The Best Shoe Brands in 2019 (part 1)

The Best Shoe Brands in 2019 (part 1)

[Music] gentlemen hello and welcome in this new episode of Satyam talk I know that this episode will be very interesting for many of you because we received a lot of questions and commands and demands on what kind of shoes can i buy with my budgets which brands I have to buy so today we're going to review together 16 Browns of shoes ranking from 180 dollars to $600 so that I can give you an overview of the men's shoe market of today and help you spending your money in the best way possible acquiring nice pair of shoe witches as you all know very important to have in the gentlemen wardrobe we've been looking at this market with Sonya and since probably 10 years now and believe me there's one thing that I want to share with you immediately this is that the shoe market for man is exploding this is one of the most dynamic market in the menswear industry by far and I don't speak only about sneakers and you know this kind of sports shoe that are everywhere now which is a they represent a lot of money now specifically for the big brands who are making millions and selling some kind of plastic shoes at the price of gold and speaking about real leather shoes that you can wear for business and that you can wear with your shoes so we're gonna review today we've been selecting for you 16 brands in this first part because they're going to be a second part for other brands other budget of course but on this first part we're going to reduce 16 brands for ranking from 190 dollars to $600 and may I warn you now before I continue shoes for man can be very addictive once you buy your first pair of shoes I can tell you one thing is that you want a second pair and when you have a second pair you want to have a third pair because you have maybe they're an Oxford and then you want to Derby and then you want to offer and so I have to warn you it can be very addictive it can be excellent for your elegance but it can be bad for your bank account that's another subject but so go slowly but the rule is that as soon as you have let's say three or four different style make sure that you don't wear are your shoe two times in a row make sure that you put them on woods so that they can dry and you will keep those shoes for a long time we are talking here about luxury shoes only and we're going to start with a brown that we've been recommending a lot on Parisian gentleman and in sartorial talks and that we still recommend because we do believe that it's an excellent introduction into the world of luxury shoes this brand is called Merman and this brand is owned by a man from the al-balad a whole family so if you are a shoe connoisseur you may know that the Alvin of the whole family is also the name of the family who's on in Carmina and Carmina which is a fantastic brand of shoes hailing from the island of Palma de Majorca in Spain but to be totally clear and this some kind of people are asking what's the relationship between Merman and camel there's no relationship between the two company is two separate company except their ancestors asks some links because they are just from the same island but Merman and Karina are two different companies that being said Merman is offering good euro shoes at a price which is incredible because they start at one hundred and ninety five dollars can you believe that for one hundred and ninety five dollars you can have real Goodyear welted shoes and all the range of what you need are available with Merman from the Oxford to the blue shirt and from the boots to the loafers it's often kostik extensive Randolph use for an incredible price the reason for that is simple and Merman is very transparent about that those shoes are crafted in China it means that Merman has been training artisan in China to craft the shoes according to the real techniques and I've been seeing myself some shoes by Merman and I can tell you that extremely decent shoes specifically for the price so Merman is an excellent value the only thing that I can I have to warn you a little bit about it there may be a little bit difficult to breaking but once again great value specifically for the price under $200 the second brown I'm going to mention is of course a brand from England because you know that England is also a cradle for quality shoe making and you can find in the Northampton region which is the place where dozens and back in there's probably hundreds of factories of shoes for men we're located you can still find some jewels for very very decent prices I think for example of look look is an old company located in the area of Northampton since 1880 I think and they still make some very decent shoes for a very attractive price around two hundred and twelve 250 dollars so remember this name look la ke e this is of course English shoes you have to like this kind of style which is more conservative more toned down that the Italian shoes and the Spanish shoes will sit an excellent shows and super value for money the next problem I would like to mention is Haring another Englishman a ring is a kind of a different company herring is not a shoemaker by itself a small shoe distributor because they distribute around the world brands like Will Smith Church Baker Joseph Cheney trickers but since a few years or maybe a decade airing