Ultimate Shoe Collection for Indian Men | Men’s Essential Shoes | BeerBiceps Fashion

Ultimate Shoe Collection for Indian Men | Men’s Essential Shoes | BeerBiceps Fashion

[Giay Nam Dep] we’re human mindless built people are subconsciously wired to notice your Footwear before they notice anything else your Footwear says more about your personality than any other factor in your clothing this is saying that says that you can tell a lot about a man through his shoes shoes

help in giving out a fun vibe sometimes a formal serious vibe basically it’s a perfect tone for your entire look and more importantly it completes your look since today’s video I’m going to show you how to build the ultimate essential Indian man’s shoe collection we’re going to cover

casual shoes everyday shoes both shoes and formal shoes so in today’s video like in all the Bo Bice’s fashion videos we’re going to keep a budget in mind but at the same time there’s a few budget rules you need to remember about shoes firstly you can’t make an

entire shoe wardrobe in one go why is that because shoes are one of those clothing elements that you do need to invest in a little bit now you can save money on shoes you can go for slightly cheaper options but the real downside is that cheaper shoes wear

out much faster rule number one never buy any shoe that under thousand rupees even if it’s owner discount that’s going to get worn out sooner than you know so remember this mathematic rule when it comes to shoes the people the shoe is the faster it’ll wear out the

more expensive the shoe is the longer it lasts in most cases that’s not a general rule but I’ll tell you what I’ve learned through my own experience yes there are a lot of outlet stores and boutiques souls that sell very expensive shoes which may not last so the

trick lies in understanding which brand sells nicer quality shoes and which brands don’t that comes to experience today’s video contains no product placement no company has come up to me and said that recommend these shoes I’m talking to you as an elder brother through my own experiences with

buying different shoes from different brands these are my picks category number one we’re talking about casual shoes that primarily loafers and sneakers in today’s day and age the casual shoes like this from a personality perspective give out a very friendly cool vibe but more importantly they give out

a very trendy and fashionable vibe so the rule you’ve got to remember is that you want to invest in good quality casual shoes on the cheaper side they come for about thousand two thousand two hundred rupees and you don’t want to invest in that kind of shoe because

it’s going to get worn out within like five to ten wear go for a shoe in the range of thousand eight hundred to two thousand five hundred rupees if you take care of the shoe that you will last easily about a year to a year and a half

and maybe even longer than that if you only wear it out to parties this is where the second aspect of casual shoes comes into place you can not wear them out everywhere if you go out on the road that’s not my casual shoes are meant to go you

can’t wear them out in the rains and make them read your cards wear it and walk around in a muddy terrain that’s going to ruin those shoes your casual shoes are your trendiest pieces of footwear in your wardrobe you want to take care of them but once they

wear out a little bit and you replace those casual shoes with some new pair of casual shoes that’s when you can start wearing it out every day obviously if you can afford to wear it out every day go ahead but I’m not a fan of doing that choose

or something that deserves respect and you definitely should invest in them but the ski and buying good casual shoes is that you need to know your brand now these are the brands that I usually buy my loafers and sneakers from because they’re good quality brands and before we

move on to the fashion side of things keep in mind if you want to take care of your loafers and your skin curve you need to buy you go for socks once again I’ll link those in the description below if you wear your loafers of sneakers without loafer

socks it’ll make the inside very soiled up because of how much your feet are sweating very important rule in taking care of your shoes in the long term so once in for the budget to invest in a casual shoe you need to think about colors there’s this video

I made on matching colors make sure you check that out because that is help you in deciding a color for your shoe as well but with casual shoes the rule you’ve gotta remember is that you once again go for the super basic colors so that’s black gray navy

blue and brown you can go for any loafers or sneakers in this color range but what you’ve got to remember is that in today’s video I can’t get into the detail of the fashion side of loafers or sneakers and make both those videos separately in today’s video I’m

just giving you all the basics so let’s talk some casual shoe fashion rules very fast if you’re pairing it with a pair of denim jeans that’s alright but then you need to match it to the color of your talk how do you get into matching it once again

watch the video I did on matching colors that might help you a safe bet if the red jeans and match your shoe color to your t-shirt or your shirt color that’s always a very good option but I believe that casual shoes looks even better if you pair them

up with chinos or she knows shorts that’s where they really stand out that’s where they pop in your outfit if you own a lot of chinos buy your casual shoes according to your she knows if you just have the basic colors of chinos then just like the basic

colors of casual shoes so if you don’t have the budget to invest in all these colors buy them in that order if you have a minimal budget then first invest in a black pair of casual shoes that very versatile goes with absolutely any outfit secondly you can go

for brown loafers of sneakers once again extremely versatile and the third layer is white navy blue and gray remember colored casual shoes are very in right now and if you want to go colors go for these very sober colors but also keep in mind that if you want

to go beyond this color range if you want to go to a bright blue or say a bright red that’s a little bit extreme and you can only pull it off if you’ve got a lot of personality if you’re extremely comfortable in that piece of footwear and if

you go too high to back it up most Indians on the tallest guys so we can’t pull off all those flashy colors and finally if you’re not understanding how to match the color of your casual shoes of a color of your outfits match the color of your shoes

to that of your pant and then match the color of your pants to that of your shoes accordingly once again go watch the color matching video that is solve a lot of problems for you the second category we’re talking about is everyday shoes very important because you got

