Top 10 Most Stylish Water Proof Shoes/ Stylish Water Proof Men’s Shoes And Boots

Top 10 Most Stylish Water Proof Shoes/ Stylish Water Proof Men’s Shoes And Boots

what’s up you too Jeff your style oh gee you know today’s video I’ve got my 10 picks for the most stylish waterproof shoes if you’re new to the channel we release a new video every day at 4 p.

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Eastern discussing various men’s lifestyle topics such as stop grooming and dating I invite you to subscribe and tap the notification bell and join us and to my returning friends like Shane right salute now many times style is a battle between form and function function style form function which do you lean towards especially during inclement weather you want to pull out those nice suede or leather shoes but you’re worried about them getting ruined but don’t worry on today’s video I’m gonna run down about 10 of the most stylish waterproof shoes not only will they be protected from the elements I want to make sure they also look good too it’s without further ado let’s get into this list of the most stylish waterproof shoes now I know a lot of you guys wouldn’t dare risk going out in the evidence in a sweet suede sneaker that’s all my first pick especially for you it’s the Puma basket classic waterproof shoe and as you can see here this has beautiful classy Pumas styling but it has a nice waterproof suede construction so not only can you rock out and look like you have redness sneakers on you don’t have to worry about them get messed up on top of that I think it’s a nice beautiful dark green color that looks great in the fall in the winter time and on top of that I’ve seen these on sale for only 50 bucks now we’re gonna go from one in addressing the spectrum to the other from a sneaker to a sweet Chelsea boot as our next pick is this do my grandmother proof Chelsea boot now this one has precision-engineered footbed with semi seal waterproofing and a cord out rubber sole that is filled with energy foam for cushioning now look you still want to look stylish even when it’s rain or snow this one looks just like a regular leather Chelsea boot but it’s waterproof so you say your boot preference is more of a chukka boot don’t worry our next one has you covered as this is a rockport details – chuckle ooh now this is made and waterproof leather of course has a slip resistant outsole a cushioning footbed in a supportive cup heel and I think it comes in this nice kind of chestnut brown color that’s right a leather chuckle book that you gerak when it’s raining of snow now next up I’ve got another sneaker for you I bet you didn’t think you can wrap a classic Vance silhouette when it’s raining or snowing but you can with this Vance Kate hi MTE now if you see here it has a legendary advance high-top with additional designs for the element deluxe water resistant upper room closing and a heat retention blade between the socks and your outsole keeps your feet warm and dry and it looks just like to me a classic Vance Kate high smooth van classic styling and water now next up we have a waterproof boot from a company I really recommend I’m talking ugh that’s right ugh with this Henson I’m sorry Hanan TL boot now this one has a beautiful quarter vine premium waterproof leather sealed seams luxurious wool interior and attraction enhancing outsole now that’s one it reminds me of the styling of a classic grin see you know our hiking / work boot that looks stylish and on top of that of course waterproof now next up I have a pic that you guys are looking for a nice waterproof dress pool as this time we have this Blondo Damien waterproof wingtip boot now this one of course is made of waterproof materials with sales scenes a side zip line up closer and a removable insole and of course a nice rubber outsole for traction you get the nice dressy wingtip Stalin you don’t have to worry about messing it up in the rain or the snow now next up I have a great minimalist waterproof sneaker as we have the Cole Han gran Explorer all-terrain waterproof sneaker now this one is crafted in waterproof nubuck and features an anatomically contoured energy foam sock liner for superior conquer and a robust lug that provides traction and durability and what I like about this one the nice minimalist neutral color easy to match up who said you couldn’t have a nice smooth sneaker that’s waterproof we’re sticking with Cole Han for my next recommendation but this time we have a boot with a nice detailing I really like as we have cole Haans chestnut waterproof plaid boot now this one is a light weight ultra insulated lock so boot it can withstand the elements because it has a fully waterproof upper which eliminates water seepage and helps to keep the foot dry and on top of that I really like the plaid detailing that goes along with the brown mock so a really smooth sweet cold hot waterproof boot next up is a pick for you guys who think you can’t wear your classic converse when it’s wet outside as I have this converse Taylor all-star waterproof sneakers yes I said a waterproof paired sucks the innovative use of different waterproof technologies makes you able to wear this one and I really loved a nice black style you’ve got the classic Chuck Taylor all-stars silhouette on top of that it’s waterproof so go ahead Rock these classics without worrying about the elements but at least I’ve got a suit that’s obviously waterproof it’s rubber but it doesn’t have the ugly usable rubber styling that comes with the rubber boot as we have this hunter original den so Chelsea rain as you can see although this is a rubber boot it has a traditional Chelsea body style it’s made from the people that make the wellon seenu’s you know those rubber boots that are kind of ugly but still really work as you can see here this has the great styling of a Chelsea boot without having to worry about your leather getting messed up okay so there you have it my list of Timna most stylish and waterproof shoes let me know in the comment section which one you would my hat as always I hope you enjoyed the video if so hit that like button it helps the channel to grow and of course tap the notification Bell so you don’t miss any of your video to release every day at 4 p.


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