keep walking let's walk walk walk more Izod $10 puma you get these are $8 we get some Calvin Klein black ones and these are gonna be $10 on the crew neck t-shirt Pro cotton stretch you get three for $15 that's the size small though and then yeah $15 you get pull over right here tanks 10 doll what else is over here RV ex-friend $7.

99 and you get three so here's where doesn't have like a lot of like you know just the white knitted playing shirts right here like we have Hanes $7.

99 and you get three pocket t-shirts I want to say maybe I want to say maybe Walmart might be cheaper I think Walmart might be a little more for the Hanes I can't remember here we have you know underwear polo $13 boxer briefs we got Levi's 13 we have Under Armour this is gonna be nine dollars we do have the jaw keeper in $13 low-rise brief $10 I'm just browsing you guys um let's say we do have a lucky you know um the Lucky Brand $10 Caribbean Joe $8 mm-hm you get four looks like we got echo unlimited and these are gonna be $10 but I think I'm gonna finish up here there's not that much why not all this is like activewear right when you wear like under for a sport we have performance of mesh boxer briefs $13 here not bad price actually for those the performance ones are not bad price here we do have a puma I just saw this is gonna be $13 active stretch comfort waistband tag free comfort you know and then we have Dickies here and then Adidas oh my goodness it is so crowded here and this side it's gonna be children but I don't think I'm gonna go into that I try to go find some wallets here I can't find more clippers 20:21 eight Remington and that is it you guys oh here some belts we got some Steve Madden belts here $6.

99 summer $12.

99 we got Timberland right here $13 and then is that you guys I'm gonna end this video here in my Roth they didn't had so much going on in the shoe section is very crowded in here noisy and super super hot today in the store but that is it thank you so much for watching and I will see you all in the next video you.

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