to keep in mind that every time you leave the house think that you will meet the love of your life and be dressed accordingly remember when you’re buying every ratios you need to look for four factors firstly versatility secondly obviously fashions thirdly very importantly durability and forcely comfort

because you’re going to be wearing these every day you want to be comfortable keeping these factors in mind these are my choices now you can’t wear those fancy loafers and sneakers outside everywhere when you’re walking around to the bazaar or to the bank so what do you wear

now there’s three options the first option as I spoke about old casual shoes if your casual shoes had worn out a little bits of we can’t wear them to parties but they’re still looking all right that’s when you can start wearing them as everyday shoes your second option

of boots and I don’t mean those large cowboy boots that we see in these Western movies not those that’s not suited to India remember you’re an Indian you need to dress according to your country so what’s suited here when we’re talking about booth once again the colors you

go for a black and brown and most importantly the shoes shouldn’t have a very high torque check out these shoes I bought from root stores they end at about your ankle and look extremely stylish when you pair them with denim jeans or even some kind of chinos my

final option when it comes to every ratios are basic simple elegant flip-flops do not underestimate the power of flip-flops in India whether it’s hot so it’s very practical flip-flops are extremely comfortable and most importantly they’re only fashionable piece of footwear that come for under thousand rupees you get

a fantastic pair of flip-flops for around 700 or even 600 rupees sometimes go for some established brands like these are I linking some in the description below you can also check out these flip-flops I got from cools extremely stylish because it’s very simplistic they don’t even have a

logo on them and that’s what you wandered through slopes it’s black it’s simple it’s versatile it goes with everything and most importantly it’s comfy as next category let’s talk about sports shoes two important subcategories inside wear and outside with the support outside wear furs if you’re someone who

goes running if it’s someone who plays sports this is important for you so what kind of footwear do you invest in something that’s extremely versatile and at the same time very importantly something that doesn’t just stained easily the color I go for is always black if I’m going

to be wearing these shoes outside I try wearing all black shoes with minimum white trim on them primarily because I’m going to be jogging on footpaths and parks and dust and mud is going to get onto the shoe you want to make it look as new as possible

for as long as possible keeping that in mind if you’re selecting an outdoor shoe always choose the color black that’s what I feel it’s not black choose a very dark shade of brown or dark shade of blue but let’s move on the indoor shoes this is what you

wear in the gym and this is where there aren’t really too many rules just don’t wear something too flashy nothing that draws attention to your feet something that’s a little bit sober once again go for the sober colors but at the end of the day this is your

whole the gym is one of those places where people don’t really have a fashion radar on the head so you can go with anything but once again at the end of the day try matching it with the rest of your outfit and you look stay low in the

gym some people even consider wearing sneakers to the gym so you’re comfortable working out in sneakers there’s nothing as stylish as that and final shoe category we’re talking bout of formal shoes three measures of categories out of which the first major subcategory is a necessity for every single

guy this is also where you really need to invest in your shoes your number-one priority should be a good pair of black formal shoes that you take care of the nice polish often and then he was told when out every day when you’re walking around or when you’re

going to the park or the bazaar this shoe the only meant for office use for parties and if you’re pairing it with a blazer you should take care of these shoes and these are a necessity in your wardrobe remember grace call is investing of good amount of money

in good father shoes if you buy an expensive pair of formal black shoes they’ll probably never get spoiled if you take care of them will they last at least for five to ten years that’s why I do recommend in investing a minimum of three thousand rupees in your

black formal shoes if you’re someone who’s serious about your dressing next we’re talking about brown formal shoes these aren’t as necessary as your black formal shoes but they will take your wardrobe to the next level by making it more versatile remember once again this is meant by metaphor

off the finger if you’re wearing a blazer now brown polish shoes primarily shows that you’re a guy who’s concerned about is dressing and if you have a brown formal shoe it usually means that you already go to black formal shoe in your wardrobe so down formals are very

very stylish especially from a girl’s perspective if a guy’s wearing ground for visual she’s going to look at them and say ok he knows his dressing but even with brown for my shoes with a few rules a lot of ground for mushrooms have a lot of details on

them designs sometimes they have a little bit of squid material that velvety material on them you don’t want to go for something like that if your budget doesn’t permit you so if your budget permits you firstly obviously buy the black formal shoes but secondly invest in a versatile

pair of down former shoes these are coffee brown shoes that I clearly both style I got these from schools I recommend bees because they’ll go with a lot of your outfit the members go for coffee brown it’s very versatile very elegant colors and finally the final shoe we’re

going to talk about it’s super optional but once again if you want to consider that well-dressed guy this is where you can take it to the next level being an Indian we’re talking about formal Indian Footwear this is primarily to be worn with something like a Shivani or

of kurta remember a lot of guys end up wearing jeans and sports shoes with guitars and that doesn’t look great but if you’ve got this pair of elegant Indian formal shoes that’s what will take your looks to the next level season babies for a shoddy or pooja or

any kind of Indian ceremony where you want to pair it with Indian clothes see the patterning of Shivani or a simple course are these brown Indian formal shoes will go is almost everything so that was my 101 on shoes but keep in mind each of these categories I

spoke about and maybe even the subcategories I’m going to have a detailed video on each of these in the future if you want more videos like this make sure you subscribe to be a biceps and for now make sure you check out the fashion playlist we have on

beer biceps I’ve covered every topic from college dressing to your basic dressing to now even shoes and perfumes so until next time guys if you liked today’s video make sure you give it a thumbs up and Ranveer and beer by 16 we’ll see you later

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