is making his own range of truth and believe me for around two hundred and seventy dollars three hundred dollars you can have access to high quality English shoes made in Great Britain in the region of North um term for a very decent price herring h e double are ing it's a very very good name if you want to to step inside the world of British shoes and quality shoes now I'm going to speak about a French bra and this friend bone is called set CM larger 7th legs literally this is a great brown for a budget around three hundred three hundred twenty dollars which is once again a great value as you can see we clearly step into another world the French style of shoe making is more daring it's more creative I don't say it's better because it's a question of taste some people are incorruptible they want to wear English shoes because they believe and in their own right that the English rules are the best because there are conservative and very discreet but as you can see the shoes from sitting larger are very creative and I like that in France we are capable of offering shoes around three hundred dollars of this quality and this creativity so sets um larger if you're a little bit more daring if you are a little bit more I would say dandified if you like to be a little bit more creative in your outfit can be an excellent choice for you then the next round I'm gonna surprise you it's an American problem the first American run of this selection and it's our friends at cobbler Union in Atlanta Georgia we know couple you know since their foundation actually we spoke about choral Union operation gentlemen two or three weeks after they have been created can you believe that we we saw a pair of the ocean said wow these are beautiful shoes we were not used to see beautiful shoes made by an American Brown actually the shoes are not made in America of the made in Spain in the region of Al Mensa which is called too close to Alba set a which is another cradle in Spain you have two regions for shoes you have the Palma de Majorca Island and Alba City Almanza where you have a lot of factories who are crafting exquisite shoes we can say today that cobbler union may be on the market among the best values in the world because they distribute exquisite shoes for a very very attractive price under $400 and believe me the quality they deliver and the customer service they deliver for this price is absolutely stellar so it's a name to remember specifically every American choral Union is your go-to choice if you want to start with quality issues in your wardrobe now we're going to travel a little bit we've been in England we've been in France we've been in the u.


we've been in Spain's we're gonna go a little bit further and go to Portugal because you may not know but protocol has a great tradition of shoemaking it's a small country but they have a good tradition and there's one outstanding shoemaker in Portugal who is called Carlo Santos Carlo Santos shoes are quite famous around the world this is the kind of factory we're used to craft for other people so you may have worn some calluses onto the shoes back in the use without knowing it because they were crafting for many many other famous Brown since a decade I would say a little bit more they are crafting now under their own name and this is really beautiful shows for a budget around 400 around $400 $450 you can have access to extreme quality shoes made by real artisan in Portugal and as you can see they have some solid are absolutely dashing once again is from Portugal everything which is more from the sauce is a little bit more daring a little bit more creative a little bit more how can I say a little bit more a statement of style but it's beautiful shoes and if you maintain them correctly you're going to keep these shoes for a long long time remember this name Carol Santos from Portugal so let's go north now back to England and to a very special place that I like if you like some kind of like what we call country shoes you know these big blogs with strong Souls you know the kind of thing more for outdoors when you wear your tweed and when you go hunting when you go from some outside activities you should go you should consider the brand called triggers triggers is a very interesting Brown because it's to my knowledge the most attention the oldest true maker in the world because the triggers factory which is still an activity these days has been created can you believe that in 1829 at the beginning of the 19th century and they still an activity now and they're still making these fantastically sturdy shoes of course it's not very elongated it will not go with a bespoke suit it's really for people who like to have quality shoes for outdoors or to wear with a nice pair of salvaged Jean it's a brand to consider specifically for the young generation and one thing about triggers is that these shoes are basically literally undestructible you really have to to make it hard on them to to destruct them because they are built in such a way that they should last all your life now let's go back to France a little bit and consider around that time we like since a few years which has been created by a shoemaker a bespoke shoemaker that was hailing from Turkey and is now of course in France he passed away a few years ago but his son has been taking over