The 5 BEST White Sneakers For Men

The 5 BEST White Sneakers For Men

[Music] as you know I love shoes and I got tons of them it's probably one of the things I'm mostly obsessed about when it comes to men's style but if you ever go into my closet or I ever get around doing that shoe collection video I would say

about man 40% of my closet is white sneakers I absolutely love them they're ultra versatile they go with everything and it doesn't take much effort to use them and when you do your outfits just look clean today I'm gonna share with you my top 5 favorite all-time white

sneakers that I believe every dude should own at least once in their life if that sounds interesting what's up into it number one probably this is this is a no-brainer Nike Air Force One these reach around 90 bucks which makes him relatively affordable and accessible to almost every

dude they are also the highest selling athletic shoe in history ever since they were launched over 35 years ago they've ranked in over 28 billion that's what the beep no other athletic trainer has ranked in as much money as this one shoe which is just a testament of

how versatile and popular they are number two the Duke sneaker from a smart this is an all-white super simple leather sneaker and this is for my minimalist friends out there the dudes that are purists they're not into flashy things or brand-name logos they just want a well-crafted shoe

that looks good if that's you this is gonna be your sneaker our sponsor ace marriage when they designed the shoe they made it ultra simple and minimal which is exactly what I love in my personal shoe collection but the best part the thing that really just knocks these

sneakers out the ball part is the quality I have a lot of white sneakers like I said and I have everything from name-brand stuff like diwanji to low-end stuff you want to know what the difference is these are as good if not better than those they're made in

Italy died in Italy and crafted in a factory that's family-owned by fourth generation so there are four generations of craftsmanship going into every single pair of shoes that when you throw these on you're literally gonna think you're walking on thousand dollars sneakers like that I think this is

a resource that every stylish dude should already know of or should have already tried if you have you gotta click the link down below and buy yourself at least one pair of shoes and I would start with these white sneakers they have a rubber sole that stitched most

of the white sneakers that you'll buy or sneakers in general are glued on soles because it's a cheaper method and what happens is that these end up breaking faster for example your converse after a few months of wearing converse you'll notice the sides start coming off or breaking

apart this is because that's a glute salt you'll never have the problem with these a smart because these are stitched on top of it these shoes they're crazy comfortable you'll be able to walk for miles with these it feels like you're walking on pillows because it has a

cushion tongue and collar so when you put these on your ankles and foot it's gonna have a nice comfortable support all day you're not gonna be uncomfortable in them you haven't tried this level of luxury you got to you guys wanna check it out they're gonna be linked

down below so if you guys want to check him out like I said don't miss out on this offer the third White's thinking that I absolutely love are the Vans low tops the old school in 1997 when this model dropped it became the hallmark for the entire brand

of vans but since this video is about white sneakers the one that I recommend for today are the all-white leather ones these are even more amazing they're gonna be a little bit more expensive I think they retail for around 70 or 80 bucks but the beauty of these

is that since they're leather they're gonna be a little bit more durable but also it's a more modern approach to this classic design which makes it ultra versatile again allowing you to wear these sneakers with jeans with chinos or with shorts and look amazing doing some number for

the Nike Flyknit racer of course we're gonna need a more athletic or athleisure shoe to this collection because you just want your basics you want something that if you're going to go to the gym or you want to pull an athleisure look that's where you're gonna gravitate to

these fly night racers are just that the best part of flying it racers is that they come in an array of colors but obviously the ones that I'm recommending today are the all-white model because like I like I've been saying in this whole video white it's just so

easy to pair with almost anything whether you have a bright outfit going on or something super neutral like all black white is always going to look and finally number five the adidas Stan Smith it is one of the most iconic Adidas sneakers that you'll find in their lineup

more it's more impressive is that more recently around 2011 today they have become even more popular and being rocked by almost everybody in every subculture within fashion so it doesn't matter if you're a menswear guy or a street wear guy these Stan Smith's look absolutely amazing with almost

any outfit that you could think of and if you go with the all-white model which is my personal favorite that has no color whatsoever they're gonna be even more versatile and for around seventy eighty bucks it's a no-brainer pick up that when they get dirty you can easily

replace them without breaking the bank and that's basically it for today's video guys I hope you enjoyed it if you did don't forget to drop us a like down below also don't forget to check out our sponsor ace marks if you guys want to check out those dukes

at that ridiculous price can we link down below as well that's it for me today see you next time

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