Xero Shoes Prio Review (Men's Walking/Hiking Shoe)

Xero Shoes Prio Review (Men's Walking/Hiking Shoe)

hey what's up this is david benjamin and today I'm reviewing the Xero shoes prio the Xero shoes prio and the prio is from zero zeros x ER o 0 shoes and the prio is their walking shoe so as you can see I'm wearing them here this is their

blue color they come in European sizes so you have to look at the size chart on their site before you order which I'll link that up below so you can check that out but I have had these shoes or maybe about a month now and I live in

Michigan and I also travel to Costa Rica so I wore these shoes and another pair of shoes zero shoes that I got about a month ago in Costa Rica and in the rough terrain there it worked perfectly well I was really really happy with the simplicity functionality and

just like the flexibility of the shoe it feels good it fits good and it's very comfortable I actually have another shoe I don't want to down talk a brand but let me just compare real quick I like these shoes too but they just aren't the same so these

shoes are from lens as you can see which is a similar barefoot minimalist shoe and they look sort of similar I mean overall these are thinner and they have less cushion and they're both still very light but the zero shoes are just more comfortable I've noticed that my

limb shoes I still like Milan shoes and those are nice and I can link that up below if you want to check those out but I will say that these are much more comfortable no they're also a brighter color so kind of stand out more but I also

you could ride with them I'm a motorcycle so they're they're comfortable in my way and I just works for motorcycles well but these shoes are great for walking and running like I said they're flexible now these are minimalist barefoot shoes so are right here the toe space is

wider so my toes have more room right here and then on the bottom of the shoe itself it's completely flat right here so it's absolutely flat which is the way your feet should be in which is all the way your toes should be so it gives your toes

room flexibility strength all that kind of stuff and then flat foot so that your foot isn't thrown off off balance of course so that you know you can cause get knee pain or anything like that because I actually had shoes on I keep issues that was raised on

the back that the back was raised and then I had insoles that raised my foot in the middle here so my foot instead of being flat like this year right here it was slightly up and slightly my foot was slightly like this all time so when I walked

it pushed up you know and the insider here and my knees started hurting and I couldn't figure out why and it's because the shoes that had so these shoes I love them they look simple they're clean they're different colors as well and they just work they're very functional

very flexible very fluid and they're just they're there honestly some of the most comfortable shoes I've ever had the more aware that the more I realize how comfortable they are and I just like the comfort that they provide and that they're minimalist and barefoot so I'm not messing

up my feet or they line up my knees or feet or ankles or anything like that so I know that I'm keeping my body aligned which is really really valuable to me they're also very for hiking of women for hiking on trails have won them outside like I

said in Costa Rica on really rough terrain there nothing crazy happened Michaels and my feet were fine and I didn't you know hurt anything break anything twist anything nothing like that no and I honestly think that's because he's fit so well that I you know I they they

fit the natural form of my feet and the natural form of my feet is less likely to be injured than shoes that slow my feet off that you know I have to counterbalance or counter weigh myself for so these are the zero shoes the pre oh they look

good they're sporty they're they're they're comfortable they're lightweight and they work really well and if you have wide toes these shoes are amazing these are the best shoes in the market that you will find if you have wide toes I honestly believe that and I've had other minimalist

barefoot shoes but these shoes they just fit a little bit better they're engineered a little bit better and they just fit really well so they fit really well the lightweight and they work really well so hopefully get a chance to check them out I'll put the link below

so you can check them out and hopefully you get a chance to enjoy these shoes in your lifetime thanks a lot Xero shoes I appreciate what you guys are doing over there keep pumping out some the new models for shoes I'm looking forward to what you guys create


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