Top 7 Fall/Winter Shoes Every Guy Needs To Own

Top 7 Fall/Winter Shoes Every Guy Needs To Own

Giay Nam Dep what’s up my dudes it’s your guy Jose oh that was fresh action I like that one you guys like the new intro what’s up my dudes it’s your guy Jose and for today we’re gonna be talking about the top seven stylish men’s shoes that you should be wearing

this fall and winter just like your wardrobe your Footwear is gonna change now that it’s colder you wanted to protect you you wanted to keep you warm but you also more importantly if you’re part of the famine to keep you stylish that’s a no-brainer and not for discussion

and today I got you on all three aspects because these seven cover all of them if that sounds interesting what’s happened number one the white leather sneaker I can’t live without this thing and I’m gonna keep recommending it to you until I stop liking because it’s just so

versatile like this is such an easy Streeter pair without with anything and it looks good but why it’s important for fall and winter it’s because this sneaker will keep you warm because it’s all leather it’s also not gonna get damped or soaked in the snow meaning you’re gonna

stay dry and it’s style number two you should see this coming by now the Chelsea boot the Chelsea boot has now I want to say become a classic for menswear it’s been raging for the last like three four years now it’s the type of boot that I believe

every man should already have in their words you’ll buy now and if you don’t you should pick one up and we’re sponsoring you Republic because these you can get four sub hundred bucks and they look amazing but why the chelsea boots so amazing is because it’s just a

stylish piece of menswear especially in the street wear culture meaning that if you’re a younger dude and maybe feel that some of the boot styles are too dressy for you they’re gonna make you feel uncomfortable this is the boot you want to start with the great thing with

these boots is like I said it’s not rubber it’s a natural CREP outsole which offers a lot of traction which is great if you live in the snow but also ensures that it repels the water and they won’t be getting soaked or damaged which will protect you against

the weather the top is a high-quality cowhide so this isn’t any fake or synthetic materials all high-quality this is what I’m saying if you want a good pair of chelsea boots you should try picking these up because it’s completely made with natural high-quality materials versus cheaper boots that

you’ll find sub hundred usually always use fake leather or other type of synthetic materials to cut corners and end up looking cheap and deteriorating fast and I want to help you out even more because like I said these boots from the New Republic there’s the most affordable ones

in the game you won’t find boots more affordable than these sub hundred it’s unheard of but I want to help you out even further if you guys want a pair of stylish Chelsea boot there’s gonna be a link down below so you guys can check them out definitely

take a look because they have several different colors and they frequently sell out of their styles and colors so you got to act fast if you do decide to purchase there’s also gonna be a discount code here’s a crazy thing these are so popular they never go on

sale so the fact that they’re giving you 15% it’s unheard of use TMF 15 you’re gonna get these next to nothing high quality boots that i mean it’s pretty much a gift at this point I would just buy multiple them and give them out to your family as

gifts because that’s a steal and you’re gonna save a lot of money for Christmas shop search you you definitely want for falling winter is the hiking boot this is a boot that I actually picked up for this season personally myself there’s the first time I own one and

I absolutely love them if you’ve never tried it you have to these are usually chunkier and definitely made for all-terrain purposes and to protect you against the weather so if you live in areas where it snows a lot this isn’t a boot that I gave it to you

you’re gonna be wearing all the time these are ultra comfortable they’re super chunky which actually builds up your frame a bit it makes you look a little bit thicker so if you’re a skinny dude it’s a positive number four I call the beater shoe this is the shoe

that well just like the name says you’re gonna beat down to the ground so pick a shoe that’s stylish that’s inexpensive that will protect you against the slush but also you don’t care if it gets ruined because you can replace it because it wasn’t that expensive a great

example of this the Vans old-school but don’t go with the classic suede Vance cuz these will easily get oKed and dampen your feet and won’t protect you at all instead go with the leather option this way you get the same classic silhouette of the vans which we all

know and love already we all know it looks stylish and it looks great but also that leather it’s gonna protect you against that weather and these are the shoes that you can beat down to the ground and not have to worry about replacement number five the chukka boot

this is another great boot option for the young guy that doesn’t want to wear something that’s too dressy or uncomfortable the beauty with the chukka boot is that it’s a very casual shoe that you can really just walk all day long and it almost feels as comfortable as

a sneaker you can also pick up a pair of chukka boots from New Republic which I’ll have link down below and these you can even get as low as 58 bucks when they go on sale so these are ridiculously affordable and same quality you get full cowhide leather

on the upper you get a CREP outsole which means you get that rubberized outsole that offers a lot of traction and also protection against the slush and the harsh weather and the same stylish look which is exactly what you want because as you know the chukka boot it’s

a classic and something you can wear three out of the four seasons of the year number six the Timberland six-inch boot this is originally made for the rugged guys that used to work the forests of New England and then a popular in the streets by all the rappers

but this boot it’s honestly a classic by now and when you wear it right it looks pretty damn style finally number seven the all-terrain sneaker so let’s say you don’t want to wear boots and you want something that really will protect you against the winter then go for

a secret that was purposely made for the winter everything from Nike Adidas and Puma all have sneakers that are made for the winter months however one of my favorite sneakers doesn’t come from any of that brand it comes from van and it’s their advanced skate high mt II

think of it as an all-terrain version of the regular skate hat which is awesome because this empty line was designed for all-terrain type of weather to protect you against all the harshest type of weather but it retains the same silhouette of your classic skate high and that’s basically

it for today’s video guys I hope you enjoyed it if you did don’t forget to drop us a like down below also don’t forget to check out our sponsor New Republic if you want to pick up the Chelsea boots or the choker at a ridiculously affordable price they’re

gonna be linked down below as well that’s it for me today see you next time

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