Top 6 Most Versatile Men’s Shoes/Best Shoes That Go With Everything!

Top 6 Most Versatile Men’s Shoes/Best Shoes That Go With Everything!


Eastern discussing various minutes lifestyle topics such as style grooming today I invite you to subscribe and tap the notification bell and join us and to my returning friends like Obi Ouma he bear hope I pronounced that correctly Lou now when attempting to build a well-rounded stylish wardrobe one of the challenges we can’t run into is limited resources myself included so what a lot of times I like to give you our shoes clothes and other items that are versatile one that you can wear in a variety of situations that should get stretched and get the most bang for your buck so in that vein today I’m gonna give you six are the most versatile types of shoes you can wear ones you can wear with chinos jeans suits trousers you name it so without further ado let’s get into these versatile shoes not only am I gonna talk to you a little bit about each shoe I’m gonna use snippets of look books I’ve done with each to illustrate how you can win starting with our first the wingtip now of course the wingtip is a specific kind of brogue shoe with this wing type detailing them broke on the front and to me the reason why this one is so versatile especially in brown is that you can wear it with almost anything for instance let’s take a look at this look now I’ve got three great looks to show you just how wide you can pull off the brown wingtips and versatile situations first up dark denim to me brown wingtips the perfect shoes when you’re trying to pull off the jeans and the dress you look second look of course you want to stop you dressing this up just another notch of course you go to a pair of chinos here some nice khaki chinos as you can see here once again the brown wingtips casual look to go with a look that’s not necessarily suit but dressy enough to pull off the chinos upscale but still a little bit relay it last but not least of course we can pull off their great rousers with a pair of winces now one of my favorite color combinations gray and brown just a smooth combo and with these nice herringbone pair of great trousers illustrating once again the versatility of the brown wingtip now for our second very versatile shoe I’m gonna step outside a box and give you one you might not have thought of I’m talking about that oxblood a burgundy loafer now a lot of people sleep on burgundy or ox blood shoes but I really don’t think you should let me show you a lookbook and show you how versatile oxblood loafer can be now first up I love how ox blood is a great match for darker colors such as black or dark grey as you see we have this tweed blazer and a black sweater and for a little contrast some like jeans iceplug very versatile a great match for your dark colors secondly as you can see here it goes very well with blue as you hear one of my favorite suits my Tino blue summer suit great match looks great with burgundy for our third look once again look how well versatile she pairs with some dark denim but I like this dark denim look with the light gray v-neck sweater smooth casual look well you might have wore some brown and black shoes but you got the nice curve ball of some ox blood and for our fourth and final look let’s do some business casual as I take some great slacks from a suit and with a blue blazer see how the eyes blood loafers definitely goes well versatility definitely can do it with Burgundy now for our third shoe today we’re going but to me the most versatile sneaker that’s the all white minimum of sneaker and of course we using my favorite sneaker the Stan Smith the great thing about the minimalist all white sneaker very easy to dress up very easy to dress down as you can see here we start off with some chinos and a nice button-up shirt and transition right into some jeans and a band collared shirt same sneakers two different looks casual but still well put together super versatile all white minimalist sneaker then you know it’s summertime want to do something even more casual how about some shorts into all white sneakers and a polo and last but not least once again you want to dress it all the way up the best suit and sneaker combo without a doubt some all-white minimum of sneakers in a summer Chino suit and for our fourth shoe today we got to talk about one that I have a hole in my wardrobe with that’s the black Derby now honestly I’m not a big fan of black shoes so that’s why I probably been slacking but everybody needs including me a black Derby now the black Derby is your more relaxed casual form of a black dress shoe so that makes it a little more versatile you can wear it with t know if you can wear it with jeans and yes you still can pull it off with this suit so if you want a versatile black shoe don’t do like I did and don’t skip over the black Derby shoe now for our fifth shoot in a versatile shoot countdown of course we’re going with a brown dress there’s gonna be times when you want to be a little dressy but the inclement weather or you just feel like wearing a boot the most versatile boot to me the Browns rest boot just look at the variety of outfits I can wear it with here I have a nice black shawl sweater and my gray herringbone trousers don’t like that switch it up go fully suited and booted literally with my great brown suit with these other dress boots casual versatile but still dressy enough to fit a suit don’t want to do it with a suit okay throw on some jeans and some brown dress boots as you can see here I have a pair with my unstructured blue blazer in a nice plaid shirt and last but not least fully suited and booted gray flannel with the dress boots and last but certainly not least on our countdown of the most versatile dress shoes we have one of my favorite style of shoes the brown monster at you now the most strap is a great way to walk that fine line between casual and dressy is dressier than a Derby but for some reason it’s to dress down as well look and you can definitely see that here the variety looks I’m showing you in this lookbook whether it’s Machino blazer with some jeans whether once again I broke my brown suit up and paired it with a v-neck sweater or you want to put up with some chinos and a polo monk straps work for that to get a little dance with it and of course once again going back to one of my favorite suits my gray flannel suit as you can see here the brown most wrap super versatile sexy and smooth there you have it my rundown of the six most versatile shoes you can have let me know in the comment section with shoes in your wardrobe you find to be the most versatile as always I hope you enjoyed the video if so hit that like button it helps the channel to grow and of course tap the notification bell so you don’t miss any videos released every day at 4 p.

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