Should Men EVER Wear Square Toe Dress Shoes? | Squared Toe Vs Curved Toe Which Side Are YOU On?

Should Men EVER Wear Square Toe Dress Shoes? | Squared Toe Vs Curved Toe Which Side Are YOU On?

Giay Nam Dep – gentlemen there’s a lot of big questions out there such as what is the meaning of life are we alone in the universe is Keanu Reeves a bad actor or an acting genius guys those questions a little bit beyond this video but what we will cover in this video

is should a man ever wear square-toed dress shoes now every time I put this image up on social media people go nuts and I get people just coming in saying that spirito dress shoes are an abomination we should take them up shoot them off into space burn

them destroy them but get rid of square-toed dress shoes I’m not going to say I’m that extreme I do have a preference for curved toe dress shoes but I don’t think most people understand actually why they have and why society has a preference for curved toe dress shoes

hopefully you enjoy the points I’m going to hit on on why each shoe actually has its purpose and its place in society so to start off a little bit of history lesson here so if we go back almost ten thousand years man started to wear shoes basically it

gave him the ability to further his range you could walk across services that would have hurt his feet maybe would have slowed him down and he could just move quicker or knew a wider surface initially it was animal hides or it was cloth wrapped around the feet they’ve

been made from wood sandals became very popular you look at the Roman a lot of people actually talk about the Roman history and footwear has always been an issue for militaries and for conquest now an interesting evolution happened at some point that we saw the modern day shoe

come about and what’s interesting about this shoe is it initially was something that only rich people could afford up to about two hundred years ago shoes were made you didn’t have a rider left foot you simply had a shoe that was your size and you got two of

them there was no idea of left or right for you but the point I wanted to make is shoes have this history it now let’s talk about square toe versus curved toe so right here we have an example of what I consider to be an attractive square toe

Chi I know some people think that they’re all an abomination but there are advantages to the square toe chew one of them is that the toe box in general is going to be a little bit larger so with people with a little bit wider feet if you’re a

long distance runner and your feet swell this is going to be something that you may actually find more just simply more comfortable something’s going to work with your lifestyle also you see them in boots in a number of very functional designs of type of footwear these often times

and I’ve heard even from some guys that work in these type of boots they love them because they can kick things and they can actually use it almost as a tool so if you think about very functional in that regard but if you go back to the history

this is reminiscent of what we’re known as straights straights were basically where shoes did not have a left or a right style so they were all they were made to go on either foot and people just simply went with it hard to believe huh you didn’t have a

left or a right size now the square toe in general I think it’s become fashionable over in parts of Europe it goes on and off that’s why I think this saw a resurgence in menswear in a sense in my opinion actually been kind of taken down the wrong

direction the extreme square again when you’ve got a wide angle like that I don’t think that flatters any man but something like this is ok but let’s get to the modern-day curved toe so clearly right here what we see is it this is made for the left foot

and that was a big distinction and why I think a lot of modern people have a preference and they don’t even know towards this style is it basically marks that this is clearly higher-end shoe made for an individual’s left foot or their right foot another interesting thing about

it is men that rode horses they oftentimes wanted to have a pointed front right up here and the reason you wanted the pointed toe is it allowed you to easily get your foot right into the stirrup of the saddle whenever you’re riding so those two things right there

it was basically this was the shoe of the elite this was a higher-end shoe so for 200 years if you think about it we have carried on this tradition knowing that history right there guys in understanding that yeah there are some advantages if you’ve got really wide feet

maybe go towards the square toe but I think for most people and most men they should be looking at the classic designs with the curved toe and it again you can try to bring it in if you know what you’re doing when it comes to the square toe

but for most guys this is going to be the right choice hopefully you guys enjoyed the video definitely go check out the e-book we have on dress shoes almost a hundred pages solid information right now it’s free I think at some point I’m going to yank it and

sell it put it on Amazon or something but right now you can grab that ebook for free that’s it guys let me know what you think in the comments down below I’ll see you in the next video [Music] you [Music]

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