the business and this is the brand called alton budget as you can see on the screen our town produces very very interesting shoes with very daring patina and they are very creative in their styles with double buckles with some design that you don't see everywhere same kind of price we still in the UK you will see that in the bracket between 400 and 500 a lot of good brands and alta as you can see is more for people who wants really to do some statistic statement specifically because they propose some very creative patina they'd like to create patina with some strong colors and this is why we love alton they bring something very interesting into the shoe arena with their creativity Alto there are three physical boutiques in Paris and you also can find them online it's a name to remember the next brand that I want to share with you we can say with Sonya that we have a personal history with this brand because the brown has the name of a young man I mean he was young he's been is he's a little bit older now it's our friend Justin Fitzpatrick so we can say that we have a personal story with Justin Fitzpatrick because with Sonya we knew and we're friend was just in B even before he had his own brown he was it was shining shoes and doing outstanding patinas at given oaks on Savile Row he had his own shoe shine in stand and is an American man and but it was working in England and he decided to create his own line of shoe and I remember in 2009-2010 a few years before he created his Brown he was having dinner with us and explaining his dream said he was I think it makes a college about entrepreneurship or something like that in the US and then he wanted to create his own children I was his obsession and guess what he did it and it became quite a successful shoe run that now shukran answers love because justin is first of all passionate about shoes he knows pretty much isn't encyclopedia about shoes he has a blog that you probably know is called the shoe snob and he has a particularity which is quite incredible when you are a shoe bran of writing on his own blog about other shoe brands that shows you the personality of this guy is has if you are passionate about a Ferrari and then you are Ferrari tailor and you write about Aston Martin or about other brand like that it's kind of an unusual way to behave but it shows you the passion of the man justin has been studying shoe making with Stefano memory in Florence I know he was very close also he is still very close to Tony Gaziano from Graziano girling in London and he he now have an extensive line of shoes with different styles and different ones and that's what impressed me the most is the depth and the the width of is collection you can find basically everything under Justin Fitzpatrick brand from the sneaker to the vulnerable even button Balmoral boot and of course the Oxford the butcher the loafers the penny loafers everything is available and always with one thing is a very good day these shoes are crafted in Spain in the region of immense a close to Alba City and believe me for 400 to 450 dollars it's a very good investment name to remember just in fitzpatrick now we come back to England you see him in this selection we're going to go south and north and south and nose in France and England and Spain and Italy this is a pretty much the map of the best shoes in the world and in England we go back to one of our favorite which has a very interesting history called Joseph Cheney Joseph Cheney has a very interesting story as a brand Joseph China was sold to the church his brand you know the famous church his Brown from England in the 1960s as you probably know if you are interested in this market that you know that the church is brought as itself been sold to the Prada Italian group in 2009 and became kind of a fashionable Brown in 2009 what is interesting is that the two hairs of the church family Jonathan and William Church decided in 2009 to buy with their own money the Joseph Cheney brand and to revive it to its original style and now today Joseph Shanae is back really full force in the game with great shoes around 400 450 dollars maybe $500 in this price bracket you will find great classic English shoes for a very very competitive price so Joseph Cheney is now more than ever a brown to consider specifically if you like British classic style the next round I would like to recommend and I would like to warmly recommend because we know this family we know these people the great people we've been visiting this utterly in Bologna in Italy many times it's the Brawn which bear the name of his father called Enzo banoffee there are incredible people and the Bonifay is in 80's and is still working every day in his Atelier with his wife Karina which is designing and cutting the uppers and with the son Massimo and the daughter Sylvia it's a real family business and these people are producing exquisite shoes at an incredibly affordable price around $500 which is incredible when you see the quality of the craftsmanship and this is in my opinion in this price bracket around 500 $600 probably one of the best values in the world and at bonifay you can find exquisite boots they are very famous for their button boots you can find exquisite Oxford always classic shoes but with this Italian flair that is so special and give Italy this kind of am I wouldn't i would not say leadership because there's no leadership between England France Spain Italy they're all good shoe makers but Bonifay is a fantastic utterly so please please remember this name Enzo banoffee in Bologna and if you stumble upon on some doughnut issues around $500 you don't hesitate because there are great shoes made by great artisans and real artists family the next one I would like to speak about is a French Brown has been founded by Alex – hello Alex see he's a good friend of us and Alexei Alexei is part of this new generation of shoe brands that have been creating a shoe brand because they were passionate about shoes you know this is the new generation that started to be interested in Schwinn it became an obsession and they decided to create the online so : cool is a beautiful brand of shoes that is that have three or four boutiques now in Paris and which harm as you can see on the screen very creative very daring with dashing patinas and this is the French tile there's one particularity about Kirilenko is that they may look a little bit like Italian shoes but the difference is that there are a little bit shorter than Italian shoe sometimes when you Italian the like choose a little bit longer than British shoes and : ku has this kind of Italian touch but there are a little bit shorter so the work that Alex alefo and his team did on the proportion of the fruits is absolutely stunning this is also a name to remember if you like to make more sadistic statement with dashing patinas and also I suppose I know they have one of the best empty or service in the world you can really really have an amazing choice between many lasts and many colors you can choose all the details I guess for an additional 20 or 25 percent : cool remember this brown this is from France and it's a fantastic shoe brown the next round I would like to speak about is an American Brown made in America and it's a very famous brownie which is called Alden Alden is a famous Brown for specifically a model which is de brug the full brogue but Ireland and specifically for the cordovan leather shoe that they make they make beautiful cordovan leather okay you know that cordovan leather is a horse leather which is basically either you like it or don't like it there's no no middle way with cordovan leather it's a kind it has a natural shine it's beautiful it's extremely sturdy you will I mean a good cordovan leather shoe will last you your home probably will survive you if you have the same size as your son you will you will give to him your cordovan leather shoes and alden is very famous for that but in his main line alden around 550 i would say 500 to 600 dollars is a great brown if you like classic english style made in america shoes specifically the brock and they are very good also on all kind of boots and specifically what I like to call tanker boots you know this kind of boots yet you put outside for doing some outdoor things alden is extremely good at this kind of shoes great Brown now let's visit a country we didn't visit yet we've been in Spain we've been Great Britain we've been in America we've been in Italy we've been in France we've been in Portugal let's go now to Hungary then a little bit more Eastern Europe and in angery and specifically in Budapest which is a beautiful city by the way there's a very important shoemaker whose name is very important this day and it's his name is called las navas Vass las Flores is quite famous because he produced a book back in the years I think it was in the 1990s for the people who we're not shoemakers and how to craft a pair of shoes a pair of leather shoes and then his name started to develop because of course with the cost of labour was a little bit lower in the Eastern Europe that in Western Europe las navas was offering exquisite shoes and specifically spectator shoes are spectacular for a price that was unearned half in the Western Europe today you can have access to ready-to-wear vast shoe for around 600 euros 650 euros and believe me this is exquisite shoes and high-quality we are now in the high quality segment las navas I may add that in Budapest Budapest is a very interesting City if you like quality issues there's one street in Budapest where you can find probably six or seven bespoke italia right there in front of you at very affordable price if you don't know the work of las navas you have to take a look because it's really really interesting and also of course one of the bastions of quality issues in northampton is the famous iconic Brown called Crockett & Jones Crockett and John is an institution of the beautiful English Crockett & Jones is distributing and crafting two lines the main line and the handcrafted line which is a little bit higher in price but the main line retails around 600 650 dollars and believe me for this price you are stepping into the quintessential British shoe with beautiful Oxford iconic butchers derbies fantastic loafers Crockett & Jones there are not the most creative people in the world they're very conservative we're talking about English shoes but if you have five to six hundred dollars to spend on a pair of shoes and you want something very classic Crockett and Ruth was is and will always be I think a very very safe bet you [Music].

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